Attibele Extn Dropped from Bangalore Metro Phase 3 Plans

As per Decccan Herald, Karnataka’s Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on March 17 informed the state’s Legislative Assembly that the Bommasandra – Attibele (approx. 10 km) extension of Bangalore Metro’s Line-3 was not feasible due to low ridership projections.

As per the criteria fixed by the Centre for metro projects, this extension line does not have feasibility.

B S Yediyurappa, CM Karnataka

Back in February 2018, the MD of the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. had identified the following corridors / lines as part of a 105 km future Phase 3 project to primarily connect the city’s suburbs –

1. JP Nagar to KR Puram via Hebbal (Line-5/ORR Line extension)
2. Magadi Road Toll Gate to Kadabagere (new line)
3. Gottigere to Basapura (Line-4 extension)
4. R K Hegde Nagar to Aerospace Park (new line)
5. Kogilu Cross to Rajanukunte (new line)
6. Bommasandra to Attibele (Line-3 extension)
7. Iblur to Carmelaram (new line)

Key: Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 2A | Phase 2B | Phase 3

Phase 3’s lines announced in 2018 with Phase 2B modifications

Since 2018, the following changes to Bangalore’s Phase 3 have been made. In the coming years, in fact all the way until bidding begins, more changes can be expected.

1. KR Puram – Hebbal section has been included in Phase 2B as an extension of Line-5 to the airport. The rest from JP Nagar to Hebbal (termed as ORR-West) has been proposed to be built as light rail transit (LRT) system (termed ‘metro-lite’) line under the public–private partnership (PPP) model. BMRCL has assigned orange as this line’s color.

2. Magadi Road – Kadabagere line (approx 14 km) is also planned to be developed as a light rail transit (LRT) system (or metro-lite) line under the public–private partnership (PPP) model.

4. R K Hegde Nagar to Aerospace Park line’s southern terminal will have to be re-determined as it was planned to originate from the Line-5’s local RK Hegde Station as part of the Airport-link. If anything, it’ll likely now be a northern extension of Line-4 from Nagawara.

6. Bommasandra to Attibele – dropped for being unfeasible at this time.

Are there any other changes I haven’t captured?

Over the past year, a 34 km underground inner ring line has been proposed by an associate professor at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), but I haven’t seen any indication that it’ll be included in Phase 3 plans. That line proposes to connect Yeshwantpur, Mekhri Circle, Indiranagar, Domlur, Koramangala, BMS College, Toll Gate and Mahalaxmi Layout.

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27 Responses to "Attibele Extn Dropped from Bangalore Metro Phase 3 Plans"

  1. Sampat says:

    What about nelamangala extension?

    • TMRG says:

      I don’t believe there was any serious proposal, at any time, for that extension.

      • T Nath says:

        It will be a game changer to connect Whitefield to Attibele via Sarjapur & Varthur Phase III.
        As a reach 1 from hope farm to Dommasandra and then from there to Attibele.

        Any how that side Hosur express way & Nice roads were there to connect Attibele to EC, Bangalore but other side in East Bangalore there is nothing.

  2. Sunil says:

    What about red line extension till Bannerghatta

    • TMRG says:

      Same as above. Haven’t seen any serious talks, proposal or feasibility report being prepared for that.

      • Naveen Arur says:

        Not sure but the image looks like anjanapura to electronic city extension adjoining the NICE road, not just till basavanapura?

        • TMRG says:

          Image is indicative only. But yes, that Line-4 extension (from Gottigere, not Anjanapura) is proposed to connect to Line-3 at Basapura near Electronic City.

  3. Kannan Swaminathan says:

    Dairy Circle to Gottigere construction has been stopped for more than a year.
    We are thinking about Gottigere – Basavanapura extension.
    Let BMRC wake up from its slumber.

  4. Ramesh Babu V says:

    From Whitefield extension upto Hosakote outer need of the hour.
    Very very Urgent and Useful

  5. Anirban Biswas says:

    I feel the line 7 should be extended till Sarjarpur town.

