[Pics] Hyderabad Metro’s Ameerpet Interchange Gets Ready for Launch

With only 2 weeks to go for the inauguration of Hyderabad Metro’s 30 km first section possibly by the Prime Minister, here’s a picture-post with a look at the Ameerpet Interchange Station where over 1200 engineers and workers are engaged to get it ready.

Spread over two lakh square feet, this 4-level station will be among the largest stations in India and allow users to easily switch between the 29.87 km Line-1 (Miyapur – L B Nagar) and 28 km Line-3 (Nagole – Raidurg). While testing has commenced from Begumpet to Ameerpet on Line-3, it is yet to start on the SR Nagar – Ameerpet section of Line-1.

How Line-1 and Line-3 meet at Ameerpet – view Hyderabad Metro info & map

Here are some highlights from L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited’s latest Press Release. I’ve added emphasis by bolding items which I found interesting or odd.

• Conceptualised, designed and executed by in-house team of L&T.
• The station measures 142 m long and 40 m wide. This will have retail outlets, entertainment zones and convenience outlets.
• Concourse unpaid level will be used by pedestrians to cross over from one lane to another allowing uninterrupted traffic movement. Entry into this level will not require a ticket. Convenience stores, ATM machines, offices for the technical staff and other amenities are provided on this level.
• Platform level of corridor 1 will be at 30 m height and roof level at 36 m.
• The roof is designed with tetrahedron supported steel columns which are placed on the edge, for unobstructed view and improved aesthetics.
• Station is provisioned with entry and exits from all four sides for commuters to enter the station.
• Intermediate floors between the slabs have been created to accommodate technical services.
• The concourse level will have all the technical rooms, automatic fare collection gates, ticketing rooms etc.
• The main area of the station is done up aesthetically with brown granite flooring.
• The integrated station has 8 lifts, 16 escalators and sufficient number of staircases.
• Fully automated sumps of one lakh litre capacity each have been provided for domestic use as well as fire exigency.
• Rain water harvesting pits are also located below the arms to take the surface runoff.
• Air conditioning with energy efficient system are made available.
• Advanced building management system has been provided to monitor operations from single command control centre.
• Emergency evacuation system for station, automated fire protection system with clean gas are provided at technical rooms.
• As many as 40,000 passengers are expected to use the station every day, the open spaces, lifts, escalators, staircases etc. will able to accommodate a minimum of 6,000 passengers at any point of time.
• It will have easy signage and special announcement facilities for passengers of all needs, including the differently abled people to
understand and change over from one platform to the other.
• Apart from 33 kV redundant power supply from three different sources backup power is also made available with two 400 kVA Diesel Generator sets & redundant UPS Power Supply for each corridor. Station is illuminated with Energy efficient LED lights. Total 20 km of Cables are used in the station.
• All Electrical & essential Services can be monitored from Operation Control Centre Located at Uppal Depot.
• Unlike at other stations, where the trains halt for minimum~20 seconds, they will halt for two minutes at the interchange station. Passengers will have enough time to alight and board another train at another floor in the station.

Here are some images showing the station swarming with workers from L&T and its subcontractors  –

Photo Copyright: Arunakumar Podugu

Photo Copyright: Arunakumar Podugu

Photo Copyright: Arunakumar Podugu

Photo Copyright: Arunakumar Podugu

Photo Copyright: L&TMRL (via Deccan Chronicle)

Photo Copyright: Narre Rajesh (via Telangana Today)

Renderings and details on the station’s structural design can be viewed here.

For more updates, check out the Hyderabad section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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13 Responses to "[Pics] Hyderabad Metro’s Ameerpet Interchange Gets Ready for Launch"

  1. Kiran says:


    • TMRG says:

      Found that odd and unnecessary. If trains indeed halt for 2 minutes each, on either level, then they will definitely be running single-line operations between Begumpet – Ameerpet and SR Nagar – Ameerpet. Train frequency will also not be in the ‘high’ range then.

  2. Syed Khaja says:

    Hi TMRG, Which interchange station will be larger than both Amirpet and Jaydeva??

  3. Syed Khaja says:

    Hi TMRG, Which of the two stations will be bigger than Ameerpet and Jai Deva?

  4. Bharath says:

    No updates on Bangalore metro!! did somebody scare you and told not to update?

  5. flthere says:

    I can envision solar panels all over those roofs at this interchange station !

  6. Navnit S says:

    Wow, L&T look formidable, with the pace of their construction. Sadly with the problems coordinating with the govt. i think they are not getting their fair share of appreciation.
    Still, the worlds largest PPP project, if proven successful, we can all be proud of that.

  7. V M says:

    2 mins at this interchange ? Then how will up and down stations have a lower stoppage time unless the frequency of trains is very high .

  8. V M says:

    Sorry … should be ” frequency is very low”.

  9. Dion James Pitman says:

    “Platform level of corridor 1 will be at 30 m height and roof level at 36 m”

    If that’s correct, than I think that might actually make this station the new record holder for highest elevated station above ground level in the world. New York’s Smith-Ninth street station which is currently claimed to be the highest is only 26 metres above ground…

  10. Ebenser says:

    Beginning the metro should give heavy discount s to attract new passengers to the system. Here in Kochi metro they are offering RTJ (return ticket journey) free ….which means as promotional offer 50% discount….. Can Hyderabad make RTJ free….say for one month at least


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