Chennai Metro – December 2015 Update

The Chennai Metro’s newsletter with in-depth tunneling updates is back! In the recently published November newsletter, which is worth a look and includes data up till November 30, the Chennai Metro Rail Corp has restarted to include the meters completed by each TBM working on the project.

Before diving into that, let’s take a look at some images of other sections:

Photo Copyright: CMRL

Shenoy Nagar station where tunneling is complete on either ends – Photo Copyright: CMRL

Photo Copyright: CMRL

Thirumangalam ramp – Photo Copyright: CMRL

Photo Copyright: CMRL

Cross over at the Airport station – Photo Copyright: CMRL

Photo Copyright: CMRL

Track-work underway at Nanganallur road to Airport section – Photo Copyright: CMRL

Photo Copyright: CMRL

Little mount station – Photo Copyright: CMRL

Photo Copyright: CMRL

Nanganallur Road station – Photo Copyright: CMRL

Tunneling Update

(Chennai Metro Map for reference)

1. Koyambedu to Central line 

• The underground section from Koyambedu to Egmore (~ 9km) is complete and trials by an OHE wagon began in October. In March 2016, I expect actual trial runs to begin after electrical and signalling work is complete.

2. Saidapet to Washmenpet line 

• Tunneling between Washermenpet & High Court was completed in 2014.

• Tunneling between Saidapet and AG-DMS was also completed in 2014. The tunnels & stations unfortunately got flooded during the recent rains.

• For section UAA02 between AG-DMS and May Day Park, the Gammon-Mosmetrostroy JV had abandoned the tunneling in May and as per recent reports, L&T will take up the balance work. Out of 3616m of twin tunnels, only 1835m and 1700m have been completed.

• For section UAA01, please refer to the map and table below:

Remaining tunnel sections of Chennai's Metro project - view Chennai Metro map

Remaining tunnel sections of Chennai’s Metro project – view Chennai Metro map

Tunneling Progress for UAA01:

Contract Tunnel Station Station Distance Completed TBMs
UAA01 Up-line Egmore High Court ~2400m 1199m 2
UAA01 Down-line Egmore High Court ~2400m 1040m 2
UAA01 Down-line May Day Park Central 1040m 868m 1

• The Afcons-Transtonnelstroy JV started tunneling from Egmore to Central in October. Tunneling on that section will take another 7 months to be completed.  For the High Court – Central section, the contractor had launched two TBMs from the High Court last year which are expected to make a breakthrough one after the other by March 2016.

• Between May Day Park and Central, the Afcons-Transtonnelstroy JV had completed the up-line tunnel in July 2014. For the down-line, while the newsletter indicates 172m is left, as per an engineer – on December 12 only 138m were left to be tunneled. A breakthrough on this section is expected to take place in January 2016!

Looking at the progress made and the fact that rains slowed down the project which now requires a design rework at some places, I expect the entire 45.1 km phase 1 to be operational only in 2018.

For more updates on Chennai’s metro, check out the Chennai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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5 Responses to "Chennai Metro – December 2015 Update"

  1. Thangaraj says:

    Phase 1 by 2018 that’s way out of schedule but when we see practically if they finish by 2018 that’s a great thing.

  2. Aravindan R says:

    At least we can expect STM – Central to be fully operational by 2016 end , if everything goes well.

  3. S Manikantan says:

    There was an article in new indian express that 5 new metro corridors are being planned in chennai. Pls. update and analyse

  4. S Manikantan says:

    Here’s that article I was referring to above:

    3 Corridors in Chennai Metro Rail May be Extended by 35 Km

    By C Shivakumar Published: 26th November 2015 05:43 AM Last Updated: 26th November 2015 05:43 AM

    CHENNAI: Could the second phase of Chennai Metro Rail be extended to 123km? Sources in Chennai Metro Rail told City Express that there were suggestions to extend the three corridors under the Second Phase identified by Chennai Metro Rail by 35km.

    The initial plan was to cover 88 km on the three corridors. This came after officials discussed extending the stretch by 12km linking Madhavaram with the Old Mahabalipuram Road stretch.

    Officials are now looking at the possibility of extending the three corridors by a total of 123 km. The first phase (corridors one and two) are likely to be completed by 2017.

    If the recommendations are implemented, the city is likely to have a total Chennai Metro Rail network of 168 km. Sources said the plan was to extend the third corridor by nine kilometres and extend it till Red Hills. This means that the entire third corridor in the second phase would be 50 km long.

    Sources say it is too early to decide whether this could be an elevated or underground stretch, but this would reach the Puzhal and Red Hills residential areas. A clearer plan will emerge once the feasibility report is out. The fourth corridor, between Koyambedu and Light House will be extended till Poonamallee, adding 11km to the 14km corridor which will cross the Maduravoyal and Vanagaram residential areas. Sources say the stretch may be partially elevated. The fifth corridor, linking Madhavaram to Perumbakam, wili be extended till Wimco Nagar. This could mean that 14.7 km stretch will be added to the proposed 33 km stretch.

    Sources also say the plan to extend the corridor to Wimco Nagar was suggested from an operational point of view as the depot is in Wimco Nagar. This would benefit residents of Manali New Town and Masilamani Nagar.


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