1st U-girder Launched for Mumbai Metro’s Line-2 in Borivali

In the early hours of July 7, workers from the J Kumar – CRTG JV launched their first U-girder at Yogi Nagar in Borivali West for building package AC-01 of Mumbai Metro’s 18.6 km Line-2 from DN Nagar to Dahisar East. Unlike the launch event held for Line-7 in May, the event here between piers #191 & #192 was rather low-key with workers placing two 24.90m U-girders weighing 150 MT one after the other.

The J Kumar-CRTG JV is responsible for constructing both packages AC-01 and AC-02 of the line and completed casting their first pier in January 2017 and erecting the 1st pier cap in May. They completed casting the first batch of U-girders for both this line and the 16.5 km Line-7 at their Bandra yard in January 2017, and as per the MMRDA’s website, a total of 84 U-girders had been cast by May 30 2017.

Besides the elevated viaduct, Package AC-01 also includes the construction of 8 stations at Anand Nagar, Rushi Sankul, I C Colony, Eksar, Don Bosco, Shimpoli, Mahavir Nagar and Kamraj Nagar –

Package AC-01 of Mumbai’s Line-2 – view Mumbai Metro info & map

Images –

Heading out of the yard – Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

J Kumar-CRTG’s team – Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

Photo Copyright: Nishant Gaur

Photo Copyright: Manoj Pagare

Photo Copyright: Tarvinder Singh

4 girders up as of July 8 – Photo Copyright: Ashwin Maurya

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15 Responses to "1st U-girder Launched for Mumbai Metro’s Line-2 in Borivali"

  1. Sai Shetty says:

    Isn’t this part of Line 7?

  2. Mayur says:

    Nice. They are continuing work in monsoons. Must be at a slower rate.

  3. ATUL DIKSHIT says:

    Hi… TMRG
    what is the present status of Ahmedabad Metro

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, rolling stock’s legal issues with CRRC just got sorted out, so the winner’s announcement will hopefully be made soon. After the contract is awarded, give at least 15 months for the 1st train to arrive.

      On the civil side of things, the 6 km Vastral Gam – Apparel Park section on the EW line will first open up sometime in 2019-2020. L&T is currently carrying out demolition work to build its TBM shaft at Kalupur Station for the underground section. For updates on the other sections, see the Ahmedabad construction updates page and Twitter handle for random construction images.

  4. Manjunath L says:

    Hi TMRG, I guess in bangalore metro & other metro,s use other type civil construction, here i find from one pillar to other pillar they are using single piece but in bangalore metro they use more than 5 pieces from one pillar to other pillar.

    • TMRG says:

      Segments used in Bangalore and elsewhere provide a smoother finishing around curves and are a lot easier to ferry on-site and erect throughout the day.

      Mumbai is an exception, but I’ve found U-girders to be almost always used for metro lines on National Highways (Lucknow Line-1, Kochi Line-1, Delhi – Red/Violet/Airport Exp). They require a lot more site space and as such mostly erected in non-peak hours, but provide a unified look pier to pier.

      In Bangalore, the Electronics City line (RV Road – Bommasandra) is a prime candidate where such girders could be used, but I believe they’ll be utilizing segments instead.

  5. amit chitre says:

    I see the line 2A needs T girders. What exactly is the difference between T girders and a U girder?

    • TMRG says:

      U-girders are for viaduct. If I’m not mistaken, T-girders will be used on either ends of the stations’ platform level. Some images of Mumbai’s T-girders can be seen here

      • amit chitre says:

        Thank you. Do you still think we are on track for a 2019 opening to the public? Given the current progress being made and without anticipating any further delays? Or do you think we are lagging behind on the schedule

        • TMRG says:

          I believe the deadline is too tight. That combined with site constraints, traffic, rains etc aren’t helpful. Another thing to consider is rolling stock. Bids to procure them haven’t been invited yet as they’re still finalizing a loan deal. Bidding can take 6-12 months and the 1st train will arrive only after 12-15 months. Do the math and you can see how a 2019 opening is not possible. At the most, they’ll conduct a small trial run for election purposes in 2019, but that’s about it.

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