[Pics] Delhi Metro’s Kashmere Gate Station – April 2017

As April comes to a close, here’s a picture-post showcasing the status of the new Kashmere Gate Station on the Delhi Metro’s upcoming 5.17 km ITO – Kashmere Gate extension of the Violet Line which is popularly known as the Heritage Line. When ready, this station will allow users to easily switch to/from the operational Red & Yellow lines, but currently it remains the biggest bottleneck of the project and precisely what prevents the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation from starting commercial operations.

Construction for it is being carried out by Metrostroy-Era JV under package CC-07 of the 160 km Phase 3 project. See images from January 2017 here and March 2017 here.

Map of ITO – Kashmere Gate section of Delhi Metro’s Violet Line – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & information

Some images from a TMRG follower:

Platform Level

Train-reversal / Track-change facility

Concourse Level

Ticket counters

AFC gates

Staircase to the platform level

Interconnection to Existing Station

The new station’s concourse level will be connected to the existing station’s building via a series of 5 escalators for which civil work is still ongoing.

For reference: Red Circle – Entry/Exit Shaft ; Yellow Circle – New Addition to Existing Station


5 escalators with space for another one on the extreme left

Ongoing civil/roof-work

The DMRC was originally targeting to open this 5.17 km section with 4 new stations in December 2015, but has since then extended the deadline multiple times, each month, while comically blaming demonetization and a 7-day construction ban along the way.

As mentioned previously in my January monthly update post earlier this year, I’m expecting this line to only open up in Q2 (April – June), but going by the progress made over the past couple months, there’s a possibility of things stretching out to early Q3 (July – September). As per one source, the DMRC has received the Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) certification for the signalling system and has now submitted all required documents to the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) which will take some time to be scrutinized. Whenever the CMRS’ inspection dates are announced, I’ll post it via my Twitter handle.

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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23 Responses to "[Pics] Delhi Metro’s Kashmere Gate Station – April 2017"

  1. Achal says:

    Just open it already. I’m sick of all the delays.

    • Aditya Benwal says:

      So is the rest of people of delhi.. if we go by the original estimate.. this line was supposed to open by March 2015 (very first estimate), that means it is delayed by more than 2 years.. never thought delhi metro will create this record. Earlier they used to complete stretched before deadline.

      • TMRG says:

        Hi, the line faced mid-project design challenges such as (1) discovery of what is said to be an old mosque after excavation started for the Jama Masjid Station in 2012 – see details, and (2) break-down of a TBM which forced L&T to create a mid-shaft and launch a TBM from the opposite end – see details.

        That said, the DMRC’s PR dept has done a rather horrible job in this phase. Completion timeframes are way off and construction issues such as the Pink Line’s Gurdwara Shaft have been hidden from public knowledge who’re made to believe that only land acquisition caused by external parties is to blame for the line’s delay. I find that ridiculous.

        • Aditya Benwal says:

          Thats what i am sayng,, i am aware of all these challenges faced by the heritage line.. but all the delays can not only be attributed to these issues. There was some fault on the part of DMRC as well which they never admitted.
          For ex. in heritage line, the opening was delayed due to incomplete kashmere gate station even after all the land and tunneling issues were solved. I dont think there were any problems at kashmere gate,

  2. Siddhant Kumar says:

    How much time Will it take to complete the construction of rehabilitation flats in trilokpuri. And please upload the images of johri enclave and shiv vihar stations.

  3. Bhanu says:

    How would you rate the contractor for this stretch – Metrostroy-Era? Do you think it could have been completed earlier had it been awarded to CEC SAM?

    • TMRG says:

      Can’t rate them, but I’ve heard multiple horror stories about them from interns and sub-contractors. The very last TBM breakthrough by S23 at Lal Qila was delayed due to payment issues and the MD had to intervene to get the breakthrough done. The poor TBM was stationed opposite the D-wall waiting to breakthrough for 3 months!

      CEC would have partnered up with CICI (Indian subsidiary), and looking at their work in Delhi, Jaipur and Bangalore might have performed better – but that’s pure speculation. You can’t really tell how things pan out. Eg. CMRL wouldn’t have imagined Gammon-Mosmetrostroy pulling out. Similarly, DMRC wouldn’t have imagined Pratibha pulling out of some of the Pink and Magenta lines’ stations.

      • Bhanu says:

        Hmmm btw have you thought about adding a “like” or “vote up” button in the comments section. Like I think your reply answers my question well so I could upvote your reply or if I think some other query raised by someone else interests me too so i could upvote that and you would know how many people are interested in that query.

        • Bhanu says:

          Also, doesn’t the use of glass everywhere in railings and even for segregation near ticket counters come off as excessive to anyone? They could have used Kashmiri carved wood panels for this station instead and also Islamic jali patterns for Jama Masjid station. As you had rightly praised Nagpur’s Sitabudi interchange station for its pathbreaking design, we definitely need to up the design quotient of our metro stations.

          • TMRG says:

            The one near the AFC gates seems unnecessary. Rest looks fine to me! Once operations start, you’ll hardly notice them in the sea of people.

        • TMRG says:

          I’ve looked into ‘Disqus’ which offers up/down vote buttons, but I’ve heard of installation and old-comment import issues. Users commenting will be forced to utilize one of their social media accounts (Twitter, FB, Google) or will need to create a new Disqus account to comment. I think that’ll put off people.

          • Peter Hook says:

            Yes, TMRG. You are right.

            I want to participate but not if I have to sign onto some intermediary account.

          • Bhanu says:

            Yes the ones near AFC gates is what set me off.

            “Once operations start, you’ll hardly notice them in the sea of people.” Yes totally agree and considering how badly delayed it is, new design elements would have probably delayed it even further.

  4. Manu Nair says:

    Hi TMRG,
    Thanks for the great picts. However, contrary to what I was lead to believe by various news reports that Phase 3 stations will go live with Platform Screen doors in place, I see no sign of them in these visuals! If the opening is scheduled for Q1 or even Q2, is there time enough for PSD installations? or have they junked the idea of having them altogether?

    • Adi says:

      The PSD installations in phase 3 stations were meant for the two new lines.. pink and magenta. Other extension of old lines will not get PSD. There are no PSD on the faridabad corridor.

  5. Siddhant Kumar says:

    Psd’s will Only be installed in pink and magenta lines of phase 3. Not on extension lines.

  6. santosh says:

    Metro lost its reputation of completing projects on time

  7. Ashu Jain says:

    Thanx TMRG For This Update Also I want to add one more thing that Its Going To Open In May 2017 As Per DMRC Speakers…

  8. Metro says:

    Ye MANGU SINGH sabse bada corrupt harami officer hai. PMO should intervene.

  9. Ashu says:

    Actually U R Right!!!…

  10. Tanmay says:

    Very true ,Mangu singh takes DMRC’s working standard to worst level.
    Unreasonable delays are there in phase 3 without any solid reasons.
    Thank God this fool was not chief from phase 1,but worst is that he will lead for phase 4 also.

  11. K MANOJ says:

    I saw yesterday while driving through lal quila, jama masjid and kashmere gate that all the work of heritage line have now been completed. The kashmere gate station work is almost complete. Now the certificate from commissioner safety is awaited.


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