BMRCL Invites Bids for 4 UG Packages on Gottigere – Nagawara Line


After receiving a go-ahead from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. this week invited bids for the civil construction of 2 ramps, 12 stations and twin tunnels on Bangalore Metro’s new 21.42 km Gottigere – Nagawara line. This 13.916 km underground section, between Dairy Circle and Nagawara, on Reach-6 of the 72 km Phase 2 project has been divided up into 4 packages and a total of 13 TBMs are required to be deployed by the contractors.

Bids for this line’s 7.50 km elevated southern portion from Gottigere to Swagath Road were invited in March and financial bids are expected to be opened soon.

Link to Notice

Contract Package-1 (R6-UG-P1)
Design & Construction of Underground structures (Tunnels & Stations) of length 3.67 Km (approx.) from South ramp (including) to Vellara junction station (excluding) (Chainage 7516.12 m to11184.45 m) including allied works and 3 Nos. of UG Metro Stations viz, Dairy Circle, MICO Industries and Langford Town in Reach-6 line of Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2.
Estimated Cost – Rs. 1268.90 crores

Contract Package-2 (R6-UG-P2)
Design & Construction of Underground structures (Tunnels & Stations) of length 3.62Km (approx.) from Vellara junction station (including) to Cantonment station (excluding) (Chainage 11184.45 m to 14801.35 m) including allied works and 3 Nos. of UG Metro Stations viz Vellara junction, M.G. road and Shivajinagar in Reach-6 line of Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2.
Estimated Cost – Rs 1325.97 crores

Contract Package-3 (R6-UG-P3)
Design & Construction of Underground structures (Tunnels & Stations) of length 3.32 Km (approx.) from Cantonment station (including) to Venkateshpura station (Part) (Chainage 14801.35 m to 18118.00 m) including allied works and 3 Nos. of UG Metro Stations viz, Cantonment station, Pottery town and Tannery Road in Reach-6 line of Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2.
Estimated Cost – Rs. 1334.83 crores

Contract Package-4 (R6-UG-P4)
Design & Construction of Underground structures (Tunnels & Stations) of length 3.31 Km (approx.) from Venkateshpura station (including) to North Ramp (Chainage 18118.00 m to 21432.89m) including allied works and 3 Nos. of UG Metro Stations viz, Venkateshpura, Arabic college and Nagawara in Reach-6 line of Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2.
Estimated Cost – Rs. 1117.86 crores

The duration/completion time for each is 36 months. Note that this is only for civil construction, and not for interior finishing or other system installation works within the tunnels or stations.

Underground section of Gottigere – Nagawara line – see the exact location of the stations here

Tender documents for all 4 packages went on sale on June 29 and the last date for submitting bidding documents is 3 pm on August 28 after which the bids will be opened & evaluated for eligibility at 3:30 pm. Technical evaluation for underground section is a lot more time consuming than for elevated sections, so I expect the financial bids to be opened in the 1st half of 2018 with ground work for TBM launch shafts starting in 2nd half of 2018 and tunneling work only in 2019.

The notice mentions that any bidder (tenderer) can only win a max of 2 packages –

The Tenderer can offer conditional discounts for any number of combination of two contract packages. However, the tenderers should note that a tenderer shall be awarded with a maximum of TWO individual Contract Packages only

As per a reliable source, here’s a breakdown of the mandatory minimum number of TBMs required to be deployed –

• UG-P1 – 4 TBMs
• UG-P2 – 3 TBMs
• UG-P3 – 4 TBMs
• UG-P4 – 2 TBMs

The tender documents offer financial incentives for contractors to complete different milestones and overall work ahead of time. I’ll cover that in a separate post whenever I get a hold of the exact details.

Phase 2’s Status

With this development, the BMRCL has completed inviting bids for all sections of Phase 2 (see list). Bids for the 1st section (R2A from Mysore Road – Pattanagere) were invited back on June 30 2014, so they’ve taken 3 whole years just to initiate construction work. On the civil side of things, they now have to invite bids for 4 depots located at Challeghata (Purple Line), Thathaguni (Green Line), Hebbagodi (RV Road – Bommasandra Line-4) and Kothanur (Gottigere – Nagawara Line-4).

