BMRCL Receives 1st 3-Coach Intermediate Unit for 6-Coach Conversion

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. today received the first set of 3 intermediate coaches at the Purple Line’s Baiyappanahalli Depot from BEML’s manufacturing plant located barely 2 kilometers away. The new coaches are part of a Rs. 1421 crore, placed in early 2017, for 150 intermediate coaches through which the existing 50 trains of 3-coaches will all be converted into 6-coach formations to provide more capacity & convenience to commuters.

The first unit was planned to be delivered in July, but was delivered ahead of schedule with the help of BEML’s 3rd new manufacturing line which was inaugurated in August 2017. As per the city’s development minister, KJ George, BEML “will supply six to nine cars a month from June and will deliver the entire 150 cars by December 2019

• Current 3-coach train composition: DMC-TC-DMC
• Future 6-coach train composition: DMC-TC-MC + MC-TC-DMC
For reference, DMC = Driving Motor Car ; MC = Motor Car ; TC = Trailer Car

Photo Copyright: Chiranjeevi Kulkarni

Photo Copyright: R Ram Mohan

Photo Copyright: R Ram Mohan

BEML & BMRCL’s MDs (center) at the hand over ceremony – Photo Copyright: KJ George

In the above image, the other 2 coaches of the 1st 3-coach unit are visible.

Leaving BEML’s plant – Photo Copyright: Chiranjeevi Kulkarni

Photo Copyright: R Ram Mohan

Photo Copyright: Durgendra Sharma

Some old images shot at BEML’s plant –

Feb 5 – 1st unit of 3 new coaches at BEML’s plant – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

Feb 6 – NM Dhoke, Director Rolling Stock Electrical and Operations, inspecting a new coach at BEML’s plant – Photo Copyright: BMRCL

The new coaches will now be coupled with an existing train-set, and will be tested first within the depot and then on the main-line – a process which can take about 2 months.

As per the BMRCL’s old tender notification – of the 150 new coaches, 63 will be supplied to the Purple Line (Challegata-Whitefield) for converting 21 3-coach trains into 6-coach trains, while 87 will be supplied to the Green line (BIEC-Anjanapura Township) for converting 29 3-coach trains into 6 coach trains. These numbers could change in the future as per ridership demand, after which the BMRCL can choose to move coaches on top of trailers via ground transport or simply utilize the 210m rake interchange line at Majestic Station which connects the Green & Purple lines.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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13 Responses to "BMRCL Receives 1st 3-Coach Intermediate Unit for 6-Coach Conversion"

  1. Swaroop B says:

    Hope they re-paint the line colour on the coaches if the re-distribute in the future ! 🙂


    Due to the clients diligence their coaches are being delivered even after placing orders much later than KOLKATA east west metro!

    • Arun says:

      The coaches of KMRCL is well and truly geting ready, due to variations in requirment the delay is experenced, by march 18, Salt lake will see its first Metro Train.

  3. Vijay Kumar B R says:

    Thanks to BMRCL.They have @last woken up from their Deep slumber(ಕುಮ್ಭಕರ್ಣ ನಿದ್ದೆ)._This cud/ should’ve been planned late inOct.2011A.D.when B’luru saw its FIRST Metro From MG Rd.-By Appana Village

    • sham says:

      In late Oct-2011, the operational section was very small & had ridership of some 25,000. All trains were running almost empty. Its only now that trains are reaching saturation with high ridership levels.

  4. Kanishka says:

    Has the rake interchange link @ Majestic got commissioned??

  5. neeraj says:

    Toomuch late very bed,

  6. Muthu says:

    As of now, already 27 trains are on the purple line against 23 on the green line (with the numbering also changed from the erstwhile NT1xx-ND1xx-NT2xx to ET1xx-ED1xx-ET2xx naming). 25, 26, 27 are still coloured green through.

  7. Ravinder says:

    You may be aware of BMRCL’s short loop service between Majestic and Byapanahalli.

    I requested BMRCL to run short loop services between Yeshwanthpur and Majestic for the benefit of the Indian Railways passengers who alight/board there. My thinking was around passenger comfort. BMRCL may say such services are a waste of their resources. How does one strike a balance between the two? Your thoughts please…

    Note: BMRCL did not respond to my suggestion ?

    • Sham says:

      Short loop trains are run to clear excessive accumulation of passengers that regularly scheduled trains cannot clear like it happens at Majestic during peak hours.

  8. PRAKASH MAGAL says:

    Now that purple line has 6 coach trains running and as expected they are running to full capacity. this is obvious as seen in the reports in today’s paper. The ridership has shot up due to more coaches available. It can be now expected that this ridership will spill over to green line also. Hope BMRC has planned for additional coaches for green line now itself before situation reaches crisis level. Another way metro can be run is to run a 6 coach trains not for all trips but say once in third trip or alternate ones. Many cities in US etc. do that and announcements will be made that the next train will be a 6 coach or a 3 coach etc.This will help in having high ridership instead of running 6 coaches for all trains. Of course this depends on the rush and different hour of the day.


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