J Kumar & NCC Win Mumbai Metro Line-2B’s Pending Work

May 28 Update: Contract to J Kumar Infra been awarded at Rs. 1307.88 crore.

April 22 Update: MMRDA has re-invited bids for Package L2B-C102 where NCC was the lowest bidder.

April 1 2021 Update: LOA to J Kumar is still pending.

March 15 2021 Update: J Kumar has received a LOA from MMRDA for Line-2B’s 12.824 km Package L2B-C101 (DN Nagar – BKC) with 10 stations. Final contract value is unknown. Status of award to NCC for L2B-C102 is unconfirmed at this time.

November 24 2020 Original Post:

J Kumar Infraprojects and NCC today emerged as the lowest bidders for completing pending (balance) construction work on two packages of Mumbai Metro’s 23.6 km Line-2B (Yellow Line), after officials from Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) opened financial bids submitted by different infrastructure firms.

MMRDA had reinvited bids for Line-2B’s construction in August 2020 right after canceling the last round of re-bidding which saw 8 firms participate when the technical bids were opened in July. For this round of bidding, MMRDA opened technical bids in October to reveal that 4 bidders had submitted a total of 7 bids.

Prior to this tendering process, contracts issued to Simplex Infrastructures and RCC Infra Ventures Ltd. – MBZ JV were terminated in January 2020 due to poor progress on key performance indicators.

Package: L2B-C101 (12.824 Km)

Scope: Part design and Construction of (Balance Works of Package CA04R) Elevated Viaduct and 10 Elevated Stations viz. ESIC Nagar, Prem Nagar, Indra Nagar, Nanawati Hospital, Khira Nagar, Saraswat Nagar, National College, Bandra, Income Tax Office & ILFS [excluding Architectural Finishing & Pre-Engineered Steel Roof Structure of Stations] from Chainage 34035.873m to Chainage 46860.384 OF Line2B [DN. Nagar – Mandale] of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA

J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. (JKIL)Rs. 1389.48 Cr
Larsen & Toubro (L&T)Rs. 1399.00 Cr
NCC Ltd.Rs. 1421.38 Cr
Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.Rs. 1439.54 Cr

Package: L2B-C102 (5.868 Km)

Scope: Part design and Construction of (Balance Works of Package CA06) Elevated Viaduct and 5 Elevated Stations viz. MTNL Metro, S.G. Barve Marg, Kurla East, EEH & Chembur [Excluding Architectural Finishing & Pre-Engineered Steel Roof Structure of Stations] from Chainage 46860.384 to Chainage 52729.312 of Line 2B [D.N. Nagar – Mandale] of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA

• Estimated Cost: Rs 568.55 crore
• Completion Period: 30 months
• Prior Contractor: RCC Infra Ventures Ltd. – MBZ JV (lowest bidder in February 2018)

NCC Ltd.Rs. 719.27 Cr
Larsen & Toubro (L&T)Rs. 723.76 Cr
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. (JKIL)Rs. 727.74 Cr
Route of Mumbai Metro Line-2B from DN Nagar – MTNL (BKC) – Chembur – Mandale – view Mumbai Metro Yellow Line info & route map

J Kumar Infaprojects’ bid of Rs 1389.48 crore for C101 was 18.99% higher than MMRDA’s estimate, and similarly NCC’s bid of Rs 719.27 crore for C102 was 26.51% higher – so it remains to be seen if the MMRDA will bite the bullet and award the contracts to get work restarted OR scrap the process and re-invite bids yet again.

Line-2B has gone through several rounds of rebidding over the past 3 years, and with recent developments – I see parts of it opening up not anytime prior to 2024.

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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42 Responses to "J Kumar & NCC Win Mumbai Metro Line-2B’s Pending Work"

  1. David salman says:

    As long as the Shiv Sena and NCP Congress govt remains, this line 2B will never get operational. Period. Because it’s simple. Celebrities and activists here don’t want the metro for people. Especially Bollywood. FYI, this line was planned and to be started in 2012 during Congress regime. But Congress kept it delayed to cancelled.

  2. Denzil says:

    I’m telling you 2B is cursed!!

  3. Clevin Gomes says:

    Now, MMRDA should award the contract to J Kumar and NCC without any delay, even they have a higher bids. MMRDA should negotiate them to reduce cost.TMRG, is Ahluwalia has awarded contract to construct Mandala Depot? and they have cancelled the plan to construct Dahisar Depot because there are no signs of it?

