Robbins TBMs Commissioned for Mumbai Metro towards Hutatma Chowk

L&T-STEC JV today commissioned TBM Surya-1, a Robbins Crossover XRE tunnel boring machine (TBM), from the Churchgate Station towards Hutatma Chowk Station for building the 649m up-line tunnel of Mumbai Metro’s 33.5 km Aqua Line (Line-3).

This development comes just a few days after they commissioned TBM Surya-2, another Robbins Crossover machine, on the same section to build the 650m down-line tunnel. This is the third and penultimate drive for both machines which are expected to arrive at Hutatma Chowk in May 2020.

Line-3 map – view Mumbai Metro info & map
Surya-2, commissioned on January 15, 2020 – Photo Copyright: MMRC
Surya-2 – Photo Copyright: MMRC
Surya-1 (left) and rings built by Surya-2 (right) – Photo Copyright: MMRC
Surya-1, commissioned on Jan 20 – Photo Copyright: MMRC
Surya-1 – Photo Copyright: MMRC

Here’s a status of package UGC-01 between Cuffe Parade and CST stations where 3 breakthroughs are pending. This table is best viewed on a desktop device –

1up-lineCuffe ParadeVidhan Bhavan1128mCompleted
1up-line Vidhan Bhavan Churchgate498mCompleted
1up-line Churchgate Hutatma Chowk649mIn Progress
1up-line Hutatma Chowk CST551mPending
2down-line Cuffe Parade Vidhan Bhavan 1254mCompleted
2down-line Vidhan Bhavan Churchgate 481mCompleted
2down-line Churchgate CST1233mIn Progress

At some point, I’d like to start compiling a monthly tunneling update like I did for Delhi & Bangalore with pending drives to give an idea of how other packages are performing.

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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