1st Pier of Mumbai Metro Line-6’s Double Decker Ready

J Kumar Infraprojects – CRTG JV’s first pier for a 2.58 km double decker structure on Mumbai Metro’s 15.18 km Line-6 (Pink Line) is now ready on the city’s Jogeshwari–Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR).

This combined pier has been built at Oberoi International School near the upcoming Shyam Nagar Station just east of the Western Express Highway (WEH). It has a width of 1.8m and now consists of two precast prestressed pier caps –

  1. 17.8m wide pier cap for a flyover to support vehicles. 6 T-girders will be launched to build its deck.
  2. 10.56m wide pier cap for a viaduct to support metro trains. 2 U-girders will be launched in the future to build its deck.

The execution of this complex project – connecting Swami Samarth Nagar with Vikhroli – with steep gradients and a total of 53 curves (17 sharper than 300m radius) is being managed by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). To support its construction without disturbing vehicular traffic, J Kumar Infraprojects in 2020 deployed a massive straddle carrier which is typically seen at shipping ports.

Route map of Line-6’s Package BC03 (Swami Samarth Nagar – Shyam Nagar) – view Mumbai Metro Pink Line info and map

The exact start/end points of the double-decker structure are unknown, but it will come up between Adarsh Nagar Station and Shyam Nagar Station, which is under the ambit of J Kumar – CRTG JV’s Package BC-03.

Its construction contract was awarded by DMRC in August 2018 with a contract value of Rs. 867.75 crore. It involves the construction of a 6.079 km viaduct from chainage – 822.508m to 5257.400m and five stations at Swami Samarth Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Jogeshwari (W), JVLR and Shyam Nagar.

Here’s a snap shared by follower ‘Lost in Mumbai’ on Twitter last week:

Photo Copyright: Lost in Mumbai

Below on the left is a design of the double-decker’s combined pier. Metro trains elsewhere on the line will typically run at an average height of 11m above the ground level, but on the double-decker they’ll run at an average height of approximately 19m above the ground.

Copyright: DMRC (view large)

The diagram on the right shows Line-6’s Adarsh Nagar Station which will consist of 3 levels above the ground level:

  • Level-1: Flyover for vehicles
  • Level-2: Concourse level for ticketing / customer service etc.
  • Level-3: Platform level for metro trains (25m above the ground)

A similar 3 level structure is going to come up at Meditya Nagar on Mumbai Metro’s Line-9 in Mira Bhayandar which is also under construction by J Kumar Infraprojects through Package CA-48. Elsewhere in India, HCC-URCC JV is currently constructing a 4-level structure for Bangalore Metro’s Jayadeva Station. With a pre-existing underpass, that intersection will eventually have a total of 6 levels!

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21 Responses to "1st Pier of Mumbai Metro Line-6’s Double Decker Ready"

  1. Clevin Gomes says:

    What about Kanjurmarg Depot issue. February is now almost over and still no hearing from court. Can u please contact Mrs Tanushree for this matter

    • TMRG says:

      Mainstream media will cover legal updates as they happen. Bar and Bench & Live Law typically provides more in depth coverage.

      Depot issue won’t affect Line-6’s progress until 2023 imo as station, viaduct and rolling stock tendering/manufacturing are on the ‘critical path’ and more time consuming. If work doesn’t start by then then the depot will become one of the reasons for its overall delay.

  2. Kanishka says:

    what’s the start and end points of the 2.58 km double decker structure (flyover)?

    • Vaibhav says:

      He wrote “The exact start/end points of the double-decker structure are unknown, but it will come up between Adarsh Nagar Station and Shyam Nagar Station“

  3. saket says:

    If the turning radius is very steep, what workaround is being used? Special coaches or lower speed (or something else)?

    In case the work around is special coaches, would the line 3 integration (in case the Aarey depot actually moves to Kanjurmarg) be possible?

    Also, is the depot for this line also going to be delayed, given the joint depot idea still hanging around?

