DMRC Publishes New Phase 4 Map & Table of Delhi’s Metro Project

So back in late-March, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) published a notice inviting Express of Interest (EoI) bids from companies to appoint a consultant for conducting a hydro-geological study on the upcoming underground corridors of the 103.93 km Phase 4 project.

The basic scope of this key pre-construction activity is to identify the impact due to the:

de-watering on ground water due to the upcoming Phase-IV of Delhi MRTS network. The main elements of the study are to delineate the area of influence due to dewatering, to predict change in water level due to dewatering using ground water modeling and to develop a mitigation plan

Within that notice, is this brilliant detailed table of Phase 4’s lines which indicates their lengths (elevated, underground) as well as the number & characteristics of stations. The lengths of the corridors can be expected to change marginally by the time detailed designs are prepared and civil bids are invited, but this can be taken as a good benchmark:

Source: DMRC

Also included within the notice is this Phase 4 map which is said to have been updated in January 2017, around the time when the project got approved by the Delhi Government’s Cabinet.

Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3 | Phase 4

Source: DMRC

This map was prepared on top of their map for Phase 3, and a higher resolution can be viewed here or within the notice.

The biggest take-aways, both excellent, include:

  1. Confirmation that the Aerocity – Terminal 1 section of the Airport-Tughlakabad line has indeed been dropped.
  2. Addition of a station at Saket D-block which will serve the Select Citywalk Mall – Saket District Court area that I’ve always desired.

Other observations:

  1. In addition to the Kalindi Kunj Depot, the Magenta Line will have a new depot at Mangolpuri.
  2. The new Aerocity – Tughlakabad line and its spur between Saket – Lajpat Nagar will be served by a depot at Rangpuri.
  3. The map obviously doesn’t include the Najafgarh – Dhansa Bus Stand extension of Line-9 which got approved this week. Perhaps it will be in the next iteration.
  4. This map only includes lines approved within Delhi’s borders. There are many proposals, some serious and some so not, elsewhere in the NCR (eg. Gurgaon, Faridabad & Ghaziabad) which are currently awaiting their respective state government’s approval.

Are there any other observations you’d like me to add? Just leave a comment below.

Phase 4’s Current Status

The project was approved by the Delhi Government’s Cabinet in January 2017 and has since then been waiting for the Central Government’s approval. There’s still no word or confirmation on its funding split and which external agency (is JICA still onboard?) is going to provide a loan to fund it. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, consultants are currently conducting various pre-construction surveys, such as geotechnical investigations, topographical surveys and soon a hydro-geological study. Data captured from these activities will help prepare detailed designs, cost-estimations, and will be included in the tender documents whenever the DMRC invites civil construction bids.


• New Lines:
Tughlakabad – Aerocity (20.20) – shown in moss green below
Lajpat Nagar – Saket G-Block (7.96 km) – shown in moss green below
Inderlok – Indraprastha (12.58 km) – shown in aqua below

Note: Official line colors have not yet been assigned.

• Extensions of Existing Lines:
#1 – Red line – Rithala – Narela (21.73 km)
#7 – Pink line – Mukundpur – Maujpur (12.54 km)
#8 – Magenta line – Janakpuri West – R.K. Ashram (28.92 km)

Maps for Reference:

By PhasePhase 1 | Phase 2 |  Phase 3 | Phase 4

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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61 Responses to "DMRC Publishes New Phase 4 Map & Table of Delhi’s Metro Project"

  1. Tarun says:

    Why have they included noida to greater noida line in phase 3? That is not a Delhi Metro project.

    • Aditya says:

      Thats beacuse DMRC is contructing it on behalf of NMRC and will run the line for a period of 3 years and it will be known as Aqua Line. Am I right TMRG???

      • TMRG says:

        Yea, that’s probably why.

        I still find it’s inclusion a little unnecessary as they’re similarly executing projects in Kochi, Mumbai (Line-2) and Vijayawada. Ideally, it should have been placed under a new header called ‘NCR lines’ and also displayed Gurgaon’s Metro with which it has an interchange & common ticketing.

  2. Aishwarye says:

    Hopefully the two planned metro lines for Gurgaon will also be added to the phase 4 tendering and construction.

    • TMRG says:

      Yup! I’m hoping both HR and UP governments’ quickly approve new lines in Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Kundli so that works starts along with Delhi’s Phase 4 lines. With that, Delhi’s network will also shoot from 450 km to about 500 km.

