TBM Makes Breakthrough at Delhi Metro’s Lal Qila Station

‘Tis the season of breakthroughs! Click here to see details & images of the breakthrough at Mayapuri Shaft on Feb 3.

Yesterday at around 6 pm, the S24 Tunnel Boring Machine operated by the Era – Metrostroy – Terratec team for contract CC-07 of Delhi Metro’s Phase 3 project made a breakthrough at the Lal Qila station! This Earth Pressure Balance TBM with a diameter of 6.61m was commissioned from the Kashmere Gate station in April 2015 to complete the 1356m long down-line tunnel between the two stations on the Violet line. The S23 TBM that built the 1351m parallel up-line tunnel made a breakthrough (click to see video) at the Lal Qila station on August 3rd 2015.

Satellite view of the Lal Qila TBM receiving shaft:

Under the Delhi Metro Phase-III project, the Violet Line is currently being extended by a distance of 9.37 km from Central Secretariat to Kashmere Gate. Out of this, the 3.03 km Central Secretariat – Mandi House stretch became operational on June 26 2014 and the .972 km Mandi House – ITO stretch on June 8 2015 – See: Delhi Metro’s History. All tunnels north of the ITO station are now complete except for the twin tunnels between Delhi Gate & Jama Masjid where the L&T – SUCG JV for CC-05 has deployed 3 TBMs.


Map of Delhi Metro’s 9.37 km Violet line extension – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map

When this line becomes operational in 2017, it will offer an alternate route between the Central Secretariat and Kashmere Gate Stations and help in easing the crowds on the busy Yellow Line. The Kashmere Gate station will then house platforms for 3 lines (first of its kind in Delhi) and provide a new & direct connection between the Red & Violet lines.


Waiting… – Photo Copyright: Laxman Singh Godhe


…and done! – Photo Copyright: Alok Tyagi


Yet. Another. Breakthrough. – Photo Copyright: Alok Tyagi


Contractor’s engineers (purple hats) & DMRC’s employees (white hats) pose for a photo
– Photo Copyright: Gopal Passi


Photo Copyright: Mizter DoNu


Terratec’s team which operated the TBM – Photo Copyright: Mizter DoNu


CC-07 – Completion of Tunneling Work on 04 Feb 2016 – Photo Copyright: Mizter DoNu

With this breakthrough completed, both tunnels measuring approximately 2040m each on CC07’s section between Kashmere Gate – Lal Qila – Jama Masjid are now ready, and only 3 more breakthroughs on CC-05 are left for the entire line’s tunnels to be complete. Two of them for the up-line will take place at the Golcha mid-shaft and one for the down-line will take place at the Delhi Gate station.

CC-05’s Status: The twin tunnels between ITO & Delhi Gate are ready. The STEC 3 TBM that was launched from Delhi Gate towards the Golcha midshaft (midway to Jama Masjid) has only another 20m to go, but in mid January ran into hard rock under Delhi’s unpredictable geology. It was supposed to make a breakthrough by the end of January, but will now make a breakthrough either today or tomorrow. After this TBM makes a breakthrough and its different components are retrieved, the Mitsubishi TBM that was launched from Jama Masjid and got stuck near Golcha cinema will make a breakthrough at the mid-shaft in March. After that, the 2nd Mitsubishi TBM working on the parallel down-line tunnel is expected make a breakthrough at Delhi Gate in April.

For more updates on the Delhi Metro’s Phase 3, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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  1. Kashyap says:

    Why haven’t you written about the breakthrough at the Golcha midshaft yet?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, the breakthrough has been pushed back to the 9th as the shaft is not ready to receive the TBM. Sunday is off for everyone and Monday is a holiday for the Chinese workers (from SUCG) on account of their New Year.


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