CMRS to Inspect Delhi Metro’s Pink Line between February 26 – 28

The final round of safety inspections on the 20.6 km Majlis Park – Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus section of Delhi Metro’s new 58.59 km Pink Line are scheduled to be held over 3 days between February 26 – 28 by Shailesh Kumar Pathak – the appointed Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) from the Indian Railways’ Northern Circle.

These dates were conveyed in a letter sent today afternoon by the Commission of Railway Safety, under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, to the Managing Director of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation –

The inspection’s agenda will be added here when known.

This will be the 7th time an inspection is held for commissioning any section of the 162.5 km Phase 3 project. In the upcoming inspection, the CMRS and his team will visually inspect the line’s Mukundpur Depot, tunnels (Majlis Park – Shakurpur, Mayapuri – Cantt.), elevated viaduct, tracks and all facets of the stations such as its PA system, signage, safety features, drinking water facilities, station access and control room. Images from the most recent inspection held for the Magenta Line in November 2017 can be viewed here.

This 20.6 km section of the line includes 12 stations (8 elevated and 4 underground) at Majlis Park, Azadpur (interchange with Yellow Line), Shalimar Bagh, Netaji Subhash Place (interchange with Red Line), Shakurpur, Punjabi Bagh West, ESI Hospital, Rajouri Garden (interchange with Blue Line), Mayapuri, Naraina Vihar, Delhi Cantonment and South Campus –

20 km Majlis Park – South Campus section – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & info

Trial runs (testing) on a 10.47 km portion of the line’e eastern section (IP Extension – Maujpur) just commenced earlier this month.

Once inspected and approved by the CMRS, the Pink Line’s inauguration will depend on the availability of local & national ministers, as well as on the completion of any finishing works at the stations. After its inauguration, about 60 km of Phase 3’s 162.5 km routes will be operational and the entire network will become about 250 km long.

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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15 Responses to "CMRS to Inspect Delhi Metro’s Pink Line between February 26 – 28"

  1. Himanshu says:

    Any news on the phase 4 approval. Phase 3 is going to be commissioned sooner or later, but to have real continuity phase 4 must be approved as soon as possible.

    Politically not sure why Delhi govt is not aligned to approve Phase 4. The ball is in the court of state govt, and hope they have their priorities sorted out if this is solely the question of funding. Development spending of projects like Bangalore International Airport could be a role model for the public funded programmes. Delhi govt should also stop waisting time and get the phase 4 going.

    • Harsh says:

      Great news for North and West Delhi residents.Hope all land issues faced by Pink Line get sorted out soon and the line becomes fully operational by the end of 2018.

  2. Rajat says:

    The Commission of Railway Safety is a part of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Why?

    Thanks TMRG for all the updates.

  3. kanishka Sinhal says:

    Correction – *IP extension to Maujpur*

  4. Harsh says:

    Any update about Magenta Line?

  5. Mukund says:

    Why Delhi cantonment station name is not being kept as Brar Square, I think than all the other metro stations falling in Delhi Cantt should be called as Delhi cantt 1 , Delhi Cantt 2 etc etc. DMRC should keep name area wise not according to their whims and fancy

    • Harsh says:

      The name has been kept so due to its proximity with the military area(see the map) and more Delhities know the name of Delhi Cantt and not Brar Square. In fact Brar Square is a station on the Delhi Ring Suburban Railway(or whatever).Most people don’t even know that there is such a suburban service in Delhi due to rise of Metro.So that seems to be the reason.

  6. Adi says:

    What about the bridge connecting south campus and dhaula kuan..its far from complete. And aren’t they going to paint the station. They still bear a cented grey look.

  7. Shikhar says:

    What about the FOBs at NSP and Rajouri garden? Shouldn’t they request CMRS inspection after completing the construction of FOBs?

    • Shrey Narang says:

      fob on rajouri and nsp are ready i have seen them they were at a finising stage(Cleaning of Floor) fob on south campus is not even constructed fully forget FLOORING

  8. Rambir says:

    Hey can anyone has news about FOB planned for green line at Punjabi bagh


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