After this, BMRCL will also have to invite bids for technical systems such as rolling stock (trains), signalling system, telecommunication system, AFC gates, escalators etc. All of these systems are planned to be financed by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) with whom the BMRCL has been in talks with since 2016.

Blue: Under Construction | Black: Contract Awarded/Site Preparation/Test Piling | Purple: Bids Invited

Phase 2’s June 2017 Status – View Bangalore Metro Phase 2 map & information

Note – BMRCL just awarded the HCC-URCC JV with a contract to build the RV Road – HSR Layout section (R5 P3) on June 27.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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44 Responses to "BMRCL Invites Bids for 4 UG Packages on Gottigere – Nagawara Line"

  1. yantraka says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Why only 2 TBMs for UG-P4 section? Is the number of TBMs decided on the basis of geo-technical parameters?


  2. sham says:

    Good news! Now that ph-1 has been completed & opened to public, BMRC is concentrating more on ph-2 now. They are completing land acquisition & all other pre-bid requirements before moving ahead which is better. Three years to initiate construction work is still ok considering that the UG section traverses through dense built up areas. As reference comparison, Mumbai took 6 years to build just a 11km line & delayed bidding for almost 5 years to clean out all issues – time well spent as it avoids needless uncertainty later. Guess BMRC is doing same after ph-1’s experience.

    • TMRG says:

      Mumbai’s infra authority (MMRDA or MMRCL) didn’t purposely delay bidding. They just had a clueless govt sitting until 2014 which didn’t know how to proceed with building its metro network. The new CM met up with Sreedharan in the first few months, brought on board DMRC to steer its development (contract management for Line-2/Line-7 and DPR review for other lines). Line-3’s bidding got delayed due to the bids being 20-30% higher than estimated.

  3. Mithun Rajan K says:

    Hi, Bmrcl needs to stand as a example of building the best metro in the world, expect to initiate coverage of 300 Kms by 2030..our benchmark should be as per our population not as compared to developed countries.

  4. Santhosh Hugar says:

    Finally 🙂

    Any idea what will be the interest rates for these loans ?

    And is the time frame 27 months here also like elevated contracts ?

  5. Mounish says:

    What about KR puram-silk board line.I guess it is in the phase 2.

  6. Ashok says:

    Good. Hope they have ironed out all the land acquisition issues.

    What kind of tunneling are they going to use? NATM? Will they still do a cut and cover for the stations? I can’t imagine how they are going to build Langford road station. There are really no alternatives to that road, if they dig it up.

    • Akshay Mathur says:

      I am guessing it will be the same they built Chandni Chowk underground metro station in Delhi.

      There even a cycle has trouble moving, forget about an entire truck carrying dug out earth. So Delhi Metro first dug the tunnels, then had the material excavated and carried in and out using the dug tunnels. The trucks actually travelled inside the tunnels.

    • TMRG says:

      The tender docs worth Rs. 50000 mention the type of construction required for each station and tunnel section, but I don’t have access to them. Whenever I do have some info, I’ll publish it.



  8. Ashok says:

    Please read this news item:

    Is this extended flyover from Ragiguda to Silk Board part of the already awarded BMRCL contract? AFAIK, only the demolition of Jayadeva flyover and a new flyover only at that junction was part of the contract.

  9. Shashidharv says:

    Tenders will announced by Aug end . We can expect Work to start Early 2018.. Metro officials are saying UG line will be ready by 2020. UG section itself will take 3 years and then station work. Track and Signalling Work and then trials by Metro and then the approvals . Its all looks like 2023 or may be even later .

    • Sharad says:

      Wikipedia shows deadline for this line as March 2023. TMRG in this article has written tunneling can start in 2019 at the earliest.

      • Shashidharv says:

        Yes i agree going BMRCL pace , It may well be 2019 when the actual tunneling starts.

        • TMRG says:

          Work starting in early 2018 would be nice, but not at all possible.

          After the contract is awarded, the contractor will have to mobilize and hire resources – this can take 2-4 months and place orders for TBMs to be custom built. After that, the 1st major step would be to build TBM shafts for the TBMs to be lowered. This can take anywhere from 9-15 months, so tunneling work is expected to only start in 2019.