  6. PRAKASH MAGAL says:

    If Bommasandra-Attibele line is cancelled due to low ridership BMRC can consider extending Green line from Anjanapura to Udayapura -Art of Living Centre. There is a heavy ridership everyday and on special occassions it is terribly crowded. The Return on Investment(ROI) will not only payback fast but help in more income on the Green line. Our CM should consider this seriously and take a fast decision.

    • Baskar says:

      I am surprised as t why Anjanapura – Art of Living extension is not even in the
      thought process of planners when so many residential condos are in the area?

  7. Suhas says:

    Varthur-Hosakerehalli and Carmalaram-Hudson-Hebbal lines are the most important metro lines for phase 3

  8. Chris says:

    The rate at which BMRC is progressing with phase 2 and its past record, I believe the phase 3 will be completed by 2120.

  9. sham says:

    BMRC’s mobility plan contained an additional metro-lite line along the following route:

    Kattamnalur (on OMR) – Hope farm (along WF-Hoskote rd) – Varthur – Dommasandra – Iblur – Agara – Madiwala (along Sarjapur rd) – Lalbagh West gate – Shantinagar bus depot – Hudson circle – Cauvery bhavan – Chalukya (along Palace rd) – Mekri circle (along Sankey rd) – Hebbal.

    However, the section between Agara & Hebbal needs a full fledged metro as it will have heavy loads & will be one of the trunk routes.

  10. krishnan says:

    Hi TMRG

    I have a feeling that all new projects in India will be starting very slow , delayed like the Bangalore ORR metro project after this health crisis. We will not have money for new projects. At the most, India will try to finish half finished projects only.
    If the health situation improves after two months , the actual construction may start after 4-5 months only like bangalore metro phase 2.
    Only hope is that if private companies pay for the ORR metro then it might start. It is difficult to imagine what will happen after two months.
    Both Central and state govemrnet will be busy in health crisis and all the funds will be used for that only.People are saying that we have a recession / depression for next two quarter

    • TMRG says:

      I’m not an economist and don’t want to sound alarmist, but agreed – things are not looking bright for the metro / construction industry. Entire supply chains & HR availability have been disrupted. Work will take time to pick back up whenever it restarts. Hoping for the best!

      Stay safe!

  11. Arjun says:

    Hi TMRG!

    Hope you are doing well so far during this pandemic.

    Any idea about the nature of the MG road interchange?

    I see that the upcoming underground station is on a street perpendicular to MG road.

    Any idea as to whether these two stations will be integrated or how the alignment will shape up? The stations look like there is some distance between them

    Appreciate your updates and work on the site!

  12. Arjun says:

    Hi TMRG!

    Two questions:

    What happened to the following:

    Marathahalli – Hosakerehalli (21 km) ?

    Carmelaram – Yelahanka (32 km) ?

    The map on this link looks so much better, compared to what I see here.

    What are your thoughts?

    Makes no sense to not have these lines.

    • TMRG says:

      Yeah, Bangalore needs all of these lines and more. Far too many feasibility reports have been prepared for Phase 3.

      Hoping they do all the leg-work and finalize the routes well in advance so that there’s an overlap, even if small, with Phase 2’s development.

  13. T Nath says:

    While Attibele extn has been dropped anticipating low ridership, can we convert this 10 kms metro line to connect Whitefield to GUNJUR via Varthur, very much within the City limit? Wondering as why it has been ignored so far and not even got place in phase 3? It is a busy IT corridor with many residential complexes hence ridership would be more than the needed number set by the central govt..

    It would be a game changer for the citizens as well as the govts..

  14. B S Ramoji says:

    Phese 3 bommasandra to attibele extension good helping in Hosur and Anekal sarounding pepals

  15. Vivek says:

    Hi TMRG,

    The last station in bannergatta road is only till Meenakshi mall (even though the name is Gottigere station). Do you know if there any plans to extend this line already till nice road junction ?

  16. R D Pandiyan says:

    Bommasandra to Attibele line was originally sanctioned by congress govt. Present telling there is no ridership projection. BMTC buses from Attibele are full every day. Present govt has to reconsider the sanction of that line.


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