NHSRCL Invites Survey Bids for Chennai – Mysuru High Speed Rail

India’s National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) today invited tenders (bids) for the first dedicated preparatory survey work to develop the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the upcoming 450 km Chennai – Bengaluru – Mysuru High Speed Rail project in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

This is the final of six new high speed rail corridors, planned by the Government of India in 2019, for which basic preliminary work has commenced to start construction on the project. Others already in the preparatory stage include the 865 km Delhi – Varanasi line886 km Delhi – Ahmedabad line741 km Mumbai – Nagpur line, and 465 km Delhi – Amritsar line,  767 km Mumbai – Pune – Hyderabad line.


Scope: Survey, Identification of Overhead, Over Ground, Underground Utilities and Identification of Power Sourcing Options for substations Along the Proposed CHENNAI-BENGALURU-MYSURU (CBM) High Speed Rail Corridor

  • Period of Work: 98 days
  • Bid Submission Deadline: 12-Jan-2021 at 03:00 PM
  • Technical Bid Opening Date: 13-Jan-2021 at 03:30 PM

This is the first dedicated tender notice for this line. Earlier this month, NHSRCL invited bids for two other survey & study related works – encompassing 2365 km of lines – which includes work for this line.

The 9 stations proposed on the Chennai – Mysuru line are planned to be built at Chennai, Poonamallee, Arakkonam, Chittor, Bangarapet, Bengaluru, Chennapatna, Mandya and Mysuru.

Indicative route map included in NHSRCL’s tender documents’ last page with city names embedded by me

The document mentions one of the line’s train depots will come up at chainage 25.700, which would place it at or near Poonamallee.

Tentative Station NameChainage in KM

If the other new lines’ development is anything to go by, then in the coming days NHSRCL will invite bids for the following tenders:

  • Preparation of Detailed Social Impact (SIA), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Preparation of Final Alignment Design including LiDAR survey
  • Preparation of GADs of Crossing Bridges over Rivers Canals Railways and Roads Expressway NH SH and Major District Roads and GADs of proposed Stations and Maintenance Depots

This is the second HSR line planned in South India and is expected to cut down the travel time between Chennai and Mysuru to less than 2.5 hours.

For more updates, check out the High Speed Rail section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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9 Responses to "NHSRCL Invites Survey Bids for Chennai – Mysuru High Speed Rail"

  1. Pranav says:

    Good news 😀

  2. ABHISHEK P S says:

    Why is the hsr line bypassing the whole city of Bangalore? Shouldn’t it pass through the city?
    If not, then what is the use of a hsr line if I have to travel for 2 hours just to reach the station. Flight will be a faster option (after the metro and suburban rail projects are completed).

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      The actual alignment is not out yet. It’s just an representation purposes, Infact NHSRCL will try their best to provide better connectivity to the city. So, don’t give up.

    • EN says:

      Because of land requirements. Most probably the bangalore station will be near to bommasandra metro station

  3. Naveen Sudhakar says:

    HSR bypassing the city is not new.
    Even in Japan Osaka, Kobe city doesn’t have Shinkansen in the city instead at satellite cities like Shin-Osaka, Shin-Kobe etc. However, the connectivity from satellite station to main city station is very good.

    • saket says:

      In Osaka, the Shinkansen is right in the city. It is just one stop away from the old Osaka station (using the Osaka metro), and 5-10 minutes by drive. But yes, I get the point that it was not right next to the old station.

      I have not visited Kobe, so cannot comment on it.

      In Japan, the situation is slightly different – there is enough space next to the old tracks and money to acquire land in the heart of the city. This might not be exactly possible in India..

  4. Rohan says:

    Hi TMRG,
    From where you get to know about Chennai – Mysuru corridor. Because on nhsrcl.in I don’t found anything related to Chennai – Mysuru HSRC.

  5. bharath says:

    Why have they mentioned 2051 in the national rail plan as the deadline for this route? That is an absurd timeline. If that’s the deadline why are they doing the surveys now?


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