DMRC Invites EOI to Lease 150 New Coaches for Delhi’s Green Line

After utilizing a universal policy of buying trains for different lines, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is now exploring the possibility of leasing them. They’ve published a unique notice inviting expression of interest (EOI) from rolling stock manufacturers for leasing out 150 new coaches for its 18.47 km Green Line (Line-5) where they currently run 23 Hyundai Rotem-BEML trains, assembled by BEML in Bangalore, in configurations of 4 coaches (22 trains) and 6 coaches (1 train).

The Green Line is currently being extended by 11.18 km to Bahadurgarh as part of the 162 km Phase 3 project after which its length will become 29.65 long. It’s equipped with Bombardier’s Cityflo 350 signalling solution and the new trains will have to be compatible with it.

Notice of Invitation – RSL1
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC) invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) for providing 150 cars (25 trainsets of 6 cars each) on lease basis for the DMRC network Line-5 and maintaining these cars during their life cycle against payment of lease/rental charges by DMRC on the basis of hourly availability of trainsets – link to notice

General Information
The proposed model envisages to seek offers from applicants for availability of committed number of trains for operating the same on Line-5 of DMRC network for the contract period. The criteria for availability of trains shall be detailed in the RFP document. The lessor shall be responsible for maintenance and providing rolling stock as per the committed availability.

The existing Rolling Stock on Line-5 has to be replaced with New Stock. Both the Existing Stock and New Stock may run simultaneously during the period of introduction of new trains acquired on lease. It is estimated that approximately 25 trainsets of 6 car each will be required to be provided within three years from the date of lease agreement by replacing all Existing trainsets gradually.

The cars required for the corridors shall be of modern design, lightweight made of stainless steel/Aluminium, with 3 phase AC drive having V.V.V.F. control, regenerative braking and compatible to work with ATP, ATC and ATO etc. as available at site. The cars shall operate on 25 KV ac single phase 50 Hz rigid/flexible Overhead Catenary System (OCS).

For more information, see the notice linked above. The last date for submitting EOIs is September 12 at 11 am after which they’ll be opened up at 11:05 am.

DMRC’s Hyundai Rotem-BEML trains at the Green Line’s Mundka Depot – Photo Copyright: Sushil Kumar Verma

The DMRC plans to entirely replace its fleet within 3 years of signing the contract after which the contract period will last for another 35 years. The contractor will be responsible for all facets of the trains – manufacturing, delivering, testing, commissioning and maintenance at both the Mundka and Bahadurgarh depots. Initially the contractor will be handed over the under construction Bahadurgarh Depot where it’ll be responsible for all operations and maintenance of infrastructure and facilities. The existing depot at Mundka will be handed over in a gradual manner over 3 years and completely after all 150 new coaches enters service.

Only 25% of the new stock can be manufactured at an off-shore facility while the rest must be manufactured in India. The DMRC can advise the contractor to increase the number of coaches at any time after which the contractor will have to add new trains within five years of the last trainset’s addition.

The DMRC hasn’t indicated what it plans to do with its existing ‘old’ rolling stock. Perhaps it’ll redeploy it on Line-6 (Kashmere Gate – Escorts Mujesar) and the upcoming Line-9 (Dwarka – Najafgarh)? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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4 Responses to "DMRC Invites EOI to Lease 150 New Coaches for Delhi’s Green Line"

  1. Dhruv Madhok says:

    TMRG, this looks like an innovative start to splitting up infra (track and stations) from operations and maintenance (trains). Are there any plans to do the same on other lines?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, future plan for other lines hasn’t been outlined in the document. This line is a guinea pig for testing the model out; if it works out financially, then I’m sure they’ll consider introducing it on the other lines.

  2. KRISHNAN says:

    Hi TMRG

    I believe that leasing makes sense if we have a temporary requirement,say taking a car or bus for few days or a month.
    As metro train will be needed for next few decades till we have a hyper-loop or some other mode of transport ,so I am not sure if it makes any sense at all.
    On the other hand , the international companies get loan at 1 % but for Indian train operator the interest rate is generally higher. I guess this model will have one more advantages that OEM parts are sold at 200-300% premium.
    May be it is like tender sure roads of Bangalore in which contractor is responsible for keeping the road in good shape.


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