DMRC Reveals Alignment of Delhi’s Proposed Lajpat Nagar – Saket Line

Hat tip to reader Ratish for bringing this to my attention.

Back in March 2016, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation setup a dedicated webpage on their site to demarcate the influence zones of all existing, under construction and proposed lines on Google Maps. The aim of doing that was to help residents and builders determine if they required a ‘No Objection Certificate’ prior to starting construction. For metro enthusiasts, this was a gold mine of information as it showed what the alignments of future lines would look like.

Now, with Delhi Metro’s Phase 4’s routes finalized in July, the DMRC has revised the webpage and displayed what the alignment of the reinstated 7.96 km Lajpat Nagar – Saket G Block line will look like. This elevated line is proposed to be a spur of the upcoming 22.20 km Tughlakabad – IGI Terminal 1 line and will consist of 6 stations at Saket-G Block, Sheikh Sarai, Chirag Delhi, GK-1, Andrews Ganj and Lajpat Nagar.

I’ve reproduced the map here displaying the location of all the proposed stations. The unadulterated version of it can be viewed here.


Alignment of Saket – Lajpat Nagar Line – Source: DMRC

As opposed to routing it on the busy Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, the DMRC has chosen an interesting alignment that cuts through Saket’s Pushp Vihar, runs along the Chirag Delhi Drain, emerges out on to LBS Marg near the Kendriya Vidyalaya School in Andrews Ganj and then finally goes on to meet the Lajpat Nagar station. Along the way, the line will form an interchange with the under construction Magenta Line’s Chirag Delhi station where the interchange setup will look similar to the Lajpat Nagar/Kalkaji Mandir stations with one elevated and one underground line built in different phases.

If you notice carefully, the line is proposed to pass right through the sector road dividing Select Citywalk Mall and Saket District Court, so an additional station built there would be quite beneficial and my only recommendation.

Phase 4’s Current Status

While the upcoming phase’s lines have been finalized, the DMRC’s MD Mangu Singh in an interview published yesterday highlighted that funding still remains unclear with the Delhi Government yet to take a decision on JICA’s step loan. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a long way to go for this phase to be approved and as such, I’m expecting the DMRC to begin the tendering/bidding stage for construction only in the year 2018.

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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15 Responses to "DMRC Reveals Alignment of Delhi’s Proposed Lajpat Nagar – Saket Line"

  1. Aby k says:

    Don’t know it’s feasible bcoz this alignment is so congested n residential along n a drain as well it is more challenging than old Delhi area

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, if you notice the alignment on google earth, you’ll see there’s very little land acquisition that’ll have to be performed. By choosing this route, they’ll avoid turning LBS marg (the BRT Rd) into a nightmare once again. I like that it creates an entirely new transit route, rather than taking up space on an existing route.

  2. Aby k says:

    Do you think this spur will be any profit for the ppl bcoz residential colonies still have step out at church Delhi or sbs college it doesn’t serve any purpose there

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, last mile connectivity has always been an issue, so people would have to step out and go a little out of their way in any case. The route will provide straight connectivity to airport (T1) and given the demographic of the area surrounding the route, I believe it’ll be quite a hit. I also like the fact that it connects to the Archana Complex in GK (NDTV has their studios there, btw) and to Sheikh Sarai which is surrounded by residential colonies. I think 1 more station at Pushp Vihar would really seal the deal for me.

  3. Narottam Vats says:

    Hi TMRG! What’s the status of Khajur Khas station which is to be thrown open to the public in phase 4? Has the work on it started or has to be started? Till when this pink line is expected to be thrown open ? Also plese tell me about that phase 3 line from Mukundpur to Shiv Vihar! You said that the line will be open till lajpat nagar only, then what about the connectivity till Shiv Vihar station? When will it be opened?

    Also please provide me the detailed PDF PHASE 4 MAP of DMRC if available.


    • TMRG says:

      Hi, that’s a lot of questions! (1) Work hasn’t started on Phase 4 (2) Give it another 2 years to start (3) Pink Line will open in stages. The 1st stage connecting Mukundpur-Lajpat Nagar will open by Q4 2017 at the earliest (4) Check out images on my Twitter account to get a status update (5) Vinod Nagar-Shiv Vihar can also be expected to open by Q4 2017 at the earliest. (6) I don’t ave a detailed PDF of Phase 4’s map. I’ll share it whenever DMRC publishes it.

  4. Siddhant Kumar says:

    How much time Will it take to complete the construction of the new houses in trilokpuri rehabilitation after which viaduct the viaduct will be built on.

  5. Aby k says:

    Yup one station saket g n sbs college would b beneficial for all surrounding residential colonies

  6. Garudha says:

    An old report from Oct 2015 said there would be 7 stations on this spur – 6 elevated plus one underground, and in addition to the stations you listed, there was one for “Saket D Block”. My guess is an underground station just where you wanted one – between CityWalk and the District Court on the sector road.

  7. murari lal says:

    maximum population and traffic on khanpur to chirag delhi road not on that proposed line if this metro line passed through madangir and khanpur than maximum population could benefit and dmrc can take more financial benefit .

  8. Sunil chakravarty says:

    My question:-
    Today the meto guys have conducted soil samle collection exercise at 4 places along mandir marg road running between DLF Mall and Max hospital and bisectinnng J block saket and pushp vihar sector 1. This is contrary to what is there in the map shown in your article , moreover soli sample from 30 metre depth points to underground plans ???

  9. Alok pusti says:

    Wrong wrong information and wrong map ( wrong route )
    Just check out officer Delhi Metro website dude for phase IV Lajpat Nagar to Saket G Block –

  10. sunil Chakravarty says:

    Today ie on 25 November 2017 I noticed that fresh geological and soil collection activities by dmrc in pushp vihar near saket court complex on road bisecting pushap vihar .earlier in April17 it was conducted on mandir marg saket in front of flat no 2 N block .
    Can you enlighten aboutthe proposed alignment and stations.

  11. sunil Chakravarty says:

    5/12/2017—soil testing is going on since last fortnight at different places from saket court to MB road along sector road bisecting court and saket malls , pushap vihar sector 1 and 4 and opposite Asian market and defence area ie along old alignment.
    Is there a change in alignment again ???


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