ITD Cem Completes Delhi Metro Pink Line’s Hasanpur Stretch

Workers from ITD Cementation have completed building a 128m stretch of the Delhi Metro Pink Line’s viaduct in Hasanpur Village that lay incomplete due to land acquisition issues.

The ownership of the land, through which the 58.6 km line’s viaduct (package CC-26R of Phase 3) now passes through, was a mystery since 2011 and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) had no clarity on who owned it – private residents or the Delhi Development Authority. Demolition work began in March 2017 after the DMRC successfully concluded negotiations with local residents after paying Rs. 5.91 crores.

June 2017 Images

Segments almost kissing the demolished structure – Photo Copyright: Mohit Revalia

Launching Gantry crane over Swami Dayanand Marg – Photo Copyright: Mohit Revalia

August 2017 Images

Done! – Photo Copyright: Mohit Revalia

Photo Copyright: Mohit Revalia

Photo Copyright: Mohit Revalia

Photo Copyright: Mohit Revalia

With this development, on the civil side of things, only the cantilever bridge over the Indian Railways’ lines at Anand Vihar is pending on the line’s stretch north of the Vinod Nagar Depot. Here’s a video shot on July 23 showing the progress made –

South of the Vinod Nagar Depot, the Trilokpuri section’s viaduct still remains incomplete.

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8 Responses to "ITD Cem Completes Delhi Metro Pink Line’s Hasanpur Stretch"

  1. Aadisht says:

    A Dainik Jagran report a few days ago said that DDA has still not permitted Change of Land Use for where DMRC wants to build resettlement apartments in Trilokpuri.

    The sequence is Change of Land Use – > Construction Starts – > Construction Completed -> Resettlement -> Demolition – > Construction of metro line.

    What a mess.

  2. Siddhant Kumar says:

    But I have seen at trilokpuri new resettlement apartments work is going on very fast. Should be completed by end of this year.

    • Adi says:

      But have the residents agreed to shift to the new settlements apartment. I thought a court case was going on for the same.

    • Aadisht says:

      As per the report, CLU was granted for sixty two apartments and construction started for that. It’s still pending for forty.

  3. Aditya says:

    What is the status of the anand vihar cantilever bridge. When do you think this stretch will be completed.

    • TMRG says:

      A video has been embedded at the bottom of the post. Easily up to another 6 months to go.

      • Aditya says:

        How did they built the blue line section over the anand vihar station. Did they also built a cantilever bridge there. If not, then why are they building it for the pink line. I dnt know coz I havn’t been there. Can you tell TMRG.

  4. harsh says:

    When will the trail run followed by operations from NSP to Azadpur on pink link start??


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