Chennai Metro Phase 2 Project’s Foundation Stone Laid

India’s Home Minister in Chennai today remotely inaugurated the foundation stone for the city’s 118.9 km Phase 2 project which will feature 3 new metro lines, 127 stations and 2 train maintenance depots.

The project was approved by Tamil Nadu state government’s cabinet in 2019 at an estimated cost of Rs. 69,180 crore, and the Central Government’s cabinet approval is currently pending. Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL) is in advanced discussions with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to fund part of Line-3 & Line-5, with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to fund part of Line-4 & Line-5, and with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to fund part of Line-3 and Line-4.

Photo Copyright: Sunitha Sekar

A short 82 second video of the event can be viewed here.

Here are basic details of all 3 lines. Things may change in the coming months as tender notices for different sections get published. For instance, Line-3 no longer features a station at Doveton Junction (see tender notice) and CMRL just revealed to The Hindu, the minor depot at SIPCOT has been dropped.

Line-3 (Purple Line): Madhavaram – SIPCOT 2

  • Length: 45.813 km (19.09 km elevated & 26.72 km underground)
  • Depot: Madhavaram
  • Number of Stations: 49 (20 elevated & 29 underground)

Line-4 (Orange Line): Light House – Poonamallee Bus Depot

  • Length: 26.09 km (16.02 km elevated & 10.07 km underground)
  • Depot: Poonamallee
  • Number of Stations: 30 (18 elevated & 12 underground)

Line-5 (Red Line): Madhavaram – Sholinganallur

  • Length: 47.0 km (41.17 km elevated & 5.83 km underground)
  • Depot: Madhavaram
  • Number of Stations: 48 (41 elevated, 1 at-grade & 6 underground)

A list of all station names and an indicative route map can be viewed here.

Banner with Phase 1 and Phase 2 lines – Photo Copyright: Sunitha Sekar

CMRL plans to procure 288 coaches and wet-lease 126 coaches to service these lines. A list of all Phase 2 tenders (bids for 10 civil packages invited so far) and their status can be viewed here.

As part of today’s event, preliminary ground work also started to develop the site for Villivakkam Station on Line-5. This is not the start of civil work for the station’s construction (its tender notice is currently pending), and just involves relocation of a sewage pumping station and construction of a compound wall, panel room, DG room etc.

Photo Copyright: Sunitha Sekar

There’s been a tremendous uptick in tendering activity for this project’s construction over the past couple months, and part of that could perhaps be attributed to the upcoming state legislative assembly elections.

The Central Government’s approval for this project is still pending, so to me this was just a bizarre out-of-turn gimmicky event. It is somewhat encouraging though and perhaps a sign that the approval is just around the corner? Either way, this is an exciting project for the city and post completion around 2028 (estimated), the city’s network will become 173 km long.

For more updates, check out the Chennai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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23 Responses to "Chennai Metro Phase 2 Project’s Foundation Stone Laid"

  1. Sreejith says:

    Who is contractor for sewage pump relocation?

  2. Clevin Gomes says:

    50 stations for 45 km of line 3
    30 stations for 28 km of line 4
    47 stations for 45 km of line 5
    Too many stations are there for phase 2 based on the length, is there any logic. There should be atleast 1 station every 1 km. So that, Construction of the project can be reduced cost further as construction of stations are expensive

    • TMRG says:

      For the core city, I think a spacing of 800m to 1000m is fine. Depending on site conditions and points of interest, the lower limit can be much lower in certain neighborhoods.

      I remember reading CMRL plans to build smaller underground stations in Phase 2 to bring down cost. Average length will go down from 220m to 150m or so.

  3. Nisanth says:

    Hey TMRG..! If you can observe.. the orange line ….. A few stations like foreshore estate road and natesan park are not included in the map.. assuming it to be dropped as well..and also a lot of renaming of stations is also visible.. maybe they are yet to finalise a few station names

    • TMRG says:

      Well spotted! The map above is definitely a newer version of the one they’ve posted online which I’ve used in certain posts. It also includes Phase 1 lines, which I like.

      Let’s see what the tender notices say when published. That’ll be the best indication of which / how many stations are going to be built.

  4. Clevin Gomes says:

    1)what about the tender of Kolkata metro New Goria-Airport Metro last section. I’ve heard that they received 4 bids for construction, but since then no news came about it.
    2)MMRDA have decided to make a depot for the Mumbai Metro Green Line (Line 4,4A,10&11) at Kanjurmarg. I think they have drop the plan to build the Depot at Godrej land at Vikroli. Is it really true?

    • TMRG says:

      1) No idea of current status. Will share news if and whenever I hear something.
      2) I think it’s still early days for depot consolidation. There’s lots of noise, with very little clarity on who owns the land. Green Line should be fine though as Mogharpada, as you know, will be the main-depot. Bidding process for it is still alive.

    • Himanshu Doria says:

      Wait are they making this line’s depot too at Kanjurmarg ?

      • Clevin Gomes says:

        As per the recent interview of Hindustan Times, R.A.Rajeev have told that they have a plan to integrate Kanjurmarg depot with three metro lines Aqua Line(L3),Green Line (L4,4A,10&11)and Pink Line(L6). Well I know that the main depot for the Green Line will be built at Mogarpada. But MMRDA have stated to built the depot for the Green line at Kanjurmarg following the land acquisition issues at Mogarpada. Mogarpada Depot is a govt. Land but in 70’s govt. have leased this land to the people for farming. That’s why they face some land acquisition issues at Mogarpada Depot. As per original plan, the Green line was suppose to have 2 Depots, one at owale and one at Vikroli at Godrej land, but the depot was shifted from Owale to Mogarpada due to environmental issues and there are literally no updates on Godrej depot, i think they refuse to give land for the depot. As per latest update, MMRDA have plans to build the Depot at Mogarpada and a small stabling Yard at Wadala.
        Link for the article:-…

  5. Himanshu Doria says:

    Hey TMRG, one question ? In the ODA loan application from JICA, AIIB, ADB, the sovereign guarantee is taken by the GoI ?

  6. SHAM says:

    So, this means state govts can themselves be guarantors & do not need to depend on GOI, right? GOI will just pass through loan tranches to state?

  7. Prahlad says:

    Why need so many station ? Adding so many stops for stations takes time also costs a lots.

    • Nisanth says:

      currently in phase 1 , last mile connectivity is one of the major drawbacks of the chennai that might be one of the top most reasons for choosing a lot more stations this time..
      Saying that, for 119 km..115-119 stations wouldd have been apt since most of the line length is running through the core city…also what is visible from the new map published above is they have almost cut down 4 stations.. bringing the count from 128 to 124.. so its a good decision. Expecting much more such changes in the coming months .

  8. N Prasaannakumar says:

    Sir any changes in unnamalai ammal STREET our flat name aiswarya apartment

  9. Nachiketa Janardan says:

    Jesus. The entire core of the city of Chennai will be construction hell for the next ten years. In all the metropolitan cities of india, the metro rail lines should have been constructed twenty years ago, but as is usual in our country there was absolutely zero foresight or planning. And now we’re stuck with hellish construction related gridlocks everywhere. What a nightmare!

  10. Saravanan says:

    When you are to going to start work of line – 4 Is Land aquciation made

  11. Anand Asir A says:

    What happened to airport to kilambakkam connection plan?

  12. Hrishikesh S says:

    What is the current status of the southern arm of the CMRL Phase 1 from Airport to Kilambakkam Bus Terminus?


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