1st Pier Cap Launched for Delhi Metro Magenta Line’s DC-03R

Sam India Builtwell – Gulermak JV on Wednesday evening erected their first of 306 pier caps to construct the elevated viaduct for a 7.473 km extension of Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line (Line-8) between Haiderpur Badli Mor and Ashok Vihar.

The pier cap weighs approximately 60 tons and was launched using a rolling gantry crane, instead of a typical mobile launching crane, just north of Majlis Park Station in the Mukundpur neighborhood.

Heading out of the yard on Monday

This development comes 10 months after Sam India – Gulermak JV was awarded this section (Package DC-03R) of the Delhi Metro’s 65.1 km Phase 4 project in June 2020 with a contract value of Rs. 766.12 crore and completion period of 30 months.

In September 2020, this package became the 38.235 km Magenta Line’s third and penultimate package, where construction work started, for its 28.92 km extension between Janakpuri West – RK Ashram.

Besides constructing this section’s viaduct viaduct, Sam India – Gulermak will build siding lines, a connection to the existing Mukundpur Depot, and 4 stations at Bhalswa, Majlis Park (interchange with Pink Line), Azadpur (interchange with Pink & Yellow lines) and Ashok Vihar. The line’s viaduct will also partly be integrated with a PWD flyover between Azadpur and Derawal Nagar on G.T. Road.

Route of Haiderpur Badli Mor – Ashok Vihar Section of Magenta Line – view Delhi Metro Phase 4 info & route map

Sam India – Gulermak started setting up their casting yard in Majlis Park back in July 2020 and began casting U-girders, to place on top of the pier caps, in January.

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11 Responses to "1st Pier Cap Launched for Delhi Metro Magenta Line’s DC-03R"

  1. Aniket says:

    Why is it 3R? Why not just 3 like others

  2. Taransh says:

    What kinda girders are being planned? Looks like u-girders? Isn’t the rest of the network on box girders?

  3. Vishal Singh says:

    Yes, we are using U Girder over pier cap and portal

  4. Shikhar Sharma says:

    Why didn’t DMRC extend the magenta line towards maujpur along the outer ring road instead of pink line? Seems really weird that magenta line runs along the outer ring road from Vikaspuri till bhalswa but then suddenly gets replaced by the pink line coming from majlis park.

    • TMRG says:

      That GT road alignment is indeed weird from a mapping aesthetics point of view. Guessing DMRC was really keen to make at least one proper ring line.

  5. Kundan P says:

    The Pier Cap erection is being done using Gantry Crane and not Mobile Crane !
    How many spans can they erect using Gantry ?

    • TMRG says:

      Precisely what I’ve written 🙂

      “The pier cap…was launched using a rolling gantry crane, instead of a typical mobile launching crane, just north of Majlis Park Station in the Mukundpur neighborhood.”

      They’ll be erecting 1 U-girder / span at a time. I believe they’ll resort to mobile launching for the Azadpur-Ashok Vihar section.

  6. Shubhankar says:

    When will missing link of pink line between trilokpuri and mayur vihar be completed and be functional?

    • TMRG says:

      A follower just reported all girders had been placed on top. Next steps – systems installation and trial runs. I’d give it another 3-6 months to become operational.

      I’m trying to arrange some images for a post. That’ll give a better idea.


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