TBM S52 Lowered into Lucknow Metro’s Bapu Bhawan Shaft

With construction work completed for the 22m deep Bapu Bhawan Shaft adjacent to the Sachivalaya (State Secretariat) Station’s site, workers from the Tata – Gülermak JV this week lowered parts of the Terratec manufactured S52 Tunnel Boring Machine into it.

The Ø6.52m Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBM will first be commissioned (see tunneling plan) to build the 780m down-line tunnel towards Hazratganj Station after the assembly of its 40+ parts is completed sometime between January 15 and 21. Following that, its sister machine – TBM S53, will be commissioned for constructing the parallel up-line tunnel.

Underground section of Lucknow Metro - view Lucknow Metro information & map

Underground section of Lucknow’s North-South line – view Lucknow Metro information & map

Cutterhead – Photo Copyright: Sultanpuri Neeraj

Photo Copyright: Sultanpuri Neeraj

Shields & Erector – Photo Copyright: Sultanpuri Neeraj

Images from within Tata-Gulermak’s yard, where segments to line Lucknow’s 1,812m twin tunnels are being cast, can be seen here. Here are some other relevant images from within the shaft I recently shared on Twitter:

For more updates, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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6 Responses to "TBM S52 Lowered into Lucknow Metro’s Bapu Bhawan Shaft"

  1. Shashank says:

    Great update. If TBM starts in 2 weeks then when do you think it will reach hazratganj?

  2. Aishwarye says:

    What is the current status of the East West Corridor of Lucknow Metro?

    • TMRG says:

      LMRCL is revising that line’s DPR right now. Once done, it’ll be submitted to the UP govt’s cabinet for approval.

  3. Aishwarye says:

    What is the current status of the works between KDSB Stadium and Munshipulia.?
    Thanks in advance!


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