[Pics] CMRS Completes 3-Day Inspection of Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line

On Wednesday, the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety and his team of 5 other officials from the Indian Railways’ northern Circle completed their 3-day final safety inspections on the 12.64 km Botanical Garden – Kalkaji Mandir section of Delhi Metro’s new 38.23 km Magenta Line (Line-8).

The team started their 3-day final inspections on Monday and first inspected the Kalkaji Mandir – Jasola Vihar section’s down-line tunnel, tracks and 6 stations en-route. On Tuesday, they inspected the Jasola Vihar – Botanical Garden station’s down-line track, 3 stations en-route, and then took a ride back on the up-line track. On Wednesday, they inspected the line’s viaduct and then took a ride on a new Hyundai Rotem RS-10 train during which dynamic speed and braking tests were performed to check for passenger comfort and ride quality.

Magenta Line’s map (elevated section) – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & info

Here’s the last day’s agenda –

CMRS and DMRC’s management team at Kalkaji Mandir Station – Photo Copyright: Satender Kumar

Platform screen doors at one of the elevated stations – Photo Copyright: Rajkumar Nigam

Video shot at Botanical Garden Station after conducting train testing, marking an end to inspections –

The CMRS’s final report, with all observations, suggestions, necessary infrastructure corrections & completions prior to starting commercial operations, was likely submitted to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on this past Friday. If not, it’ll definitely be submitted on this Monday.

With inspections out of the way, the line’s opening now depends on the availability of local and national ministers, so it’s only a matter of time for the DMRC to make an announcement on its launch date. Stay tuned!

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9 Responses to "[Pics] CMRS Completes 3-Day Inspection of Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line"

  1. arnab says:

    I hope they throw the section open as soon as they get clearance and not wait for politicians!

  2. Thapa says:

    This is totally bullshit to wait for some politician and to annoy public for more time.
    Throw the section asap for public.

    • Pulakit says:

      You’re damn correct. It should be thrown open today.. people are suffering with pollution.. they are searching for an auspicious occasion to give the life saving tablet..

  3. Tasdeeque Usmani says:

    Why wait for minister? What value addition they can do? It should be open for public ASAP. We the residents of Okhla and Shaheen Bagh are waiting since April to ride on metro and ease the hell of traffic in this area.

  4. Neha says:

    Make it fast.. ministers are not suppose to travel by the mtro .. why to wait for them ☺

  5. Mayank Singh says:

    I wish if they really have to wait then wait for E Sreedharan, not for amy minister. That would me sensible, instead of being idiotic.

  6. Sarfraz says:

    Why going late to open who is responsible for them. It was to start november 2016 already one year late. Who will bear the cost of one year

  7. Sarfraz says:

    DMRC can confirm the date to start meganta line


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