L&T Wins Mumbai – Ahmedabad HSR’s Package C4

That was quick! Larsen & Toubro today emerged as the lowest bidder for constructing the 237.1 km Package C4 of the 508.17 km Mumbai – Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (MAHSR Bullet Train) project, after officials from the National High Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) opened financial bids submitted by 3 infrastructure companies / consortia.

Package C4 represents 46.66% of the main-line making it the longest amongst all, and runs elevated from Zaroli Village on the Maharashtra – Gujarat border to Vadodara Station through 4 stations at Vapi, Bilimora, Surat and Bharuch in Gujarat.

NHSRCL invited tenders (bids) for its construction, financed by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), on March 15, 2019 and estimates it to cost approximately Rs 20,000 crore. Technical bids were opened less than a month back on September 23 to reveal 3 bidders making the period of technical bid evaluation unbelievably short, beating even the time taken by many metro organizations as well.

Financial Bid Values:

Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T)Rs 24,985.164 crore
Tata Projects Ltd. – J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. – NCC Ltd. JVRs 28,228.392 crore
Afcons Infrastructure Ltd. – Ircon International Ltd. – JMC Projects India Ltd. JVRs 36,874.706 crore

IFB Number: Package No. MAHSR-C-4

Scope: Design and Construction of Civil and Building Works including Testing and Commissioning on Design Build Lump Sum Price basis for Double Line High Speed Railway involving Viaducts, Bridges, Maintenance Depots, Tunnel, Stations (Vapi, Bilimora, Surat and Bharuch), and Surat Depot between Zaroli Village at Maharashtra-Gujarat Border and Vadodara from MAHSR Km. 156.600 to MAHSR Km. 393.700, excluding Works for 04 No. PSC Bridges and 07 No. Steel Truss Bridges, in the State of Gujarat.

Indicative alignment of Package C4 from the Gujarat-Maharashtra border to Vadodara – view Mumbai Ahmedabad HSR info & route map

L&T’s bid was approximately Rs 4,985.164 (24.925%) higher than NHSRCL’s estimate, so it remains to be seen if NHSRCL will (1) award as-is, (2) reduce the scope of work and negotiate to bring the final contract value down, or (3) totally scrap the bidding process and invite tenders again.

If awarded by November-end, a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony can be expected to take place by year-end. Here’s a status of each civil package of the bullet train project – this table is best viewed on a desktop device.

Package & ScopeStatus
C1: 1.028 km Underground Station at BKC, MumbaiBids Invited in November 2019; Current Submission Deadline: December 21, 2020
C2: 20.377 km underground tunnel between BKC Station to Shilphata, Thane (3 Mega TBMs to be used)Bid Submission Deadline Passed – No Bids Received
C3: 135.450 km elevated line between Shilphata, Thane and Zaroli Village (MH/GJ Border)Tender Notice Pending
C4: 237.1 km elevated line between Zaroli Village (MH/GJ Border) and VadodaraFinancial Bids Opened Today
C5: 8.198 km elevated viaduct and station within VadodaraTender Notice Pending
C6: 87.569 km elevated viaduct between Vadodara and AhmedabadTechnical Bid Evaluation Underway (3 bids received on September 25)
C7: 18.133 km elevated viaduct and station within AhmedabadBids Invited October 8
C8: 2.126 km viaduct, building works at Sabarmati DepotTender Notice Pending

The fabrication and installation of PSC bridges and steel truss bridges over roads, highways, railway lines and canals within these civil packages’ routes are part of 6 separate packages – see all contracts here.

For more updates, check out the High Speed Rail section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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48 Responses to "L&T Wins Mumbai – Ahmedabad HSR’s Package C4"

  1. Clevin Gomes says:

    Wow,That was quick. I think NHSRCL will award the contract to L&T if they want to meet their deadline. If they scrap the contract and reinvite bids, then it will be a time consuming and increasing cost. I hope NHSRCL will soon award the contract ASAP.

  2. Surinder B says:

    NHSRC is under tremendous pressure to show progress hence evaluation was fast tracked.

  3. akshay Patel says:

    Great !!

  4. akshay Patel says:

    does it the highest value tender ever in the India for Construction ?

    • TMRG says:

      Not sure, but I would imagine yes.

