Bangalore Metro’s Silk Institute Extn of Phase 2 Inaugurated

Moments ago, India’s Minister of Housing & Urban Affairs and Karnataka’s Chief Minister inaugurated Bangalore Metro Green Line’s 5.799 km Yelachenahalli – Silk Institute extension on Kanakapura Road.

This southern extension of the 24.20 km Green Line – the very first of Phase 2 – was built by NCC Ltd. with an original deadline of December 2018, as part of the project’s 6.29 km Reach-4B. Alstom India provided both the power supply (electrification) and signaling solutions.

The extension was certified fit for commercial operations by the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) on November 23, after a 2 day inspection, with a list of 37 conditions which the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL) had to rectify or adhere to.

Commercial operations will begin tomorrow morning at 7 am through 5 elevated stations at Konankunte Cross (formerly Anjanapura Cross Road), Doddakallasandra (formerly Krishna Leela Park / ISKON), Vajrahalli, Thalgattapura, and Silk Institute (formerly Anjanapura / Anjanapura Township).

Route of Yelachenahalli – Silk Institute (Anjanapura) section of Green Line – view Bangalore Metro map & information

Images of this section’s stations shot in 2020 can be viewed here. Additional great shots tweeted by Christin Mathew Philip can be viewed here.

Here are some snaps from today’s event at Konanakunte Cross Station via the live stream:

After this section opens to riders tomorrow, the Green Line will become 30 km long connecting Hesaraghatta Cross (Nagasandra) in north Bengaluru with Silk Institute (Anjanapura) in south Bengaluru through 29 stations, and the city’s network will become 48.1 km large.

The next section in line for inauguration is the 8.8 km Reach 2A & 2B (Mysore Road – Kengeri – Challaghatta) extension of the Purple Line. Testing on that should begin in Q2 2021 with services opening in Q3.

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17 Responses to "Bangalore Metro’s Silk Institute Extn of Phase 2 Inaugurated"

  1. Himanshu Patel says:

    TMRG you must update the “Quick Snapshot” section now 😀

  2. Samarth says:

    When will phase 2 get completed

  3. Sharanagouda says:

    Congrats team BMRCL

  4. Shankar says:

    The invite list you shared on Twitter was crazy. Jeez…it’s such a small section. Totally unnecessary to make such a big deal out of opening each new section.

    • TMRG says:

      Indeed crazy. Seeing so many officials pour into the station during the live-stream was cringey. Operators and governments need to rework optics.

  5. Ludger Dsouza says:

    Stations are empty. Train 15 people average. Easier to board a flight than take the metro – rude and hostile staff. They demand you speak vernacular.

    • Varun says:

      It would be a concern if the station was full during the covid times. Ofc ppl would expect you to speak vernacular, not all of them know English and education does not mean that they have to learn English. You being the outsider should make the effort to communicate with them and not the other way round.

      • BH says:

        The sense of entitlement is mind-blowing. You are making your outsider status very obvious. Why don’t you try to learn the local language instead of complaining? It’s not too difficult when you try sincerely.

  6. Ludger Dsouza says:

    Next time you go to Calcutta prepare to speak in Bengali only. In German in Berlin. Thanks for the tip. I guess I gotta learn 2000 languages before I even dream of travelling abroad.

    • Raghu says:

      Of course. Lets get to the stage where we get enough english speaking individuals ready to take up such jobs (I’m not implying that the job is inferior, point is about literacy) until then we have to learn to adjust and fit in.

      Berliners will take pride in German first unlike…

      According to you original comment, you probably would expect a German to speak Bengali because they have to cater to your choice.

      • Arjun says:

        Everyone speaks English in Germany, especially major cities. For most of Western Europe, you don’t need to know the local languages.

  7. Gajendra says:

    Magadi Road, Sarjapur Road badly needs metro.

  8. Kumar says:

    Namma metro is a good I think need put one emergency metro rail for ambulance. Bangalore city development is wonderful .

  9. Sanjeet Kumar says:

    Bangalore metro costliest in India


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