Texmaco Casts Bangalore Metro Kengeri Extn’s Crossover

Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd. on Monday completed casting a track crossover at Kengeri Bus Stand Station for the 8.814 km south-western extension of Bangalore Metro’s Purple Line.

This elevated section (Reach 2A & 2B) of the 73.92 km Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project will first connect Mysore Road with Kengeri through 6 new stations in Q3 2021 and later to Challaghatta Station in 2023 which lies across NICE Peripheral Road over which steel girders were recently launched.

When this extension built by IL&FS and Soma Enterprise becomes operational, this crossover at Kengeri will enable the Purple Line’s BEML train-sets and later CRRC train-sets to guide from one track line to another.

Texmaco was awarded Phase 2’s Rs. 521.76 crore contract for its track-work system in July 2018. This includes ballastless tracks within all elevated viaducts & tunnels, and ballasted tracks within the new depots.

The 7 new stations on this extension are located at Nayandahalli, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Jnana Bharathi, Pattanagere, Mailasandra, Kengeri Bus Terminal and Challeghatta.

Route map of Bangalore Metro’s Mysore Road – Kengeri Extension – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 information & map

Per BMRCL’s October newsletter, Texmaco had completed track-works for 10345m / 17628m. Here are some snaps shot in November-end (shared earlier on Twitter) and this Sunday.

November 23

Kengeri Bus Terminal Station’s PEB roof is visible in the background

December 6

Concrete pour in progress

This extension will have another crossover at Jnana Bharathi (Bangalore University) Station. Its status is unknown.

From what I hear, Alstom started signaling and Third Rail installation works in November and is aiming to start train testing with BEML around April-May with a plan to hand over the line to BMRCL for inspection in June-July.

When it comes to the Green Line’s new 6.29 km Silk Institute (Anjanpura) extension – which was just certified fit by the CMRS – I hear BMRCL is aiming for a date between December 15 – 20 to start operations. Stay tuned!

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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22 Responses to "Texmaco Casts Bangalore Metro Kengeri Extn’s Crossover"

  1. Hemanth says:

    What about station finishing works? Have they started?

  2. Ravikiran HM says:

    Hi TMRG,
    Do you have similar report on work progress between Byappanahalli to white field ?

    Thanks in Advance ,


    • Jyoti Mohapatra says:

      All current extension section by March 2023…Phase 2A and 2B by 2024 March-July…

      • Jishnukrishna Venkat says:

        Whitefield is gonna get a Metro Link by June 2022. First half of the Airport Express from Silk board 2 KR puram will B completed by Mid or End 2023 or Early 2024. Second half from KR puram to Airport will B done by Late 2024 or Early 2025. Green Line’s Nagasandra BIEC stretch and also the Yellow Line completely from RV road to Bommasandra will B done by March 2022. Red/Pink Line will B done by Mid 2024

      • Jishnukrishna Venkat says:

        New Orange Line Metro and MetroLITE and MetroNEO projects 2 commence by 2026 onwards

      • Jishnukrishna Venkat says:

        Anyways by the time we will also get Suburban Trains around 2025-26

    • TMRG says:

      Hi Ravikiran – nope, I don’t. Track-installation works on the Whitefield line started this summer but the BMRCL hasn’t published any figures on its progress. Will share here or on Twitter whenever I hear something.

  3. Hind K Geel says:

    Why are multiple crossovers needed in a stretch?
    Don’t the trains change tracks only at the end of the line?

    • TMRG says:

      The ones in the middle (eg. Jnana Bharathi) can be used to facilitate shorter train operations as ridership usually thins out towards either end.

  4. Jishnukrishna Venkat says:

    That means Kengeri Will get a Metro Link by June 2021. Not February or March Right ??

  5. Praveena says:

    Again and again BMRCL is playing foolish act, buy not giving importance to best revenue making routes like Whitefield/ itpl and electronic city.
    Don’t know when they learn lesson!.

  6. Murali says:

    BMRCL does not know how to generate revenue. They have not extended the metro till Jitni and the work on silkboard route has not started . Only they know how to increase the cost which will be taxed common citizen

  7. Samyak. says:

    The funny part about the naming of the stations is that the Mailasandra station is located right next to the Kengeri Bus Station (TTMC) while the Kengeri Bus Terminal metro station is located approximately 2-2.5km from the actual Bus Station. These government organisations never learn do they!

    • TMRG says:

      Well spotted! Perhaps we’ll see them getting renamed closer to the start of operations.

      • Samyak. says:

        Thanks TMRG! I live in the area, that is how I know about the names. Love your works and keep them on! You truly are the best Metro Rail reporter of the country

  8. Jai ganesh says:

    Hi all…I want to know is this extended metro train line in kanagapura road till udayapura next to art of living ashram…in the map its showing the last point near art of living ashram…plz guide me

    • TMRG says:

      There are no official plans to extend it right now. Phase 3 is still under finalization, but none of the potential corridors mentioned so far include this extension.

  9. Niranjan says:

    Thanks for detailed updates you keep posting.
    I would like to ask you a question about expressing our views on metro corridors. Whom should we go and ask or express our views ? Will the MD be ready to hear this . the amount of revenues the ORR road in bangalore is equal to budgets of few states in india and the soilders who generate this revenue are not even cared or bothered as there is no collective voice. While there is dense traffic in this areas metro is getting expanded in other areas where there is no considerable traffic. Take any area around krpuram sarjapura whitefield to sarjapura to electronic city is highly packed areas and least worried or cared areas by officials politicians. They dont even have any plans to develop this areas which shows lack of empathy to this IT soilders who work day and night for growth of country..any thoughts on this to express our dissent ?


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