  3. Aby says:

    Surprisingly the tbk-Ac line doesn’t connect saket making an inconvenience to those going to gurgaon what u say dey should made saket an interchange

    • Abdul K says:

      + 1

      I noticed that too. Given that the Lajpat Nagar – Saket D block line does not have a depot, it looks like they will link it up with the Tughlakabad – Aerocity line to use the depot at Rangpuri. If that is the case, would they be able to run trains from Aerocity to Lajpat Nagar without having to change trains?

      • TMRG says:

        Remains to be seen, but I’m hoping it’ll be like how the Blue Line functions, with one train going to Vaishali and another to Noida.

    • Shane says:

      There will be an interchange with the Yellow line at Saket – it’s shown in detail on the Zone of Influence maps on the DMRC site. This map is very rough and has some clear errors so don’t read too much into it.

  4. Puneet says:

    I have heard that Metro phase-IV tenders are being finalized

  5. abhishek jain says:

    map is not pretty clear and its not getting zoomed , can u put a mad which can be downloaded and also be zoomed.

  6. sunil Chakravarty says:

    From the map of phase 4 lajpat ngr -saket g block line , it is mentioned that a station will coe up at d block -select city mall but actually these two places are one kilometer apart .can u exactly pinpoint the location of underground station on this line and finally will this line join saket metro station or culminate at g block saket?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, that line will join the Tughlakabad-Aerocity line at G-Block station. The influence map doesn’t show the D-Block station, so can’t really tell where its exact location is.

  7. Anuj Budhkar says:

    Nobody talks about the inderlok-indraprastha line. Is it actually required? And I would have desired it to run further a couple of kilometres to nizamuddin and connect the pink line.

    • Abdul K says:

      You are right about connecting it further down from Indraprastha but that line is absolutely required! The traffic from Inderlok to Karol Bagh via Sarai Rohilla was horrible back in those days… given the prosperity it may only have worsened now.

      I have also noticed that Delhi Metro has consciously made an effort to link up all IR stations through metro, so Sarai Rohilla may have been a consideration on those lines.

      Hopefully in Phase V … they could link it up with Lajpat Nagar – Saket Line via Nizamuddin? 🙂

      • Rupesh says:

        Do we really have metro phase 5 as well in Delhi?

        • TMRG says:

          Never been publicly announced, but it’ll happen in due time.

          It’s size/scope will depend on the transit requirements that emerge over the next 3-5 years.

  8. ABHEEK SAHA says:

    If this is correct, the Vasant Kunj Sector D station will be right next to my block!! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  9. SANDEEP says:

    I am not getting the need for all these lines. Can one explain? In this regard, phase-3 was radical. I would like to see extra fast lines to Gurgaon as yellow line is saturated. Fast lines means like fast local in Mumbai skipping small stations in between.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, each phase serves a unique purpose and won’t be as radical as the others. Phase 1 was about connecting established/historic neighborhoods, Phase 2 was about to extending the network’s reach to Delhi’s borders, Phase 3 was about joining those radials together and Phase 4 is all about densifying the network.

      Fast lines fall under the ambitious RRTS project which is yet to be approved.

  10. KRISHNAN says:

    Final inspection of Delhi Metro’s ‘Heritage Line’ on 22-23 May – May 13 2017

  11. Rahul says:

    I have one small question. Does the influence zone also gives the idea where the demolition of building will take place? For example the prashant vihar metro station on the phase 4 line has shown the influence zone covering almost 7-8 houses does that mean all those will be demolished? Please your kind reply will be awaited

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, only the DMRC can answer which properties will be acquired and demolished. From my understanding, the influence zone of about 25m on either side is used to only prevent new construction that *might* have to be demolished when metro construction starts. This doesn’t mean that everything in it will be demolished.

  12. Ashu says:

    Few questions & pointers—

    1. Why dropping T1 from Tkbd-Aerocity Line is good news??

    2. Inderlok-Indraprastha Line should have definitely been extended to Connect to NZM station…. because its a major Touch Point considering Railways and the extension is easy due to Huge Space Availability on both sides of Road.

    3. Instead of Terminating at TKBD, they could have extended to Kalindi Kunj / Shaheen Bagh-Jasola Vihar Stn….

    • TMRG says:

      1) Any sort of viable western extension would not have been possible if the line terminated at T1. DIAL has already planned an intra-airport metro line, so this connection would have become redundant. With the line ending at Aerocity, it can now be extended westward to Dwarka, Mundka and Rohini to form a third semi ring line around Delhi.

      2) That would have really nice. Personally I’d like if connects up to the Saket – Lajpat Nagar line to form one seamless line.

      3) I’m sure the line will have room for a future extension. One of the proposals on the table right now is to connect it to Jaipur village and onward to Noida.

  13. sagar says:

    when will the rithala narela metro construction going to start?

