Pune Metro’s Mula-Mutha River Bridge Completed

Besides the completion of the Purple Line’s tunnels under Mutha River, Pune Metro recorded another significant milestone earlier this month.

Workers from J Kumar Infraprojects completed launching segments over the Mula-Mutha River for the 14.665 km Aqua Line‘s viaduct which will connect Vanaz – Ramwadi through 16 stations.

This section of Pune Metro Phase 1 project’s Reach 3 at Bund Garden is roughly 310 meters long and comprises of 10 piers. Segment launching works had started in December 2020 using a 66m long launching gantry crane.

Construction for Reach 3 (Civil Court – Ramwadi)’s 7.578 km viaduct was awarded to J Kumar Infraprojects in August 2018 with a contract value of Rs. 388.58 crore. The 7 stations en route are being built by Afcons – SPCPL JV with a contract value of Rs. 470.43 crore at Mangalwar Peth, Pune Railway Station, Ruby Clinic, Bund Garden, Yerawada, Kalyani Nagar and Ramwadi.

Bridge’s location between Bund Garden & Yerwada – view Pune Metro Phase 1 route map & information
Photo Copyright: MahaMetro
Looking north towards Yerwada – Photo Copyright: Shaliya Khan
Looking south towards Bund Garden

Here’s a video of Reach 3 shot in February and uploaded in mid-March. The bridge can be seen at 4:24 minutes. If you watch closely, you’ll notice it curves gently forming a S-shape.

Towards the end of the video, the Aqua Line’s other bridge over Mutha River, between Civil Court and Mangalwar Peth, can be seen taking shape. MahaMetro’s April video will be out anytime now and I’ll update this space when it is.

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10 Responses to "Pune Metro’s Mula-Mutha River Bridge Completed"

  1. Himanshu Doria says:

    Hey TMRG in many metro projects like Chennai, Ahmedabad,Pune, separate tenders for viaducts and stations were floated instead of a combine tender which is usually done. What was the reason for it ?

    • TMRG says:

      They felt they could speed things up and reduce risk of delays, which was not the case. In fact led to more coordination issues as Phase 1 panned out.

      From that experience, Ahmedabad and Chennai in Phase 2 now have combined tenders. Although underground works have been split up in Chennai into pure tunneling & station work.

  2. Clevin Gomes says:

    When the financial bids will open for MAHSR Pkg C8? Financial bids was supposed to open by today

  3. Ayush says:

    Any updates on Harris bridge work?

  4. Vivek Nerlikar says:

    Hi TMRG,
    Please update on tunneling progress between Civil Court and Budhwar Peth Station.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, roughly 450 tunnel rings (680m) will be built by each machine.

      Current status:
      Mula: 295
      Mutha: 177

      • Vivek Nerlikar says:

        Hi TMRG,

        Please update progress achieved by Mula and Mutha TBM and balance distance to reach Budhwar Peth station. Also update progress of tunnel from Swargate to Mandai Market.

        Vivek Nerlikar

        • TMRG says:

          S81 on Swargate to Mandai has built 609/844 rings. 1 ring = 1.45m.

          Trying to get an update on S78/S79


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