    • TMRG says:

      Yup, Ahluwalia got awarded Mandale’s contract. They negotiated down from 543 crore to 530 crore. I typically add an update to all ‘lowest bidder’ type posts when a LOA is issued:


      MMRDA has the following interesting update on Line-9’s page indicating the depot at Mira Bhayandar will be the main one, so Dahisar Depot has definitely been dropped.

      “Maintenance Depot has been proposed at Mira-Bhayander (main depot for entire line-7). Total land area proposed for maintenance facilities is 20.0 Ha.”


      • Clevin Gomes says:

        It will be more interesting, if they will built a double Decker depot at Mira-Bhayander, because 20 Ha. Seems to be small for the 31 km long Red Line. As, they will require atleast 40-45 trainsets to maintain 2 min headway.

      • Kisan jain says:

        Contact for any ERW ms , GI or section requirement of prakash surya make (9953657089)

    • Sumant says:

      MMRDA should award works without delays. Cost of project has increased over 3 years but not sure if MMRDA has revised the cost estimate after 2018.
      Also after seeing the progress and cost of metro projects in Mumbai is higher due to various reasons.

  4. Samarth raj says:

    Bro rank the following metro who will start it’s operation first?
    Agra metro
    Patna metro
    Surat metro
    Indore metro
    Bhopal metro
    Guwahati metro

  5. Abhishek Threja says:

    Can you give information about package 7and 8 of meerut metro. When will ncrtc award it.

  6. Amin Charaniya says:

    Anyone looking for Piling machine can contact me-9321911534

  7. Indra sen says:

    How patna and Agra metro will be different from other metros system in India??

  8. Khattar says:

    The map attached with the details of the projects does not show either the line or the stations covered by the tenders

  9. Prashant Jadhav says:

    MMRDA terminated RCC contract, without thinking of vendor payment..last one year in this pandemic vendors are suffering from heavy losses, please help us in getting our payment..

  10. Bala says:

    What is the status of Mogharpada depot for Line 4??

    • TMRG says:

      Bid submission is coming up on December 8

      • Aatif says:

        Its good to see that JKumar Infra has won the bid for SV road portion and finally I see not many but at least good amount of pillars placed along the route. Btw whats your guess on the completion date?

  11. amit chitre says:

    You seem to have become much more jaded and disappointed by the mumbai metro’s progress. You always were more optimistic about its speed.

    I still dont get it though. The estimated cost back in 2016 when they first invited the bids was 1000 Cr or similar. Does the mmrda expect the estimated cost to rise by just 100 cr in the last 4 years? Also, dont they expect it to rise further everytime they go for retendering? I mean clearly the contractors arent idiots. They probably noticed that the mmrda doesnt get any takers for less .

    Finally, dont the contractors have at least 5-10 % of the work done for them already ? Given that simplex was piling before the contract was terminated.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi Amit – I try to provide a realistic timeframe, but yeah – it’s disappointing how things are playing out. There’s been a noticeable difference in progress and its optics since 2019.

      Two things have happened: (1) projects have either slowed down due to long-pending land acquisition issues, contractor-led delays and operator-led delays in system tendering, (2) new projects haven’t taken off (eg. Line-7A which was awarded to J Kumar, lines 8-10-11-12-13-14 etc.)

      What’s worse is that MMRDA has started to peddle lies as far deadlines go, which they know are unattainable. I’m referring to L-2/L-7.

      When it comes to bidding, contractors know they can get away with exorbitant bids in a place like Mumbai. Sometimes I can’t wrap my head around how or why they’d bid in the first place if their figure is no where close to the estimate, which in itself could be outdated.

  12. amit chitre says:

    Hey TMRG
    Did you get any updates on this? Did the contracts actually get awarded to the lowest bidders? Or are they planning on re inviting bids yet again?

    • TMRG says:

      Both haven’t been awarded or canceled yet. Contracts’ scope & value are likely being negotiated right now

  13. amit chitre says:

    Thank you. I hope they manage to strike a deal.. With line 3 probably not starting for another 4-5 years and the other lines still under construction for a long time, this is the only hope i see to reduce congestion

  14. Tarun says:

    Can you please update us regarding the LOA for line 2b for j kumar infra…?

  15. Tarun says:

    Any idea till when it will be done

  16. Shubham says:

    Where do you get your contain from?


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