Bombardier Wins Kanpur & Agra Metro’s 201 Coach Rolling Stock & Signalling Contract

July 3 Update: Bombardier has been awarded the contract valued at approximately INR 2051 crore (245 million euro, $275 million US). Contract has a provision for UPMRCL to order an additional 51 coaches. Bombardier will be supplying its MOVIA rail-car product and CITYFLO 650 rail control solution.

Original Post: Bombardier Transportation today emerged as the lowest bidder for supplying 201 standard gauge coaches (rolling stock) including the train-control and signalling system for the 32.385 km Kanpur Metro and 29.40 km Agra Metro‘s Phase 1 projects.

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (UPMRCL) invited tenders for the projects’ rolling stock & signalling systems’ procurement in December 2019, and technical bids were opened on February 18, 2020 to reveal a list of 4 bidders which included BEML, Alstom, CRRC and Bombardier.

UPMRCL’s estimate is unknown. Bid values will be added to the table below when available.

Bombardier Transportation India Pvt. Ltd. – Bombardier Transportation GmBHL1
BEML Limited – Hitachi STSL2
Alstom Transport India Ltd. – Alstom Transport S.A. L3

CRRC’s technical bid was rejected, so their financial bid was not opened.

UPMRCL Tender Notice: KNPAGRS-01

Scope: Design, Manufacture, Supply, Testing, Commissioning and Training of 201 nos. Standard gauge cars, including Train Control & Signalling System for Agra & Kanpur Metro Project.

View Kanpur Metro info & full route map and Agra Metro info & full route map
Lucknow Metro’s Alstom rolling stock – Photo Copyright: UPMRCL

Here’s the technical bid evaluation summary published last Friday –

This crucial systems contract is being financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) through a €650 million (approx. Rs. 5406.50 crore) loan that it officially began appraising in March 2020.

67 trains on both Kanpur & Agra’s metro systems will run in 3-coach formations of DMC+TC+DMC where DMC = Driving Motor Car and TC = Trailer Car. An exact split of the rolling stock by city has not been revealed, and that’s something I expect it to be finalized at a later time.

The financial bids will now be evaluated by UPMRCL’s procurement, rolling stock and finance teams. If no issues arise, then with the EIB’s approval – Bombardier will be handed a letter of award (LoA) in the coming weeks.

If and when awarded, this will be Bombardier’s second major win in 2 months. Back in May, they won the 82.15 km Delhi – Meerut RRTS line’s rolling stock contract for 210 coaches (30×6 + 10×3) which they intend to design at their Global Engineering and Technology Centre in Hyderabad and manufacture at their Savli, Gujarat facility.

For more updates, check out the Kanpur & Agra sections of The Metro Rail Guy!


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  1. Rupraj Sengupta says:

    Best news for us all

  2. Yogesh Deshmukh says:


  3. TheImperfectionist (Divya Sitani) says:

    Hope the process goes out peacefully and painlessly for the people of Kanpur..It will be a really great asset to Kanpur 🙂

  4. Sahil Jain says:

    After Delhi metro, they didn’t win anything and now suddenly 2 back to back contracts. Congrats

  5. Martin Hanzlik says:

    Congrats, best news

  6. Veera Kumar says:

    India’s top Metro Car manufacturer BEML should have been considered for a larger benefit to the nation.

  7. Aishwarya says:

    I think currently India is the number one market for all the train manufacturers.

  8. Shubham says:

    Why an undisclosed amount, any particular reason? And why was CRRC’s technical bid rejected? (Maybe due to Make in India clause)

    • TMRG says:

      No idea why – been trying to fish out details on both.

      We’ll definitely know the value in the coming weeks. I don’t expect details to be revealed or leaked on CRRC’s bid.

    • Sachin says:

      CRRC wont win any contract now on in India. Anyway they build the coaches completely in China and then ships to India.
      Bombardier, BEML and Alstom have plants in India.


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