New Feature: Subscribe to Notifications for New Posts

In response to my recent 2016 recap post where I asked for site improvement suggestions, I received a lot of great feedback via email on how to improve the site and keep you connected with the progress of India’s metro systems. So earlier today, I added a new Subscribe by Email feature making it easy to receive email notifications whenever something new is posted here!

You can subscribe to TMRG using any of these 3 methods:

  1. Via the (right) sidebar when a page is viewed from a desktop
  2. Via the comments section at the bottom of each post using the checkbox
  3. Using the form embedded below:

Subscribe to Notifications

Enter your email address below and click on Sign Up!

Once you’ve signed up, head over to your inbox and confirm your email address through the email that’s automatically sent to you. I promise that only new posts from TMRG will come your way. I do not collect your email address in any form and do not have the ability to send you anything else.

If you’re one of those 15 early subscribers that already noticed this and signed up, please leave a comment below to let me know if you successfully received an email for this post. If you didn’t, then I’ll have to go back to the drawing board.


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Global traveler who prefers mass rapid transit

20 Responses to "New Feature: Subscribe to Notifications for New Posts"

  1. Vijay says:

    Nice. I recently setup an IFTTT workflow to alert me when you post anything about the Bangalore Metro.

  2. Vikram says:

    Success! I just got my first email notification for this post. Thanks for setting this up.

  3. Mathi says:

    Subscribed successfully.. thanks.. I may still keep polling your site for discussions on comment section 🙂

  4. Shouqatali says:

    Its working!! One feedback is – this subscription is common for any topic you post. Some people might be interested to read only concerning to their cities. If somebody can subscribe only for respective city update then that would be more nice.
    BTW Happy New year and BIG FAN.

  5. Prakash Magal says:

    Great! As someone said please make it city wise.

  6. Ravi Gupta says:

    Hi I work for the RSC (Rolling stock) – Advanced. Industrial engineering, looking to join your organisation
    Pls. let me know if any opening take place in your organisation

  7. TMRG says:

    Quick update guys – I haven’t been able to find a way to limit notifications by city. You can always set up a filter on your email settings.

  8. NISHIT SHAH says:

    i just received the confirmation! Thanks!!!

  9. Mainak Gupta says:

    This may not be the correct page for this request. But a request to the editor and readers. Can anyone inform where will be the precise location of the Beliaghata Metro Station on the Kolkata Metro’s line 6 (New Garia to Airport)? It’s not very clear from available maps.

  10. Rohini Prabhugaonker says:

    Kindly let me know about the latest news , bids and tender procedures of various metros.


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