Mumbai Metro’s 1st TBM Lowered at Nayanagar Shaft

Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis today evening joined officials from the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited and CEC-ITD Cem-TPL JV to celebrate the lowering of TBM S1073, the 33.5 km Line-3’s 1st tunnel boring machine, into the 25m deep Nayanagar Shaft in Mahim.

The 110m long Herrenknecht earth pressure balance machine passed factory acceptance testing in China in June and arrived disassembled at Mumbai Port in early September. Workers lowered its shields followed by its multi-colored cutterhead today, and will lower its backup tail over the coming weeks as weather permits.

After assembly is completed, S1073 on its first assignment will excavate and build the 2484m long up-line tunnel towards Dadar Station, through Shitladevi Station, as part of the 6.081 km package UGC-04 between Worli-Dharavi. In the coming months, it’ll be joined by its sister machine TBM S1074 for building the parallel down-line tunnel.

Location of UGC-04’s Nayanagar Shaft – view Mumbai Metro map & information

Images from the event –

Front & mid shields – Photo Copyright: Ravish Sharma

Photo Copyright: CMO Maharashtra

Cutterhead about to be lowered – Photo Copyright: Ravish Sharma

Photo Copyright: Mehul Thakkar

Photo Copyright: CMO Maharashtra

Photo Copyright: Rajendra Aklekar

Photo Copyright: Rajendra Aklekar

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

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3 Responses to "Mumbai Metro’s 1st TBM Lowered at Nayanagar Shaft"

  1. Biju says:

    congrats to MAPLE team

  2. Shreeharsha Phene says:

    Mr TMRG,

    As per the current escalation plans,the TBMs for section 4 will start the escalation from Naya Nagar TBM launching station and move in the Direction of Worli TBM retrieval station.
    On the way at Mahim , Dadar and Siddhivinayak stations ,the TBM s will not be used for tunnelling.
    At these points are the TBMs again dismantled before the train station and again launched after the station? If yes, this process will be unnecessarily time consuming?

    I am asking this because the current escalation plan indicates so.
    Can you please clarify.

    S V Phene

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, here’s the tunneling plan for package UGC-04:

      TBM S1073
      Up-line – Nayanagar – Shitladevi – Dadar
      Up-line – Siddhivinayak – Dadar
      Down-line – Nayanagar – Dharavi
      Total= 4 drives with 3 launches

      TBM S1074
      Down-line – Nayanagar – Shitladevi – Dadar
      Up-line – Nayanagar – Dharavi
      Total = 3 drives with 2 launches

      TBM S1075
      Up-line – Siddhivinayak – Worli
      Down-line – Siddhivinayak – Worli
      Down-line – Siddhivinayak – Dadar
      Total = 3 drives with 3 launches

      If the intermediate station’s (eg. Shitladevi) structure is not ready by the time the TBM arrives, then instead of having the TBM sit idle and lose time, they’ll continue operating the TBM through that station’s box. During that station’s excavation, they’ll then dismantle/demolish the tunnel rings. This process has previously taken place in Jaipur, Kolkata and Chennai.

      If the intermediate station’s structure is ready, then they’ll use hydraulic jacks on a rail based system to drag the TBM to the other side as seen in Bangalore and Delhi. You can see images of that in action here and here.


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