Mumbai Metro’s Official Line Colours Unveiled

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) on Friday released a ‘Brand Vision and Style Guidelines’ document to set design guidelines and assign official line colors to the city’s metro lines and their extensions which are in different stages of execution.

This super-exciting development to establish a unique brand identity for Mumbai’s 337 km future metro network was prepared with assistance from Systra MVA Consulting who was assigned as the consultant in October 2019.

During the media event, the 42.2 km Line-2 (A+B) was officially unveiled as the Yellow Line and the 31 km Line-7 (7+7A+9) as the Red Line.

That was the key highlight of the event, but what really caught my attention was the MMRDA’s subsequent press release, shared with me by noted author & journalist Rajendra B. Aklekar, which consisted of the following network map highlighting all of Mumbai’s metro lines and their extensions. Oddly enough the under construction 11.38 km Line-9 (Dahisar – Mira Bhayandar) is missing.

Mumbai Metro’s master plan with line colors – Source: MMRDA’s Press Release

Until now, the only line with an official color was the 33.5 km Line-3 (Cuffe Parade – Aarey Colony) – that’s the Aqua Line. The 11.4 km Line-1 (Versova – Ghatkopar) never had an official line color announced, and it’s been relegated to blue color – the color utilized by Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd. , within their stations and trains, in which the MMRDA has a 26% minor stake.

The map is super grainy (that was the highest resolution available), but here’s the best I can make of it. Drop a comment below if you believe I need glasses 🙂

Blue Line is Line-1: Versova – Ghatkopar (11.4 km)

Yellow Line is Line-2A + Line-2B
Line-2A: Dahisar (East) – D.N. Nagar (18.6 km)
Line-2B: D.N. Nagar – Mandale (23.6 km)

Aqua Line is Line-3: Cuffe Parade – BKC – Aarey Colony (33.5 km)

Green Line is Line-4 + Line-4A + Line-10 + Line-11
Line-4: Bhakti Park (Wadala) – Kasarvadavali (32.32 km)
Line-4A: Kasarvadavali – Gaimukh (2.88 km)
Line-10: Gaimukh – Shivaji Chowk (9.2 km)
Line-11: Wadala – Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (12.7 km)

Orange Line is Line-5 + Line-12
Line-5: Thane – Bhiwandi – Kalyan (23.50 km)
Line-12: Kalyan – Taloja (20.7 km)

Pink Line is Line-6: Lokhandwala – Jogeshwari – Kanjurmarg (14.47 km)

Red Line is Line-7 + Line-7A + Line-9
Line-7: Dahisar (E) – Andheri (E) (16.5 km)
Line-7A: Andheri (E) – CSI Airport (3.17 km)
Line-9: Dahisar (E) – Mira Bhayander (11.38 km)

Gold Line is Line-8: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) – Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) (35 km)

Purple Line is Line-13: Shivaji Chowk (Mira Road) – Virar (23 km)

Magenta Line is Line-14: Vikhroli – Kanjurmarg – Badlapur (45 km)

With this, I’ve now cleaned up and updated the Mumbai Metro Information Page and all the maps within it.

MMRDA’s Commissioner showcasing Mumbai’s network map to journalists – Photo Copyright: MMRDA

Besides the colors, the MMRDA also unveiled its vision, mission and values for Mumbai’s metro network:

Vision: “To connect places within MMR and provide people with most delightful commuting experience.”

Mission: “To provide a seamless, safe, comfortable, faster and most modern mode of commute.”

Values: “Excellence, Equality, Inclusiveness, Commuter Centricity”

Here’s a look at some of signage branding which utilizes line colours and a dark background to enhance the visibility of information for riders.

How signage at Dahisar East Station on Line-7 (Red Line) will look like – Photo Copyright: MMRDA
Photo Copyright: Raj Aklekar
Photo Copyright: Raj Aklekar

And finally here’s a snippet on the system’s integrated ticketing and M-Cube travel card the MMRDA plans to introduce –

MMRDA has taken an initiative towards creating a seamless travel experience using an integrated ticketing system. The initiation of this is being done through the design of a M-Cube Metro travel card which represents an accessible, comfortable a reliable mode of transport across MMR region. The card resonates the need of the people to travel in speed and aspirations of a big city to be green, fast and safe. The card design reflects the ethos and culture of the city.

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of the Metro Rail Guy!


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24 Responses to "Mumbai Metro’s Official Line Colours Unveiled"

  1. Dileep says:

    Happy to see this finalized. MMRDA’s numbering system was awfully illogical to follow.

    • Alishia nair says:

      I can’t wait for the day we get a metro line in virar that connects to Mumbai city andheri Bandra etc. Please build a metro line for us in virar

  2. Anonymous says:

    MMRDA’s first love is also there. That stupid monorail to nowhere is in peach. You might want to add that?

    • Vaasu says:

      Yeah, Its mind boggling to understand why it is not linked to existing local train networks despite being almost close enough. Any idea why??

  3. Pruthvin says:

    Red and gold should have been planned as one seamless line…

  4. Mike says:

    Im congested areas do underground or other means of transport ..
    in future works cheaper and environment friendly .. Only 10% lines UG looks wrong development

  5. Vaasu says:

    Can you shed more light on the “Maha Mumbai Metro” logo? Just noticed!!

    • TMRG says:

      I think it’s just for the system, not for any particular organization. MMRDA likes coming up with new logos every other year. Let’s see if this sticks.

  6. Rajesh Kumar Nigam says:

    What are the fares structure

  7. ST says:

    Red line is line 7 + line 9.
    But the red colour seems to end at Dahisar.

    Weird 😐

  8. Roshan says:

    Where are the aarey colony protestors 😂

  9. Pradeep says:

    मेट्रो लाइन ठाणे भिवंडी ते नाशिक पर्यंत सुरू केली तर खूपच फायदा होईल

  10. Pradeep says:

    मेट्रो लाइन ठाणे भिवंडी ते नाशिक पर्यंत सुरू केली तर खूपच फायदा होईल शिवाय आता जी रहदारीची कोंडी आहे ती कमी होईल

  11. Nasib Singh sainj says:

    Metro 1 should be starts from ghatkopar to mankhurd via shivaji nagar will be very easy to travel.

  12. Nasib Singh saini says:

    Metro 1 ko mankhurd shivaji nagar se ghatkopar tak Vistar kare

  13. Chetan Vyas says:

    Is Metro 5 route finalized ???

  14. Mrigen Adhikari says:

    Hi! Is there any link from where we can download the network map?

  15. Shirdhankar says:

    Can the orange line and red line be differentiated by adding dots of other colour for easier eyesight. Same with purple and magenta

  16. Pankaj Mule says:

    Still there is lot of confusion in Navi Mumbai metro line map. Is there any firm information related to Navi Mumbai metro MAP?

  17. Manan Shah says:

    I still have complaints with MMRDA that there is no direct metro line between western suburbs and churchgate, like how green line goes directly from thane to cst. I live in Kandivali and travel to churchgate. What am i supposed to do? I don’t wanna change lines at BKC.


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