Karnataka Govt Approves Bangalore Metro Line-4’s Extn to Airport

Back on December 11, Karnataka government’s cabinet approved a 29.62 km extension of Bangalore Metro’s  21.43 km Gottigere – Nagawara Line-4 (Reach 6) to the Kempegowda International Airport. The extension is estimated to cost Rs. 5950 crores and will mostly run elevated, except near Yelahanka Air Force Station where it’s planned to run at-grade (or in a shallow tunnel) and within the airport’s premises where about 5 km will be underground.

Approved Funding Pattern

Entity Amount (Rs)
Loan 3200 cr (54%)
Govt of KA 1250 cr (21%)
BIAL 1000 cr (17%)
Govt of India 500 cr (8%)

Note – BIAL’s share will be funded by embarking flyers through a user development fee (UDF) between Rs 60-80 which will be included in the final air-fare. A proposal to levy this fee has already been sent to the central government and will need the Airport Economic Regulatory Authority’s approval. A similar fee was levied by DIAL in Delhi in the past and is currently in place by MIAL in Mumbai.

Civil & Technical Specs
Stations: 7 at RK Hegde Nagar, Jakkur, Kogilu Cross, Chikkajala, Trumpet Interchange, Airport Cargo and Airport (most are likely to be renamed at a later time)
• Depot: 1 at Devanahalli on KIA land with 28 stabling lines, 4 inspection lines and 5 workshop lines
• Construction time: 30 months (civil) / 42 months (civil & subsystems)
• Trains: 6-coaches
• Signalling: Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC)
• Traction: 3rd Rail 750V DC
• Speed (max): 95 kmph
• Speed (avg): 60 kmph

Estimated Ridership
• Conservative: 60,000
• Most Likely: 80,000
• Optimistic: 1,00,000

Here’s the general alignment of the line – see more details when it was finalized back in May 2017. The rough location of all 7 stations hasn’t been revealed yet. Their locations will be finalized only after a detailed design of the line is prepared.

Alignment of Bangalore Metro’s link to Kempegowda International Airport

The Deccan Herald has published an excerpt from the DPR which suggests the stations will be designed keeping future interchange connectivity in mind –

The DPR had an additional interesting element for future extensions, branching out from the approved Airport line with seven stations. An extract of the DPR reads, “The alignment from Nagawara goes northward up to RK Hegde nagar, where a junction is proposed in the future branching towards Bengaluru. However, the airport line would turn left, run along Jakkur Airport road, turn right to Bellary road operating between the National Highway and service road.” The second proposed addition is at trumpet interchange, where a junction is planned in the future, with provision to go towards Devanahalli. However, the Airport line takes a right, goes on the median of Airport Road up to the terminal building, the DPR stated.

The government hopes to complete land acquisition in the “next 3 months”, start construction in the next year (2019) and open the line by 2021. That of course is not possible, and the start of construction work will depend on a number of factors including the availability of funds, land acquisition (KA govt has in the past acquired some land along the highway), approval by the Government of India (for disbursing their share and for BMRCL to acquire an external loan), bidding process’ successful completion and the progress of Line-4’s underground section within the city which is currently stuck in the bidding stage.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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19 Responses to "Karnataka Govt Approves Bangalore Metro Line-4’s Extn to Airport"

  1. sham says:

    An excerpt from the Deccan Herald report quoted above states as follows :

    “The alignment from Nagawara goes northward up to RK Hegde nagar, where a junction is proposed in the future branching towards Bengaluru”.

    Looks like there is an error. The line from Nagawara will already be coming from Bangalore city side.
    So, this could mean that a junction is proposed at RK Hegde nagar for a future line along Thannisandra road northwards (away from city, towards Sathanur);


    It probably quoted RK Hegde nagar by mistake instead of Jakkur. A junction at Jakkur for a future line towards Bangalore city side would also make sense as a line has been proposed in phase-3 (Carmelaram-Yelahanka).

  2. Syed Khaja says:

    Nice info.

  3. PRAKASH MAGAL says:

    That’s good news! However let the G.O.K. not wait for the other connecting line from Gotigere-Nagawara to be completed to make this extension operational. The latest news is the cost of G-N line has gone up due to high quotes in the tender. Irrespective of this work, should go ahead and finish the airport line without further delay. People will start using the line between Nagawara-Airport.

  4. Rakesh says:

    Where will be the debot at KIA land near Devanahalli?

    • TMRG says:

      Hasn’t been revealed yet. I’ll write a post whenever the line’s design is revealed with the location of the stations and depot.

  5. anjan says:

    Airport Economic Regulatory Authority’s approval has rejected the proposal of UDF even before construction of metro. There goes the schedule of metro. BMRCL is incapable of doing anything properly.

    • Sham says:

      BMRC has nothing to do with AERA’s ruling. It is KIAL that has to worry more about their contribution for the airport line.
      And I think AERA’s ruling is correct. Why should people start paying UDF before the metro line to airport is built?

      • anjan says:

        BMRC has a role in planning, they should have foreseen the response of AERA. What is the plan B? There is no contingency planning, which results in delayed metro.

        • Sham says:

          Get your basics right first before shooting off. BMRC does not plan nor is it their responsibility to plan how or where from KIAL will arrange their share of the contribution. It is upto KIAL who tried to pull a fast one by trying to raise funds by charging UDF from airport users even before the metro line is built.

          KIAL may go in for debt to meet their share – its up to them how they do it. And we do not know if there is going to be any delay because of this either. So don’t jump the gun. In any case, if theres delay, then KIAL would be responsible, not BMRC. The airport line is anyway not as urgent as other lines within city. No big problem even it gets delayed.

  6. Salman says:

    Where can I get the DPR?

  7. Kris says:

    Any details on the metro stations on airport line? Where exactly Jakkur metro station will be build?

  8. CHAI says:

    How is the BMRCL planning to construct a line on the RK Hegdenagar-Jakkur road as there is a Petroleum line in the middle of the road. Have they notified any land acquisitions in that road or are they changing the line to go parallel to railway track which will join airport road at vidyashilp academy?

  9. Maverick says:

    Hi..At what location turn from RK hedge nagar to Jakkur is happening?

  10. MD says:

    There seems to be few changes in the original plan. According to this report, the route will be pass through Hebbal rather than RK Hedge nagar.


  11. Ahmed says:

    yes its is really nice plan at RK Hegedenagar and Jakkur very much needed in those areas


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