L&TMRHL Announces Hyderabad Metro’s Fares, Smart Card & Timings

With the inauguration of Hyderabad Metro’s first section just hours away, here’s a post with information on its fare chart, smart card and timings.

Fare Chart

On November 25, L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited published their fare chart with ticket prices for the 29.80 km first section (Miyapur – Ameerpet – Nagole) of the 72 km Phase 1 project. Fares (minimum Rs. 10 and maximum Rs. 60) have been divided up into 10 slabs. They’ve been fixed based on the distance traveled with the objective of providing affordable transport to the public, covering operating & maintenance costs and servicing a Rs. 11,478 crore loan debt from a consortium of 10 banks led by the State Bank of India, in addition to servicing debts from other short-term loans.

Distance (Km) Fare (Rs)
Up to 2 10
More than 2 and up to 4 15
More than 4 and up to 6 25
More than 6 and up to 8 30
More than 8 and up to 10 35
More than 10 and up to 14 40
More than 14 and up to 18 45
More than 18 and up to 22 50
More than 22 and up to 26 55
More than 26 60

Hyderabad Metro’s 1st stretch is spread across 2 lines and consists of 24 stations –

• Line-1: Miyapur – Ameerpet (approx. 12.20 km)
Stations – Miyapur, JNTU, KPHB Colony, Kukatpally, Balanagar, Moosapet, Bharat Nagar, Erragadda, ESI Hospital, SR Nagar and Ameerpet (Interchange)

• Line-3: Nagole – Ameerpet (approx. 17.60 km)
Stations – Nagole, Uppal, Survey of India, NGRI, Habsiguda, Tarnaka, Mettuguda, Secunderabad East, Parade Grounds, Paradise, Rasoolpura, Prakash Nagar, Begumpet and Ameerpet (Interchange)

Some sample fares –

• Miyapur – Ameerpet: Rs 40 (12 km)
• Miyapur – Secunderabad East: Rs 50 (19 km)
• Miyapur – Nagole: Rs 60 (29 km)

Alignment of Line-1 (Miyapur-Ameerpet) in green and Line-3 (Ameerpet – Nagole) in red – view Hyderabad Metro map with all stations marked

The automatic fare collection (AFC) system was designed and commissioned by Samsung SDS. Close-up images of the AFC gates & vending machines, shot during testing, can be viewed here.

Photo Copyright: The Hans India

AFC gates (shot in 2015) – Photo Copyright: Hans India

20 more images shot inside Nagole Station can be viewed here.

Nebula Smart Card

The contactless smart card works on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and gives a 5% discount on travel. Sale of these smart cards started on November 26 at four stations (Nagole, Tarnaka, Prakash Nagar and SR Nagar). Beginning today (November 28), these cards can be purchased at any station for Rs 200, with Rs 100 counting towards the initial top-up amount for travel and the rest Rs 100 towards the security deposit.

Design of Hyderabad Metro’s smart card

A user buying a smart card on November 26 – Photo Copyright: The Hindu


After the system’s inauguration today, daily commercial operations will start at 6 am on November 29 and end at 10 pm, with 18 trains initially operating at a low headway of 15 minutes on both lines. At the Ameerpet Interchange Station, trains are scheduled to stop for 2 minutes – see more here.

First and last train’s timings for all 24 stations –

For more updates, check out the Hyderabad section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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21 Responses to "L&TMRHL Announces Hyderabad Metro’s Fares, Smart Card & Timings"

  1. KTP says:

    Why does the card say Nebula?

    • TMRG says:

      Beats me. Probably to symbolize the system’s large network? Probably to suggest the network’s modern facilities are out of this world?

  2. Kiran says:

    Fares are similar to namma metro if u consider per km. But bmrcl provides 15% discount on smart cards n charges only 50rs for smart card. Maybe Hyderabad metro can look into it. They must popularise smart cards which will help smooth running of metro in peak hours in the long run.

  3. Muthu says:

    15 mins frequency just beats logic. The only way you can popularise the metro network is have good frequency initially. 15 mins is just too long a wait time and add to that the waiting time for last mile connectivity, people will soon be back to old modes of travel!

  4. Vineeth Vinod says:

    Kochi metro smart card offers 30% discount.

  5. Ebenser says:

    Kochi metro now offers return ticket free means 50% discount.. Ridership increased from 30K to 45K per day

    • TMRG says:

      That was an excellent decision. Besides regular riders, it also gives others an opportunity to take a ride and see the line’s benefits. Would be interesting ridership stats after the discount period ends. Numbers will of course go down, but not as much as it did earlier.

  6. Arun Kumar says:

    When we first purchase Nebula card how much balance will be shown in the end scanner ?

    • TMRG says:

      If you pay Rs 200, then Rs. 100 will show up for travel use. If you pay Rs 250, then Rs 150 will show up. My post above explains it clearly.

  7. Hari says:

    Hi, Is 100 rs security deposit refundable or non refundable

  8. Arun Kumar says:

    You said 100 refundable if I return nebula card wil metro give amount 100 back to me?

    • TMRG says:

      Like I said above, I believe it’s refundable but need some data points from users on whether that’s true or not.

  9. teja says:

    if i have Rs.100 in my smart card and i travelled for two times does balance in my smart card reduces? what if there is no balance in my smart card?

    • Ben says:

      If you have zero balance in the card, AFC gates may be do not open, If u have insufficient balance after your travel, at the exit, AFC gates may not stop you and balance in the card might go negative ( I guess it). Today i have traveled from Nagole – JNTU, my card balance was just Rs. 48 which is insufficient, still AFC gates didn’t stop me.

  10. G SHANKAR GOUD says:

    Whether the smart card show the balance amount?
    Whether more than one person can travel at a time by deducting fare for all the person s?
    I have traveled on the first day itself by purchasing smart card but I was in hurry and didn’t check up all these.

    • TMRG says:

      Only one person can use the card at a time. Balance can be checked at a station counter or at the ‘add value machine’ – see a pic in the post.

  11. G SHANKAR GOUD says:

    Smarcard recharge through PAYTM not yet started. It is only allowed for Delhi and Mumbai Metro. When it starts?

  12. Naresh Kumar says:

    Smarcard recharge through PAYTM not yet started. It is only showing Delhi and Mumbai Metro. When it starts? when it is starting of HMRL….???PLZ ANS ME



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