MMRDA Invites Bids for Mumbai Metro Line-7’s Balance Works

Shortly after terminating its Rs. 348 crore civil construction contract with Simplex Infrastructures, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) on January 29 invited bids from construction firms for completing the remaining (balance) work on Package CA-01 of Mumbai Metro’s 16.5 km Line-7 (Red Line) between Andheri East and Dahisar East.

Bids have been invited under 2 packages – one package for the line’s 5.275 km viaduct, which includes a crucial section under the 11 km Line-1’s viaduct coincidentally built by Simplex Infra a decade ago, and the other package for 4 stations.

Package CA-91: Part Design and Construction of balance works of package-1, line-7 elevated viaduct (excluding stations & station viaduct, Architectural finishing & Pre-engineered steel roof structure of station) from chainage Ch. (-) 525.903 m [Pier P1E] to Ch. (+) 5801.297m [Pier P278] Andheri (East) – Dahisar (East) corridor of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA.

Package CA-92: Part Design and Construction of balance works of 4 elevated stations of package-1, line-7 viz; Andheri Metro (East), Shankarwadi, JVLR Junction, Mahanand including viaduct of stations (excluding Architectural finishing & Pre-engineered steel roof structure of station) Andheri (East) – Dahisar (East) corridor of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA

• Pre-bid Meeting: Feb 5 at 11 am
• Last date for submission of bids: Feb 18 at 2 pm

Route of Line-7’s package CA-01 (CA-91/92) – view Mumbai Metro map & info

Simplex was awarded a contract to build package CA-01 between Andheri (E) & Mahanand stations in April 2016 and commenced soil testing works in July 2016. Per an official who spoke with TOI, construction work has been stuck at the 75% mark for several months with no signs of picking up.

MMRDA hasn’t updated their progress page since November 25, 2019, but here’s how things looked back then for the entire line –

Sr. No.Name of WorkStatus
1Soil Investigation Works99% of the soil investigation work for Pier foundation is completed.
2Utility Works99% completed.
3Piling Works99% completed.
4Pile Cap Works92% completed.
5Pier Works85% completed.
6Pier Cap Works81% cast and 76% erected.
7U Girder Works85% cast and 73% erected.
8Station Work65% completed.

Here’s a really nice video uploaded onto YouTube on January 18. Skip to 1:30 to see the start of Line-7’s viaduct at the intersection of WEH & JVLR. From there on, JVLR Junction Station (1:50) and Mahanand Station (2:50) can be seen lying abandoned by Simplex Infrastructures.

In addition to this, the MMRDA has also terminated their contracts on the 23.5 km Line-2B with Simplex Infra for package CA-04R (DN Nagar – BKC) and with RCC-MBZ for package CA-06 (MTNL – Chembur) & package CA-14 (Mandale Depot) for poor progress. Notices inviting tenders/bids to pick-up and finish that line’s work are expected to be posted any time now.

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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