Delhi Metro’s 5.17 km ITO – Kashmere Gate Section Inaugurated

Less than an hour ago, the Union Minister for Urban Development and Delhi’s Chief Minister inaugurated commercial services on Delhi Metro’s 5.17 km ITO – Kashmere Gate underground section of the 43.40 km Violet Line. The event was off to a quick start with a BEML train getting flagged off remotely right away from an auditorium at the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s headquarters on Barakhamba Road.

Popularly known as the ‘Heritage Line’, this is the last section of the Violet Line’s 9.37 km northern extension to be inaugurated under the 160 km Phase 3 project, and now only a 3.2 km elevated section is pending on its southern side which’ll connect Faridabad with Ballabgarh in Haryana.

The DMRC has not yet updated their website’s fare chart or operational network map to reflect the 3 new stations on this section. Although they published a highly detailed press release yesterday, no information has been divulged on their train operational plan such as the line’s frequency and whether they will terminate all trains at Kashmere Gate or not.

Overall, this is the 4th stretch of the Violet Line to be inaugurated in the 160 km Phase 3 project (see list) which has added 3 new stations to the network at Delhi Gate, Jama Masjid & Lal Qila as well as a new station box at Kashmere Gate to form a massive 3-line interchange, India’s first, between the Yellow, Red & Violet lines:

Map of ITO – Kashmere Gate section of Delhi Metro’s Violet Line – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & information

This new section was built by 2 contractors:

CC-05: Mandi House – Jama Masjid – built by L&T-SUCG JV
CC-07: Jama Masjid – Kashmere Gate – built by Metrostroy-Era JV

Images taken prior to its inauguration can be viewed here. For a brief high-level history, from bidding to tunneling to testing to approvals, see this post.

Stage is set – Photo Copyright: Abhinav Rajput

Photo Copyright: NK Sharma

Photo Copyright: Yogesh Gautam

Flagged off! – Photo Copyright: DMRC

Video – 1st train getting flagged off:

Images of the line:

Jama Masjid Station – Photo Copyright: ET

New QR code enabled AFC “dream gates” – Photo Copyright: DMRC

Photo Copyright: Mohd Zakir/HT

Photo Copyright: Danish Siddique

Photo Copyright: Danish Siddique

Photo Copyright: Kailashi Rajesh Kumar

DMRC tied up with INTACH to install artwork and panels to depict local monuments and sights:

Photo Copyright: Mohd Zakir/HT

Photo Copyright: Mohd Zakir/HT

Photo Copyright: Mohd Zakir/HT

Photo Copyright: India Times

Photo Copyright: Sidhartha Roy

Photo Copyright: Abhinav Rajput

Escalators to connect Violet & Red lines – Photo Copyright: NK Sharma

Photo Copyright: Sonu Mehta (HT)

Photo Copyright: Sonu Mehta (HT)

Photo Copyright: Sonu Mehta (HT)

Photo Copyright: Sonu Mehta (HT)

Photo Copyright: Sonu Mehta (HT)

DMRC’s official pre-launch video:

Key Figures:

• Delhi’s Metro network has expanded to 218 kms with 163 stations, and now only 131 kms of the Phase 3 project is pending.

• The Violet Line, connecting Kashmere Gate with Escorts Mujesar in Faridabad, is now 43.40 km long and still remains the 3rd longest line after the 48.80 km Yellow and 56.40 km Blue lines.

• India’s first 3-line interchange has opened up at Kashmere Gate between the Yellow, Red and Violet Lines. More 3-line interchanges are planned at Azadpur, Lajpat Nagar & Inderlok (Phase 4), Botanical Garden (Noida) and at Esplanade (Kolkata) but are each easily 5 years away from opening.

• From Monday, DMRC expects to add 90,000 additional daily users to its network. For FY 2016-2017, the average daily ridership was 27.6 lakhs (2.76 million).

Let me know if I’ve missed anything and I’ll add it above.

Updated operational map of Delhi’s metro system – view full map & information here

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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21 Responses to "Delhi Metro’s 5.17 km ITO – Kashmere Gate Section Inaugurated"

  1. OP Yadav says:

    Hearty congratulations to Delhi, DMRC and contractor team

  2. Aakash Yadav says:

    Congrats to DMRC now we expect that DMRC can more focus on Pink and Magenta lines.TMRG pls tell me that when will trial runs start on Pink Line ?????