    I hope the Maha govt uses some common sense and starts the Aarey work :/

    • TMRG says:

      Details aren’t known, but I imagine trains will be operated at lower speeds. The line’s specs will be made available in the tender docs, so the rolling stock manufacturer will definitely take radius into account while designing the trains. Integration details and the changes required haven’t been published by MMRDA, so can’t really comment.

      Depot issue won’t affect Line-6’s progress until 2023 imo as station, viaduct and rolling stock tendering/manufacturing are on the ‘critical path’ and more time consuming. If work doesn’t start by then then the depot will become one of the reasons for its overall delay.

  4. SHANKER Barre says:

    Sir our house which is under METRO 6. At Ramnivas chal subash nagar Jogeshwari East Mumbai. Sir please let us know when we will get allotment of house. Which is affected by the METRO 6

  5. Premtiwari says:

    I am very excited, As a Mumbaikar it’s very needful project for Mumbai and me ,but it’s very slow ,,near Infinity’ Mall Andheri w. Iam passings through Last 8 work is not not moving. God know when will ride 1 at time ?

    • TMRG says:

      Dahanukarwadi (Charkop) to DN Nagar section of Line 2A will open up at a later stage, sometime in 2022 worst case 2023.

      • Girish says:

        What are they going to start in month of May 2021 for line 2A. The state govt announced opening of line 2A in May 2021 ?

        • TMRG says:

          May is not possible. Train has arrived, but not in a ‘ready’ state. Propulsion tests are underway. if they can start trial runs in May, that’ll be an achievement in itself.

      • infra says:

        Is it because work near nullah between Dahanukarwadi and the next station will take more time to complete? That is where the depot is there right?

        • TMRG says:

          The southern section (Depot – DN Nagar) was already lagging behind and pandemic was the last straw. MMRDA asked J Kumar to divert most men/machinery to the northern section to get at least that part opened up.

          Yup, depot-line joins the main-line just south of Dahanukarwadi Station

  6. Vikas Mehta says:


    This project (double decker flyover) is a commendable project … Hats off but I hope they will put outmost attention will implementing it because it will bypass the Western express Highway while going across to connect the Balasaheb Thackeray flyover. This will cause in my opinion huge traffic at the Western express Highway for atleast 60 days if not more.

  7. saket says:

    Will this also be a 5 level structure at JVLR-WEH junction? (ground level which has intersection, 1st level flyover onWEH, 2nd level flyover on JVLR and 3rd level concourse at JVLR/Jogeshwari East station, and 4th level for trains/platforms)

  8. Jammy says:

    I don’t understand the fascination of government with slums. Not one footover bridge for residents of JVLR but they have built 3 for slum dwellers on jvlr. Now even though the metro station in built in between slums. Why? What about residents of Kalpataru, Oberoi, greenfield, Poonam Nagar. What is vote bank politics on tax payer money.

  9. Roshan says:

    May I know How many Piers are there in Lines 2A,2B, 4,5,6,7A

  10. GSBalaji says:

    There are some sales happening of apartments by developers as swell as resale on JVLR.these high rise apartments are adjacent to the metro track and none are aware of the consequences that comes with this development.most important is the noise level & attenuation that must be done by metro authorities . I am planning to cancel my booking with one of leading developer as the metro track level is similar to my flat level .
    Ur suggestion & details. Thanks

  11. GS Balaji says:

    I intend to purchase a flat in Maxima tiers under construction by Oberoi builders which is 25 Mts above ground and at same level as the metro line and diagonally opposite to Shyam Nagar station on line 6 of mumbai metro.
    Flat would be around 35-40 mts from d track.
    What would be the impact of sound from metro and lower level flyover during day , night and over weekends .
    Are sound barriers , relsilence fasteners being used on d flyover and metro line as done in chennai metro phase 2 and other flyovers in mumbai on EEHighway.
    Should we prefer buying a flat close to a metro line.

  12. Sunil says:

    This double-decker flyover/metro line should have come up on WEH from bandra to virar, with exit/entey ramps for every suburbs for the road part, taking inspiration from nagpur metro. Now MMRDA has screwed-up the WEH. Is it “express” anymore? Even a smaller city of chennai is constructing a 22 kms elevated exoressway..


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