L&T Begins Pier Work for Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train

Historic day! Larsen & Toubro today officially started construction work to build the 508.17 km Mumbai – Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (MAHSR Bullet Train) project which will connect both cities through 12 stations in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Workers in Vapi District, on the line’s 237.1 km Package C4, today started pouring concrete for the first pier’s open foundation (pile cap) and also started test piling work. This event was attended by L&T’s and National High Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL)’s top officials.

Package C4 – the first of two civil packages awarded so far in October to L&T for the main-line’s 8 packages – represents 46.66% of the line making it the longest amongst all. It runs elevated from Zaroli Village on the Maharashtra – Gujarat border to Vadodara Station through 4 stations at Vapi, Bilimora, Surat and Bharuch in Gujarat.

It also includes construction of the Surat Depot, 14 river crossings, 42 road crossings, 6 railway crossings and one 350 meter tunnel through a hill.

Indicative alignment of Package C4 from the Gujarat-Maharashtra border to Vadodara – view Mumbai Ahmedabad HSR info & route map
Concrete about to be poured – Photo Copyright: Shashank Awasti
Boring about to begin – Photo Copyright: Shashank Awasti

As a reminder – a bulk of the line (468 / 508 km) will be elevated. Geotechnical investigation work had started at multiple spots, starting with Vaktana Village in Surat District, right before 2020 ended – view images.


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45 Responses to "L&T Begins Pier Work for Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train"

  1. Nitin Kumar Vinodray Majithia says:


  2. Krishna Mohan Rao A N says:

    Welcome to new bullet Indian Railways between Mumbai and Ahmedabad

  3. Clevin Gomes says:

    Huge Milestone has been achieved. TMRG, what is the last date of submission of Bids for Pkg C7 and C8?

  4. C s Ramakrishna says:

    Congratulations on this historic occasion. My congratulations to all the people of railways. I wish that project completed on schedule.

  5. Jeb Kowncloin says:

    Wow this is big news. I hope the project will be completed soon! BTW what is the status of Land Acquisition in MH?

  6. Abhijit Nandy says:

    And so it begins! Railways 2.0. Finally we are catching up with 1980s tech. Should cover the entire country in a decade if we make this as regular and smooth as bread & butter.

    How different are these pillars from metro pillars?

  7. Dd says:

    Date of completion is 9 december 2024

  8. Anil kr Patra says:

    Congratulations this occasion !!
    May Lord Vishwakarma bless you all with everything your success towards the dream project.

  9. Kanishka says:

    Great!!, start of new Era!


    …”a bulk of the line (468 / 508 km) will be elevated”

    It’s been known that 21km will be inside the tunnel @Mumbai-Thane..

    So, what about the remaining 19km length (508-468-21 = 19) ?? At-grade / on embankment?
    Location(s) of this 19km length? One stretch OR multiple stretch at different locations?

    • Hari Puttar says:

      our normal trains

    • TMRG says:

      Pretty sure at-grade figure is spread across the line. I don’t have a proper breakdown for that. Maybe someone from L&T/NHSRCL reading this can chime in.

      Here’s what I have on the info page:
      Elevated: 468 km
      Underground: 27 km (2 km under sea at Thane Creek)
      At-Grade: 13 km

  10. Srikant Naidu says:

    Congratulations Pravin on the first pour of concrete. Good to see that you and your team had mobilized the staff and workmen so quickly. All the best to HR teams in both the C4 and C6 packages.

  11. Upendra Singh says:


  12. Gurusharangiri says:

    Good start

  13. Sivalingam says:

    Wish you all success. Let lord Shiva showers blessings for success of the project.

  14. Noushad Ansari says:

    Congratulation to all member of NHSRCL & L&T.

  15. S.Govindarajan says:

    Welcome for the the beginning
    of first high speed rail systems
    in India. I wish all the Indian Railway
    pepole for this great venture.
    May God Bless this beginning
    without any hindrance. With Best

  16. virendra says:

    Such a big project of bullet train has started but still civil engineers etc.are jobless in Gujarat etc. this project is aimed to create employment for the locals however it is only on papers, the ground reality is otherwise. Seems there is corruption in these govt. projects.

  17. Rahul says:

    Heartly congratulations to India to begin this New Journey ✌️

  18. Ajit says:

    The key to complete the project on time is to start early with meticulous planning & rigorous implementation. Good luck to L&T and railways. A beautiful dawn will soon break out.

  19. Ravikant Kumar says:

    Congratulations for New work

  20. Anonymous says:

    When will this be completed?

  21. Sunil Kumar Yadav says:

    Working in bullet train . Ahmadabad

    • Vijay kumar yada says:

      I am interested in working with L&T I am from gandhinagar, Gujarat, working based on construction please reply where to contact L& T for work.

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  23. Manish Gupta says:

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  24. Santosh Mishra says:

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  25. Kamlesh Gurjar says:

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  27. Afroj says:

    Is there any specific address or location mentioned for C-4 & C-5 or for another Gujarat Site package where we can go see actual progress of project.

    • TMRG says:

      C4 and C6 are under construction almost along their entirety. I’d say follow satellite imagery and see what site is closest to you.

  28. Vimlesh kumar says:

    Civil works

  29. Jitubhai says:

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  30. Jitubhai says:

    Where can I approach for sand supply contract.

  31. jyotindranath pradhan says:

    hii sir i am intrested to jion with you in this project ,i am also in metro project as a civil supervisor and qc ,so please sir please call me 7873513180

  32. Md Izhar Ansari says:

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  34. TCS says:

    Can you mention all the sites where bullet train projects running, starting from Vadodara to bkc. Looking for village names.


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