    • TMRG says:

      I don’t know; I’m not privy to that information. Give them some time to clean up and structurally secure the Gurdwara Shaft.

      • Aakash Yadav says:

        How much time DMRC will take to clean up Gurudwara shaft on Pink Line and I think why not DMRC deploy train set on Sakarpur ramp or Mayapuri ramp to start trial runs on Pink Line like they do on Magenta Line?????

  3. Ashu Jain says:

    Is there are New Gates No. 5 , 6 , 7 & 8 at Kasmere Gate Metro Now ???

  4. USOZ says:

    According to Delhi Metro wikipedia page: Violet line south extension is supposed to open in Sept 2017

    Green Line extension next month

    Magenta Line: Sept 2017.

    Are these accurate?

    • TMRG says:

      Wikipedia is pure garbage. Most of the above launch info has been sourced from articles written by journalists who know nothing about the project, its challenges or current status. They rely on paper hand-outs and whatsapp group messages fed by the DMRC.

      Of those, only the Magenta Line’s elevated portion will open up before Sept – see my last post on it here

  5. Arun Goyal says:

    Metrorailguy ji. Very educated and informed content.. Well presented..
    I am a journalist and researcher based in Delhi Gate.. Got an insight on Phase 4 which inshallah will deepen the reach making Delhi at the top of world class infrastructure.
    But… Regret to say that Metro admin and ud ministry is deaf..I have represented several times to them to open exits on both sides of New Ashok Nagar Metro station..there is only one exit on the East End apartment side but nothing on NAN side even though the station is named after NAN.
    The single exit is so congested, no place for entry and checking passengers and ticketing. Long queues at single gate with no place to queue.
    Time for metro authorities to stop having railway time attitude.. Converting parking lots for their own residential accommodation.. Minting money on high fares coupled with more than 100 percent occupancy of coaches for 18 hours a day.. Advertising money, Real estate money. Liquor shops.
    Man, you have the best deal in the world.. a monopoly..
    But listen to the voice of people once in a while..or should we resort to grievance procedure and PILs.
    Mangu Singh, shame, shame
    Arun Goyal
    Mob 9810079983

    • durgesh singh says:

      Well summarised Mr. Arun…..I am totaly agreed with you. They are on same track of Indian Railways. Fare are increased almost 100% and getting same pathetic services like CHIDIYAGHAR….. I also request with DMRC chef, MANU SINGH, just leave your VIP tag only for a week and travel as a common man once a week in office hour in morning and evening with DWARAKA to NOIDA or JAHAGEERPURI to GURGAON and you will get clear picture of common man problems who are helpless to use this CHIDIYAGHAR type services after paying of too much money on daily basis. Durgesh Singh

  6. Peter Hook says:

    Hi TMRG,

    I have a question about the facilities in the Metro stations: Are there restrooms (like the ones in Tokyo)?

    The absence of restrooms in NYC and their near absence in Paris makes traveling to those cities unpleasant.


  7. Siddharth says:

    Hey TMRG,

    Apart from this, the DMRC has started adding new Bombarider coaches to make some of the 6 coach trains to 8 coach trains.

    The thing is, Bombardier is supplying 162 new coaches. In this respect, I can’t really calculate how all the trains on the yellow and blue lines will have only the Bombardier rolling stock (since you said that Bombardier coaches are only for Yellow and Blue lines), especially if you keep in mind the number of 6 and 8 coach BEML Rotem trains on the blue line ?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, only the Yellow Line will have Bombardier sets. Blue will primarily have BEML sets with some Bombardiers.

  8. SANDEEP says:

    Hi TMRG, is ISA certificate done for magenta line Botanical garden– Kalkaji stretch?

  9. KRISHNAN says:

    Metro coach catches fire en route to Delhi

  10. Amit says:

    When will meganta line metro phase 1 start?

  11. Amit says:

    what is botanical garden to kalkaji metro start date?

  12. Amit says:

    what is botanical garden to kalkaji metro start date? Please reply.


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