NHSRCL Invites Data Collection & Survey Bids for Delhi – Varanasi HSR

India’s National High Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) today invited bids for data collection and associated survey work to develop the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the 865 km Delhi – Varanasi High Speed Rail (DVHSR Bullet Train) corridor.

A detailed scope is at the bottom of this post, but the scope briefly includes the identification of crossings (roads, rivers, railways etc), heritage structures, preparation of Auto CAD drawings, and the collection of hydrological and geotechnical data along the proposed route.

I won’t be holding my breath to track the lowest bidder or winner for this package, but here’s the bidding schedule for those interested –

Package: NHSRCL/CO/CONTRACT/DATA COLLECTION/2020/10 (Link to Tender Notice)

Name of Work: Data Collection and Associated Survey Work for DPR of Delhi-Varanasi HSR Corridor

  • Contract Period: 4 months
  • Tender submission Start & End: 01.07.2020 (10:00 Hrs) to 02.07.2020 (upto 15:00 Hrs.)
  • Pre-bid Meeting: None

Tentative stations on this line provided by NHSRCL in the past include – Delhi, Noida, Jewar, Mathura, Agra, New Etawah, South Kannauj, Lucknow, Raibareli, Prayagraj (Allahabad), New Bhadoi, and Varanasi.

Indicative route of the Delhi – Agra – Lucknow – Varanasi HSR line mapped out by The Transport Politic in 2010

Scope of Works

The Contractor is required to prepare a report containing details of data collected from various departments / site. This will involve the following steps:

i) Identification of Crossings (existing & proposed) on the proposed HSR alignment / ROW including but not limited to Roads, Railways, Rivers, Canals etc.

ii) Identification of Heritage structures infringing on the proposed HSR alignment / ROW such as Historical monuments, tombs, ASI sites and Religious structures such as Temple, Gurudwaras, Mosque, Church etc. and any other important structures.

iii) Preparation of Auto CAD drawings of the ROW with details as per S.no. 1-2 above plotted on the drawings. The Auto CAD drawings shall have different layers for different entities like Roads, Railways, Spot/Ground levels, Drain, Building, Boundary Wall, Over Ground Utility as instructed by Employer. X, Y, co-ordinates of all spot/ground points shall be provided in CSV file with point numbers and feature coding. Z co-ordinates are to be taken with due care and indicated accordingly.

iv) Collection of Hydrological Data for all rivers, streams etc. crossing the proposed HSR alignment/ROW. The data shall include but not limited to H.F.L., Rainfall data, discharge etc. The data shall also be collected in respect of nearby existing bridges including bridge length, span arrangement etc. In case of any dams nearby, the relevant data of the dam shall also be collected.

v) Collection of Geotechnical Data from the concerned authorities for the work executed for existing/proposed/under-construction bridges, viaduct etc. in vicinity of the proposed HSR alignment. The data shall include but not limited to Borelogs, lab test results, in-situ test reports, interpretative reports etc.

vi) Collection of Topo-sheets, Geological Maps, GADs of existing / proposed / under-construction bridges from the concerned departments.

vii) Collection of future plans for roads (2-lane and above), Indian Railways, DFCCIL, Inland Waterways etc.

viii) Collection of Data required for preparation of Cost Estimate of the HSR project including source of construction material etc.

ix) Any other details which the Contractor may feel important and or as instructed by Employer

Deliverables and Brief Description of the Work

i) Inception Report (IR): Approach & methodology including formulation of work plan, time schedule, and other details required for effective project

ii) Draft Report Submission of Draft Report as per Scope of Work mentioned
in para 3) above.

iii) Final Report Submission of Final Report after incorporating comments (if any) offered by the Employer on the Draft report.

Time Schedule and Deliverables

DeliverableHard CopySoft CopySchedule
Inception Report (IR)323 weeks
Submission of Draft Report323 months
Submission of Final Report324 months

Back in February, NHSRCL invited bids to prepare the Delhi – Varanasi High Speed Rail Line’s final alignment design. Then in March, bids were invited for the line’s Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Utility Identification, and Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report.

If the volume of tender notices is anything to go by, then the Delhi – Varanasi line will very well be the next high speed rail line to be developed among a list of 6 high speed rail lines identified by the Government of India for development in 2019.

For more updates, check out the High Speed Rail section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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12 Responses to "NHSRCL Invites Data Collection & Survey Bids for Delhi – Varanasi HSR"

  1. Clevin Gomes says:

    Any updates on the Mumbai- Ahmedabad HSR Project, when the physical construction on the entire line starts.

  2. Abhishek Benwal says:

    Why Delhi-Varanasi.. It already has a Vande Bharat express.. After Mumbai – Ahemdabad, the next project should be to extend the same from Ahemdabad to Mumbai. Delhi – Varanasi line will not attract passengers as fares will be high and there are not going to be many business travellers. Plus after what happened to Vande Bharat express (Stone pelting), this route should not get any more semi high speed or high speed rail, even if it runs on separate elevated/underground tracks.

    But seems like politics is behind this as Varanasi is PM constituency. The same politics denied Bhopal its Vande bharat express which was more suited there.

  3. Srinidhi S says:

    North and west is extensively covered..south totally forgotten as usual..after all why care for ‘also there’ citizens..they will slog it out themselves and overcome all challenges..

    • Akhilesh Shukla says:

      Mumbai -pune – Hyderabad and Chennai Bangalore Mysore – lidar survey tender already floated
      Semi bullet from kochi to Thiruvananthapuram
      Secunderabad – nagpur dpr submitted

  4. Umang says:

    I think vande bharat express is good enough for this line. They should have explored some other corridor somewhere through central India or delhi – ahemdabad to connect with mumbai. Though it looks like delhi – varansi will be ready before mumbai – ahemdabad which won’t surprise me. And what about the hyperloop why India is letting go of the opportunity to have the first mover advantage. It’s time to look forward rather than stressing on bullet trains on which we might have missed out on it’s window to adapt and it maybe a thing of the past.
    It’s also better to upgrade current railway tracks for semi high speed trains rather than focusing on 2 3 bullet train corridors. Focus should be on whole indian railway network.

  5. Aravind says:

    Looks like they will make use of the expressway alignments. Taj, Agra-Lucknow and Purvanchal. Land acquistion can be made easier that way

  6. akhilesh shukla says:

    they already floated Lidar Survey for 6 Line in India,

    At least try to search before commenting and advise something

  7. Anukul singh says:

    any updates of delhi-vanarasi bullet train project


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