Pune Metro Aqua Line’s 1st Train Arrives at Vanaz Depot

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha Metro) on Sunday received their first CRRC train for Pune Metro’s 14.665 km Aqua Line (Vanaz – Ramwadi) at Vanaz Depot.

This train-set – like the two others on the 16.589 km Purple Line (PCMC – Swargate) – have temporarily been borrowed from Nagpur Metro to facilitate the start of trial runs before the system’s dedicated Titagarh – Firema train-sets start arriving from Italy and West Bengal this summer.

Here’s a snap of the train’s driver motor car (DMC) facing the workshop shed at the unloading / receiving line. In the coming weeks, the train will be coupled for static and dynamic tests / validations within the depot.

Photo Copyright: Vinayak Anawalikar (view large)

I’ve asked MahaMetro if the Aqua Line will also temporarily have 2 CRRC train-sets and will update this section when confirmed.

3 weeks ago they uploaded this drone-view of Vanaz Depot which they’re now referring to as Hill View Park Depot:

And a month ago, they uploaded this drone-view of the 7.5 km Vanaz – Civil Court section (Reach 2) where the train will be tested on a portion of it in the coming months. Out of all stations, Garware College Station seems to be in the most advanced stage of completion.

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15 Responses to "Pune Metro Aqua Line’s 1st Train Arrives at Vanaz Depot"

  1. Kiran says:

    Can a little section open in 2021?

    • TMRG says:

      Naah. I don’t see any part of this line opening before Q4 2022.

      First few trains from Titagarh will definitely be diverted to service Purple Line. Until then the above CRRC train and possibly another will help test Aqua Line’s systems while station finishing works go on.

  2. Clevin Gomes says:

    1. Is Vanaz Depot is Elevated?
    2. Which 6 metro stations of Mumbai Metro Line 2A where entry-exit gates are not finalised?
    3. Is J Kumar NCC have Already award the line 2B Civil works

    • TMRG says:

      1. Nope. Watch the video – the depot-ramp has been integrated with what looks like a multi-level parking and administrative building.
      2. Don’t know. I would have shared the names in that post if I did
      3. Nope – I’ve checked and LOA hasn’t been issued. Whenever it is, I’ll update the original post.


  3. Ayush says:

    These are Nagpur metro rakes, Titagarh rakes are expected to arrive in March i think

    • TMRG says:

      Thanks for sharing. Mentions that utility / geotechnical work has started at Anand Vihar.

      When you post a link, please also include the title indicating what the article is about 🙂

  4. Rupraj Sengupta says:

    I was under the wrong impression that nagpur metro is broad gauge,it is standard gauge it seems!

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      Yeah! it’s Standard Gauge, but soon Nagpur will get a Broad Gauge Metro, running on Indian Railway Tracks in just a few Years.

      • Rupraj Sengupta says:

        They will use the indian railway tracks exclusively I hope can’t have railways own trains running too.

        • Clevin Gomes says:

          No Way, they will use International Quality metro coaches like Hyundai, BEML, Kawasaki etc. Basically Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro is a service which will run on Indian Railway Tracks will it will be own and operate by Maha Metro.


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