18 Bidders for Delhi – Amritsar Expressway’s 4 Packages in Punjab

Eighteen firms have submitted a total of 47 bids to construct 4 civil packages of the roughly 650 km Delhi – Amritsar – Katra (DAK) Expressway‘s section in northern Punjab after National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) opened technical bids today.

This 4 lane (expandable to 8) greenfield project’s Phase 1 consists of 12 packages for the 397.71 km KMP Expressway (Delhi) – Gurdaspur section and 3 packages for the 99 km Nakodar – Amritsar spur.

NHAI invited bids for packages 11 and 12 in November 2020 and packages Spur-2 and Spur-3 in January 2021 – each with a 2 year construction deadline. The sections range from 28 to 43 km each.


  • APCO Infratech – 11, 12, Spur-2, Spur-3
  • Ashoka Buildcon – 11, 12
  • Ceigall India – 11, 12, Spur-2, Spur-3
  • Centrodorstroy – 11, 12, Spur-2, Spur-3
  • Evrascon – MKCIL JV – 11, 12, Spur-2, Spur-3
  • Gawar Construction – 11, 12, Spur-2, Spur-3
  • Gayatri Projects – 11, 12
  • HG Infra Engineering – 11, 12, Spur-2, Spur-3
  • Joint Stock Company Industrial Association – Spur-3
  • KCC Buildcon – 11, 12
  • KMC Constructions – 11, 12
  • Larsen & Toubro – 12, Spur-2, Spur-3
  • Patel Infrastructure – 11, 12, Spur-2, Spur-3
  • Sadbhav Engineering – 11, 12
  • Shivalaya Construction – 11 only
  • SP Singla – 11 only
  • Tata Projects – 11, 12
  • Vijai Construction – Spur-2 only
Delhi – Amritsar – Katra Expressway’s route through Punjab – via Feedback Infra’s EIA Report

Package 11

Brief Scope: Construction of 4 lane GF Delhi-Katra Expressway from Junction with Jalandhar-Kapurthala road NH-703A near Khojewal village-Junction with Amritsar-Tanda road NH-503A near Sri Hargobindpur Km 319.400-362.420 on EPC under BMP in Punjab

  • Length: 43.02 km
  • Bids Submitted: 15

Package 12

Brief Scope: Construction of four-lane Greenfield Delhi-Katra Expressway from Junction with Amritsar-Tanda road (NH-503A) near Sri Hargobindpur to Junction with Pathankot-Gurdaspur road (NH-54) near Gurdaspur (Km362.420-km397.700) on EPC mode under BMP in Punjab

  • Length: 35.28 km
  • Bids Submitted: 14

Package Spur-II

Brief Scope: Construction of 4 lane GA Amritsar connectivity for Connection of Amritsar with D-AM-K Expressway from MDR Junction at ch.40.900 Dhunda Village-Junction with NH3 and Taran taran Bypass near Mannawalla village ch 70.950 on EPC mode under BMP in Punjab

  • Length: 30.05 km
  • Bids Submitted: 9

Package Spur-III

Brief Scope: Construction of 4 lane GA Amritsar connectivity for Connection of Amritsar with D-AM-K Expressway from NH3 and Taran taran Bypass near Mannawalla village Cha70.950-NH354 Ajanala road near Harsh china village Cha99.020 on EPC mode under BMP in Punjab

  • Length: 28.07 km
  • Bids Submitted: 9

The bids have now been sent for technical bid evaluation which can take a couple months to complete. When that is done, the financial bids of the technically qualified bidders will be opened to reveal who’s the lowest bidder and most likely contractor for each package.

A list of Phase 1’s 15 packages and their status can be viewed here.

With today’s development, financial bids for 3 packages in Haryana have been opened (KCC & CDS were winners), technical bids for 11 packages have been opened, and a tender notice is pending for just 1 package (Spur-1).

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20 Responses to "18 Bidders for Delhi – Amritsar Expressway’s 4 Packages in Punjab"

  1. Zaman says:

    Who do you think will win?

    • TMRG says:

      I don’t have access to financial bids. No one does 🙂 Give them a few months to open them.

      • Tarun says:

        When is the next opening date for DAK expressway….?

        • TMRG says:

          Out of 12 remaining tenders, 11’s technical bids have been opened. Last one’s tender notice has not been published yet. When it is, then I’ll have a date to share.

          Financial bid opening date is typically not announced.

  2. Jitendra says:

    Try to put consultancy tender news also for road and bridge projects.

  3. Rajesh says:

    Where do you find this information about the bidders? I mean the data about who all have participated?

    • TMRG says:

      I have a nice network of industry professionals who share news & images of developments as they happen. Feel free to email me if you have something to share.

  4. Hari Puttar says:

    so many bidders
    do you have any information about the companies which have interested in indre metro tender 2

  5. Tarun says:

    Among the list of bidders there is no name name of G R Infrprojects Ltd.

    Is it so..?

  6. Rahul kumar says:

    When tenchnical bid open for these projects

    • TMRG says:

      Technical bids were just opened, so you mean financial bids? Will take a couple months. If I had to guess, then perhaps May.

  7. Siya Ram Piling Company says:

    Good evening sir pls information about express way n road n bridge construction

  8. jaspal singh says:

    how we can apply for jobs in comstruction companies?

  9. Hachi says:

    Could anyone tell me if there is international companies working in this project please?


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