DMRC Signs Agreement with MMRDA to Execute Dahisar – DN Nagar Line

A little more than a month after the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)’s Executive Committee gave its approval to appoint the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to execute the 18.6 km Dahisar to DN Nagar section of Line 2, the two organizations yesterday formally signed an agreement!

DMRC’s role will be limited to “executing” the line and not actual construction as some newspapers or media outlets have previously published. Their role includes securing approvals, preparing bid documents, conducting the tendering process and overseeing the work done by different contractors for civil construction, signalling and what have you.

DMRC's Metro Bhawan HQs - Photo Copyright: Pioneerwest

DMRC’s Metro Bhawan HQs on Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba area in Delhi – Photo Copyright: Pioneerwest

Another view of the Raj Rewal designed Metro Bhawan - Photo Copyright: Raj Rewal

Another view of the Raj Rewal designed building – Photo Copyright: Raj Rewal

Besides this, the DMRC has also been appointed as the interim consultant for the 16.5 km Dahisar (East) to Andheri (East) line which will be built along the Western Express Highway (WEH). At a later stage, an actual General Consultant will be appointed. The DMRC’s role for this line will be similar to their role in the Lucknow metro project where they are currently helping to prepare bid documents, performing cost estimations etc. In Lucknow, a General Consultant is expected to be selected anytime now.

As a reminder, PM Modi laid the foundation stones for both these lines on October 11. Here are the specs for both these lines:

Dahisar – DN Nagar (a part of the larger Dahisar-Bandra-Mankhurd line)
• Cost: Rs 6,410 crore (revised)
• Distance: 18.6 km
• Stations: 17
• Type: Elevated

Dahisar East – Andheri East (a part of the larger Dahisar East – Andheri East – Bandra East line)
• Cost: Rs 6,208 crore (revised)
• Distance: 16.5 km
• Stations: 16
• Type: Elevated

List of stations on Line 2 & 5 - Source: TOI

Map with list of stations on Dahisar – DN Nagar & Dahisar E – Andheri E lines – Source: TOI

The tendering process to appoint civil construction contractors for the Dahisar-DN Nagar line is expected to begin by the end of this month. The Detailed Project Report for the 2nd phase of this line, which will see it being extended by ~21 km from DN Nagar to Mankhurd, is expected to be released by the MMRDA by this Friday.

For more updates on Mumbai’s metro, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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10 Responses to "DMRC Signs Agreement with MMRDA to Execute Dahisar – DN Nagar Line"

  1. PEHook says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Has the “post comment” function been turned off?

    Peter Hook

  2. PEHook says:

    > Otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to post a comment! <

    Hey, Metro Man! I'm not that silly!

    I wrote longish messages a couple of times yesterday that did not get posted.

    They were about the possibility of trains running through the Dahisar stations allowing someone to travle from say Kandivili to Borivili w/o changing tains. Did you receive those?

    All the best, P.

    • TMRG says:

      No, I haven’t received any other messages. I’m sorry for the glitch that caused them to not get posted here. For future comments, you could perhaps copy the message onto Notepad/Word and then try posting them.

      Passengers will have to switch trains at Dahisar if they want to access the other line. I expect the Andheri(E)-Dahisar(E) line to be extended further up north to Mira Bhayandar at a later stage, so this interchange facility at Dahisar has been well thought out.

  3. S MANIKANTAN says:

    I am very keen on knowing the status of the monorail phase II. When will it see the light of the day? Though this site is for metro trains, there is no harm in reporting on the mono rail and moreover there is only one monorail in the country as of now. Please carry news of monorail frequently. We don’t get to see anything about mono in the papers after the august the laying of girder across the currey road bridge.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, trials for Phase 2 are expected to start in February 2016. In the run up to its launch in mid 2016, I might share news & images for all big occasions.

  4. Ayush Thakur says:

    MMRDA mustn’t be allowed to execute any project at all. In fact, dissolve MMRCL, and let DMRC form a different SPV to build lines, and MMOPL, on the other hand could expand or construct new lines as per its choice.


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