Navi Mumbai Metro’s Trial Runs Extended to Central Park

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation (Maha Metro) and CIDCO on Thursday extended trial runs on Navi Mumbai Metro’s 11.10 km Line-1 to Central Park Station – the 5th station from the line’s northern terminal.

Manual train testing using CRRC Zhuzhou train-sets had originally started within Taloja Depot in August 2019 and on the main-line towards Pendhar Station in September 2019.

This is the first time trains have ventured southward towards the Kharghar side of the line.

As things stand right now – core civil work on the 4.5 km northern section (Pendhar – Central Park) is complete, with systems integration and architectural finishing work pending at its 5 stations of Pendhar, Panchanand, Sector 34, Pethpada and Central Park.

Navi Mumbai Metro’s Route Map – view system info
Screenshot via CIDCO’s video


MahaMetro invited bids for the remaining (balance) construction work of the southern section (Central Park – CBD Belapur) in April, and the current bid submission deadline is May 18.

A new deadline for starting commercial operations has still not been announced even after MahaMetro took over as the Chief Engineer in February, but I’m looking at a mid-2022 partial opening for the northern section, with the rest opening later in 2023.

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9 Responses to "Navi Mumbai Metro’s Trial Runs Extended to Central Park"

  1. Earl Tauro says:

    Will CRRC get one more contract to make the same trains for the NMM Line 1’s remaining strech?

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      I feel a Doubt, why CIDCO have ordered just 8 Trains. Is 8 Trains will be enough to operate at Line 1. I think 14-16 Trains would be required for a 6 min frequency

      • TMRG says:

        Yea, far too less to operate at high frequencies. Typically you’d want at least 1 train-set per km.

      • Earl Tauro says:

        I have heard that Metro trains will be running at a frequency of 8 mins. 8 trains have brought only for Line 1’s Phase1.

    • TMRG says:

      CIDCO never disclosed contract details. Typically rolling stock manufacturers offer to provide additional train-sets in the future for a set price, if that option is exercised within a certain timeframe.

      Given how far we are from the future extension towards Navi Mumbai Airport, I believe a new tender notice will be published for firms to participate.

  2. Tarun says:

    Can anyone please update me on the status of LOA for lone 2b metro that j kumar acquired or not…..?

  3. Abdulrahim says:

    Unless and until whole route is opened, trains will be running empty.And looking at the current population of taloja and Kharghar frequency of 10 mins is sufficient.


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