      It’s definitely the highest among all tenders I’ve tracked 🙂

      • Dishant Jain says:

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        Dear sir/ma’am,

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  5. Bhabani Sankar Pradhan says:

    Will it be awarded or retendered as it is 25% higher than the nhsrcl estimation…

  6. Rahul says:

    Will NHSRCL award, as there is a huge cost difference between the three bidders? Also since C6 is a similar work and tender submitted by same bidders expect LnT to be L1.. question is whether a single party can be awarded such huge project…

  7. Saket says:

    This is great news! Hopefully there is some negotiation, and the bid is awarded soon.. What is the completion time for the construction work?

    • Saket says:

      Also, if the tender is awarded in say Dec 2020, when is the actual construction expected to start? Usually it is 6 months, isn’t it>

      • TMRG says:

        Yup, 6 months from award is about right as the contractor will need time to mobilize men and machinery. Basic site preparation for photo op can and will start prior.

    • TMRG says:

      Basic tender notice did not include a completion timeframe, but from what I see in the tender addendums, it’s 5 years.

  8. Co Der says:

    Wow, this is such a great news!

  9. Mohara says:

    Proud to be an L&T ite…..

  10. Jaijeet says:

    Hey, I am not able to see the tender awarded update on the website. It looks like a fake news. Isn’t it. If so please mention the official source of information.

  11. Sahanaj SK says:

    This is such a Good news 🤜🤛🤝👍👍

  12. Aditya says:

    Is electrical part of scope of this?

  13. Rajesh kannan says:

    Great ,L&T

  14. Aditya says:

    Who is the consultant involved in electrical part?

  15. Aditya says:

    Can you please share Who is the consultant involved in electrical part?

    • TMRG says:

      Not sure if there’s a separate design consultant for Electrical.

      General Consultant is: Japan International Consultants for Transportation Co., Ltd. (JIC) – Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. – Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. JV

  16. Sachin says:

    Really gr8 work. Hope the corridor will b constructed asap & v indians can proudly say that our country too has bullet train as well as v can travel @ such a gud speed.

    • Tejas Parikh says:

      Delhi abhi dur hei…no bidders for C3 package, which is more crucial having undergroung sea tunnels….

      • Tejas Parikh says:


        • Clevin Gomes says:

          NHSRCL have invited bids for this Underground section a year ago, but they didn’t receive any single bid. The main reason for that was that the contract was mainly given scope to Japanese companies. But this when they reinvite bids for this section. They will give more scope to Indian Companies

      • Clevin Gomes says:

        Package C3 is from Thane to Zaroli village. NHSRCL will invite bids for this section only, once the land acquisition process in Maharashtra will complete

  17. V Aravindakshan says:

    If they want to see the trains on track on time, give the contact to L&T.

    • Mahesh K Nadgir says:

      It’s a remarkable achievement by the present Government, hopefully they do the Ground Breaking ceremony as scheduled. Things will be made as per the deadline given to L&T.

  18. Rohan says:

    Sir, I hope 3rd option will not be considered by anyone. And finally congrats to you also that your continuous update thrones the bell in the ear of nhsrcl.

  19. Jignesh ahir says:

    I’m interested this project

  20. virendra says:

    Is tender invited for Signalling and Telecommunication works? expection time!!

  21. Akash Saxena says:

    Is scope of Railway Track also included in this tender? Or a separate tender has been floated or will float for it?

    • Rishabh Singh says:

      Railway tracks works are not included in this package. A separate tender will be floated for it. Total 3 tracks related packages are there T1 to T3.

  22. Rishabh Singh says:

    Tenders for Packages P2 and P3 were invited last year in August, what’s their status; are they cancelled? Also curious to know why P1(B) and P1(C) packages were cancelled?

  23. Kazim Raza Khan says:

    Work should be awarded to L&T the L1 bidder if we really want the dream Project to be implemented on time. Retendering is definitely going to kill time.
    NHSRCL can negotiate and ask for discount if they feel that the L1 bid is out of their pocket.

  24. Sabir Husain says:

    what are the project completion period?

  25. Smit Dave says:

    Who is consultant and PMS(If there is one) for Package C4 (which bags by L&T)

  26. jacker says:

    why Not choose chinese solution, because we are in hot war

  27. RG says:

    When is the project commencement date

  28. Sanket says:

    This has been awarded!!!

  29. Nasib Ansari says:

    L&T is big construction company

  30. Rushikesh dhanad says:

    Gurugrupa arthmovars palkhed


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