  14. bipin says:

    Inderlok to Delhi Gate/Indraprastha Line should be extended to Hazrat Nizammudin Station /Lajpat Nagar in Phase 4

  15. Arjun Kheterpal says:

    Frequency on Green Line is going to be seriously messed up with the third spur to Indraprastha coming up!

  16. Harsh Kumar says:

    Hi, Delhi Metro team

    i just wanted to share my feed back with you, in the Delhi metro phase IV project, there is no news to extend Dwarka-21 line to Huda city centre or iffco chowk via udyog vihar phase-1-2-3-4-5

    can you please do something for this route, because it will reduce maximum traffic from NH 8. It will save million dolor fuel cost for the country. Most of the west Delhi and Dwarka people have no other option, unnecessary they have to go to rajiv chowk and then go to Gurgaon, while from Dwarka sec- 21 to Iffco chowk is hardly 14 km.

    • TMRG says:

      DMRC has prepared that line’s DPR and submitted it to Haryana Govt. It’s on them to now approve it.

      • B N maurya says:

        I like to know why metro phase – 4 station deoli can shifted to hamdard nagar like area coverup hamdard nagar; university; tughlakabad extension; tara appartment; g k ; tughlakabad village; anangpur village; karani singh shooting range; sangam vihar blocks d, e, f, g, h, i; f1, f2, k1, k2, l1,a, b, c; asias largest colony, tughlakabad instiutional area; Itbp head office & central school.which road connectivity is better also in all area.

  17. ANIL BHAMBRI says:


    • Ashu says:

      Well Observed…

      Even the Orientation has been reversed… and if you clearly see T1 Terminal has been again added…

      So, the Two Lines i believe will be Y-shaped operations like Yamuna Bank – Noida – Gzb
      One will be Tkd – Saket – Lajpat, Other will be Tkd – Saket – T1

  18. Ashu says:

    & now more Confusion thrown in….

    How come Saket Line to extended to IGNOU ???
    Tuglakabad to jaitpur is still understood..

    • TMRG says:

      Rubbish news – no formal approval has been given.

      1) A DPR for these extensions hasn’t even been created yet.
      2) The GoI has to first approve the core 108 km lines. That’ll be followed by approvals for any new extensions.
      3) Such announcements by the GoI are usually made via a press release. In this case, they quoted some random MP after he met with the MoUD’s chief. Seriously?!

  19. Dhankar says:

    On extension of Lajpat Nagar – Saket line upto IGNOU. I think it is a good move considering huge number of daily commuters to the largest open university. The present connecting road is in very bad shape and remain choked most of the day. This will definitely help.
    Is any other station also planned between IGNOU and Saket G Block?

  20. Sukhvinder says:

    Extension of lajpatngr saket metro to IGNOU Is really good move. Presently connectivity is very poor road .

  21. Sakthi says:

    Dear Sir
    Presently so many problem nebsarai road If you can give the connectivity up to IGNOU it will be very help full nebsarai people.

  22. sahil says:

    When delhi metro phase 4 work start . From last two years government saying work will start soon.

  23. naresh kumar says:

    extension to jaitpur is very essential as more than 5 lac people stays there. this will make this line profitable and could also be further extended towards noida in future

  24. Rakesh Gupta says:


    today i read somewhere that phase IV project will cost Rs 50,000 crore. Usually 70% of the funds come through loan and the remaining 30% cost is borne equally by the Delhi government and the Center and loan cost will be paid by daily ridership income so my question is that why phase IV not include badli to narela lines although every one knows that badli to narela route is very busy compared to rithala to narela route , daily passengers rate of travelling is very high in this route despite that not considered ….

    WHY is there any political issue or some else ??

  25. Haroon Rashid says:

    I have a question
    1 Has the work on Rithla – Narela line Strated
    2 If started what is the completion deadline date

  26. KANHIYA LAL says:


  27. Prakash Bhatia says:

    The Pink line started last week but surprisingly it does’nt have any interchange facility for Green line which passes under it. This deprives many people from this facility and they are forced to get down at Punjabi Bagh and catch Pink line from Punjabi Bagh west.Which makes travelling even more costly.Can anyone explain this ommission?

  28. BestPhyllis says:

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    month because you’ve got hi quality content. If you want to know how to make extra bucks,
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  29. Deepali says:

    Any update regarding Delhi metro phase -4 construction.
    Is there any tender process going on ?

  30. Tushar Jhari says:

    the tughlaqabad to aerocity metro line phase 4 has still not got the centres nod.
    does someone know by what time work will start, also there is no clearity in map
    wheather it will cover mehrauli innerside or go from outside mehrauli and kishangarh to
    vasant kunj …


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