NHSRCL Invites Bids for Mumbai – Ahmedabad HSR’s Package C5

India’s National High Speed Rail Corporation Ltd. (NHSRCL) on June 5 invited bids to construct the 8.198 km Package C-5 of the 508.17 km Mumbai – Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (MAHSR Bullet Train) project.

Package C5 of the main-line between chainage KM 393.700 and KM 401.898 within Vadodara city is the second shortest of 5 packages within Gujarat state. Its estimate is unknown at this time and I’ll update this section whenever I become aware.

IFB Number: Package No. MAHSR-C-5

Brief Scope: Design and Construction of Civil and Buildings Works including Testing and Commissioning on Design Build Lump Sum Price Basis for Double Line High Speed Railway involving Vadodara Station, Confirmation Car Base, Viaducts & Bridges, Crossing Bridges and Associated works between MAHSR Km. 393.700 and MAHSR Km. 401.898 in the State of Gujarat for the Project for Construction of Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail

  • Completion Period: 1490 days (4 years)
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 09-Jul-2021 at 11:00 AM
  • Date & Time of Submission of Tender: 04-Oct-2021 at 03:00 PM
  • Date & Time of Opening of Tender: 05-Oct-2021 at 03:30 PM
Alignment of Package C5 through Vadodara – view Mumbai – Ahmedabad HSR info & route map
Vadodara Station’s concept design – Copyright: NHSRCL

This tender notice took so long to come out due to a redesign for optimizing the quantum of construction required.

Per NHSRCL’s tweet from March:

The station design of Vadodara HSR station for Mumbai Ahmedabad #HSR corridor has been strategically redesigned to reduce construction of various structures. Earlier, the proposed bridge span that would cross the railway tracks was of the length of 100 m+220 m+120 m.

However the new alignment will require an ordinary span of only 40m. Earlier, 13 railway lines were crossing the yard near the platform area whereas the new alignment will affect only two railway lines. With the new alignment, crossing over of multiple railway crossings, major displacement of commercial and housing units have been avoided. The new design also offers an improved multimodal integration planning around HSR station area. All these changes would lead to faster construction and save Rs. 2000 crores (approx) in the process.

Video explaining the change:

With this development, tender notices for all 5 packages within Gujarat for the main-line’s construction have been published, with 2 of them well under construction.

Here’s a status of each civil package of the bullet train project – this table is best viewed on a desktop device.

Package & ScopeStatus
C1: 1.028 km Underground Station at BKC, MumbaiBids Invited in November 2019; Current Submission Deadline: Aug 5, 2021
C2: 20.377 km underground tunnel between BKC Station to Shilphata, Thane (3 Mega TBMs to be used)Bid Submission Deadline Passed – No Bids Received
C3: 135.450 km elevated line between Shilphata, Thane and Zaroli Village (MH/GJ Border)Tender Notice Pending
C4: 237.1 km elevated line between Zaroli Village (MH/GJ Border) and VadodaraUnder Construction by Larsen & Toubro
C5: 8.198 km elevated viaduct and station within VadodaraTenders Invited (this post!)
C6: 87.569 km elevated viaduct between Vadodara and AhmedabadUnder Construction by Larsen & Toubro
C7: 18.133 km elevated viaduct and station within Ahmedabad6 bids received in March
C8: 2.126 km viaduct, building works at Sabarmati DepotSCC-VRS JV is the lowest bidder

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12 Responses to "NHSRCL Invites Bids for Mumbai – Ahmedabad HSR’s Package C5"

  1. Kanishka says:


    What’s the status of land purchase in Maharashtra (for package C3)? Wondering how come NHAI managed to acquire 100m ROW for Delhi-Mumbai (Vadodara-Mumbai) Exp (1), but NHSRCL is struggling to acquire 40m ROW for MA-HSR??…when both these alignments pass through the same geography

    DFCCIL has also managed to acquire land for WDFC (2), passing through the same general area..

    1. https://nhai.gov.in/nhai/sites/default/files/mix_file/Delhi%20-%20Mumbai%20Award%20Status%20May%2721%20v1.pdf
    2. https://dfccil.com/Home/ProgressStatusImage

  2. Aryan says:

    1. Any news about C7 package?? When will we come to know about the lowest bidder C7 in package??

  3. Kaushik says:

    How long will it take to construct the BKC station and 21km sea tunnel according to you? Assuming tenders are awarded.

  4. K Shyam Venkatesh says:

    what is the project cost of C5


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