RVNL Invites Bids for Kolkata Metro Line-3’s Mominpur Extension

Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. today invited bids for the civil construction of Kolkata Metro Line-3’s Majerhat & Mominpur stations, a 1.326 km viaduct between them which includes a 50m steel girder span between piers P288-P289, and a small 225 meter viaduct ramp at Joka Depot.

Construction on Kolkata’s 16.5 km Line-3’s elevated part has been underway since 2011 by Simplex Infrastructures for 2 packages (4.748 km Joka – Behala and 4.762 km Behala – Mominpur), but work couldn’t earlier begin on Majerhat and Mominpur stations due to severe land acquisitions issues and pending approvals from the Indian Railways.

The construction of Majerhat Station, along with 2 others at Taratala and Behala Bazar was originally awarded to Gammon India in April 2012 under packages JMS-2. However, after the collapse of an adjacent 1960’s era Railway Overbridge (ROB) in September 2018, Gammon abandoned the Majerhat site due to design issues which has now led to re-tendering for its balance works.

Contract / IFB No: RVNL/Kol/Majerhat-Mominpur/Metro Work

Scope: Construction of Metro Railway Viaduct from P276 to P314 including Mominpur Station and Majerhat Station (Excluding PD Building and OCC Building side ) and Ramp at Joka depot end in connection with Joka-Esplanade Metro Railway Project in Kolkata, West Bengal

  • Estimate: Rs. 190.64 crore
  • Opening Date for Sale: 6/13/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • Closing Date & Time for Sale: 7/27/2020 10:55:00 AM
  • Opening Date for Download: 6/13/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • Closing Date & Time for Download: 7/27/2020 10:55:00 AM
Location of Kolkata’s Majerhat & Mominpur Stations – view Kolkata Metro info & route map

Station specs from the tender document –

Majerhat Station

  • Length: 180m
  • Number of Spans: 12
  • Concourse Area: 3100 sqm
  • Track Slab: 1880 sqm
  • Platform Area: 3050 sqm
  • Escalator: 5
  • Lifts: 2
  • Staircases: 5

Mominpur Station

  • Length: 180m
  • Number of Spans: 10
  • Concourse Area: 980 sqm
  • Track Slab: 1880 sqm
  • Platform Area: 3100 sqm
  • Escalator: 5
  • Lifts: 2
  • Staircases: 4

Things are looking up for this line. Back in April, RVNL invited bids for the construction of Joka Depot. In December 2019, bids were invited for appointing a Project Management Consultant (PMC) for its mostly underground 6 km northern extension from Majerhat to BBD Bagh to form a 3-line interchange at Esplanade Station. That tender has a closing date of June 29, 2020.

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9 Responses to "RVNL Invites Bids for Kolkata Metro Line-3’s Mominpur Extension"

  1. Rupraj Sengupta says:

    Gammon was working on majherhat station they unable to complete it so maybe fresh tendering!

  2. Sandip Paul says:

    Any news on NewBarrackpore-Barasat Metro works tender opening?


    Please edit a section….a ROB collapsed in September 2018,it was built in 1960s era.
    Not under construction ROB

  4. Chandan Puitandy says:

    According to performance only Afcons can did this on time. If they got.

  5. Sarvoday Dutta says:

    Who got awarded the contract to build the Majerhat-Esplanade????
    You haven’t published anything about it since this post…
    Please enlighten me with the any kind of news you have regarding this.

    • TMRG says:

      Last date to submit PMC bids has been moved to 14/07/2020.

      Tender opening to bid evaluation to contract award will take 6-12 months


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