          • Shashidharv says:

            UG section is longer process to start as u explained .

            Will BMRCL complete the UG section including tunneling and station work in 3 years once the construction starts ?

            it sounds very optimistic target going by BMRCL way of completing work

  10. Nithin Nayak says:

    What about the DPR?? They have opened bid without DPR. How would we know where the stations are.

    • TMRG says:

      It’s not out in the public domain. Not sure why Indian operators don’t like sharing critical documents :/

  11. D Srinivas says:

    Will the Nagawara – KIAL route also be taken up in parallel to the Gottigere – Nagawara route?
    There seems to be no update on the Nagawara – KIAL route for now.

    • TMRG says:

      BMRCL just invited bids for carrying out geotechnical, topopgraphical work for the Nagawara – Airport route, but that line’s construction will not start any time soon.

      If anything, the construction overlap will happen around 2021-2023.

  12. Muthu says:

    HI TMRG,

    Just a suggestion. In the information section, can you also mark the positions of the stations in the network just like the picture above. It is very useful to see which stations are where, specially for Ph2.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, I’ll do that once the exact station locations for all of PH2 are finalized and known. This might take 1-2 years, but I’d rather put proper locations on the embedded info maps than any speculative markings.

  13. Parthasarathy S says:

    Good! Hope they move ahead complete the tendering process quickly like they did for rest of the sections.

    The way IT is going, I hope I still have a job by the time they finish phase-2 !! 🙂

  14. Mahesh says:

    I need to know the exact UG station location of NAGAWARA. Is it opposite to ELEMENTS MALL.!??
    Or in the place of elements mall because i started my new business opposite to elements mall .
    So please anyone let me know the location for the station nd time of starting the civil work for that.

  15. krishnan says:

    But the old flyover at Silk Board and Jayadeva hospital junction will not be demolished
    Hi TMRG , can you please clarify if the below good news is true or not :
    My understanding was that both of them will be broken and new structures will be created . If this news is true then it is great news as it will help all .Do you really think that they can construct this in 3 years , silk board 3km multi level design seams to be very complicated

    • TMRG says:

      That’s interesting. Perhaps they plan to merge the flyover level of the new structure with the existing flyover? If that’s true then the above metro structure would have to be supported by n shaped piers. Elsewhere, I’m sure the road+metro viaduct will be on regular T-shaped piers.

      3 years is a tough timeframe given the size of the structure and site conditions. Let’s see.

      • KRISHNAN says:

        Thanks TMRG
        ORR is a very critical road in Bangalore . Traffic is like 10 lakh vehicles a day approx . Even it BMRCL tries construction at night then also it will be huge challenge. Wish they try to develop some of the alternative / parallel roads before the armageddon.
        Other updates :
        Work has slowly started in Graphite India junction ( near sap labs area ) with road widening . One alternative road via shell petrol bunk( near D mart ) is also being widened.

  16. Madhu says:

    Hi TMRG

    Will the old TBMs from Phase1 will be used for tunneling or all 13 TBMs will ne new?

    • TMRG says:

      Tunnel dimensions are apparently different (larger) than PH1 tunnels, so the old TBMs cannot be utilized. I’m fairly confident of this, but will verify.

  17. DDD says:

    Hi tmrg,
    The ug p2 has 3 tbms.
    I was always of the opinion that this number should be even 2 or 4 so that the work happens from both ends and finishes faster . With 3 tbms one tunnel will be bored quickly while the other delayed, thus delaying the entire operation. Is it a bad plan ?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, it’s not necessarily a bad plan. 3 have been utilized for the Purple Line as well. In Delhi, contractors have often used 3 or 5 TBMs, with the odd one being utilized for smaller sections to construct both up & down lines.

  18. vasu says:

    I want to know not only me many people wants to about the line which connects electronic city and majestic

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, There isn’t one single line connecting both – see the Phase 2 map here

      In the future, users at Majestic can use the Green Line towards Anjanapura, get down at RV Road Station and switch to the RV Road – Bommasandra line (line color not announced yet) to reach Electronics City.


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