NCC Wins Mumbai Metro Line-2B’s Pending Work Again

NCC Ltd. in mid-October once again emerged as the lowest bidder among 3 firms for completing pending civil work on a 5.868 km section (Package C102) of Mumbai Metro’s Line-2B (Yellow Line) between MTNL – Chembur stations.

But just like last time where their bid of Rs. 719.27 crore was way higher than MMRDA’s estimate of Rs. 568.55 crore, this time around their bid at Rs. 791.15 crore is again way higher (24.45%) than MMRDA’s 635.71 crore estimate.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) had originally awarded a contract for this section’s construction, comprising of 5 stations and an “iconic bridge” over Mithi River, to RCC Infra Ventures – MBZ JV in 2017, but terminated it in January 2020 due to poor progress on key performance indicators.

MMRDA has tried re-appointing a contractor four times since then and re-invited bids in February 2020, August 2020, April 2021 and August 2021 with a 36 month deadline and Rs. 635.71 crore estimate.

Financial Bid Results

FirmBid (Rs. Crore)
NCC Ltd.791.15
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. (JKIL)813.32
Tata Projects Ltd. (TPL)826.47

Brief Scope of Package C102: Part Design and Construction of Balance Works of Package CA06, Elevated Viaduct and 5 Elevated Stations viz. MTNL Metro, S. G. Barve Marg, Kurla East, EEH and Chembur (excluding Architectural Finishing and Pre-Engineered Steel Roof Structure of Stations) from Chainage 46860.384m to Chainage 52729.312 of Line 2B [D.N Nagar-Mandale] of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA.

MTNL to Chembur section of Mumbai Metro’s Line-2B – view Mumbai Metro Yellow Line route map & info

The section over Mithi River includes a 261.241 meter “iconic bridge” designed by Designfakt India with Tony Gee as its structural designer – view its design here.

Subsequent negotiations between MMRDA and NCC’s management failed last time, and there’s a good chance that’s exactly how things will progress for this round. I think there’s a case for MMRDA to introspect and review their calculations prior to launching another round.

With recent developments – I see parts of Line-2B opening up no sooner than 2024, with the MTNL – Chembur section easily 5 years away from becoming operational.

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6 Responses to "NCC Wins Mumbai Metro Line-2B’s Pending Work Again"

  1. CK says:

    The location of the special bridge is here, right?
    Dropped pin

    Why can’t they plan a regular U girder or steel I girder bridge there? Wouldn’t that be cheaper, Like the two bridges of Reach 3 of Pune Metro? Or a Balanced Cantilever bridge like the one over the railway lines in Nagpur?

  2. R S Jain says:

    Great Work by TMRG, Can you tell us who is undertaking Architectural Finishing works? You can recommend us as wherever you can as we recently had taken and part delivered works in Kolkata Howrah Maidan Metro Station.

  3. Mainak says:

    Wondering why the planners have left locating the stations near to any of the railway stations i.e. Kurla, Tilak Nagar or even LTT? It gonna be a huge blunder, eliminating a smooth transit transfers.

    • Atique Syed says:

      A station near LTT and tilak nagar was in plan but scrapped last year along with another station in kutla west. Some suggested it was the auto and taxi lobby that prevented a stn near LTT.

  4. Salahuddin says:

    Dear sir/Madam I self Salahuddin B.teach civil engineer I have experience piling capping fundetion I am presently working in Surat bullet train project I want work on your company as a execution site engineer thank you


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