MMRDA Cancels Mumbai Metro Line-2B & Iconic Bridges’ Tenders

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) today cancelled the civil construction bidding process midway for 3 tenders of Mumbai Metro’s 23.6 km Line-2B (Yellow Line) which’ll connect D.N. Nagar with Mandale through 22 stations.

An official reason has not been disclosed, but per an industry source – the MMRDA now plans to combine them into one big package to reduce the overall cost through economies of scale.

Back in February, MMRDA had invited bids for 2 packages of Line-2B’s balance / pending work between DN Nagar – BKC – Chembur right after terminating 3 contracts in January, originally awarded to Simplex Infrastructures and RCC – MBZ JV, due to poor progress on key performance indicators. In July, technical bids were opened to reveal that 5 bidders had placed a total of 8 bids for these two packages.

Package: L2B-C101: D.N. Nagar – MTNL in BKC

Scope: Part design and Construction of (Balance Works of Package CA04R) Elevated Viaduct and 10 Elevated Stations viz. ESIC Nagar, Prem Nagar, Indra Nagar, Nanawati Hospital, Khira Nagar, Saraswat NaGAR, National College, Bandra, Income Tax Office & ILFS [excluding Architectural Finishing & Pre-Engineered Steel Roof Structure of Stations] from Chainage 34035.873m to Chainage 46860.384 of Line2B [DN. Nagar – Mandale] of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA

Package: L2B-C102: MTNL in BKC – Chembur

Scope: Part design and Construction of (Balance Works of Package CA06) Elevated Viaduct and 5 Elevated Stations viz. MTNL Metro, S.G. Barve Marg, Kurla East, EEH & Chembur [Excluding Architectural Finishing & Pre-Engineered Steel Roof Structure of Stations] from Chainage 46860.384 to Chainage 52729.312 of Line 2B [D.N. Nagar – Mandale] of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA

Route of Mumbai Metro Line-2B from DN Nagar – MTNL (BKC) – Chembur – Mandale – view Mumbai Metro Yellow Line info & route map

Bids for the construction of Line-2B’s three “iconic” bridges were re-invited in June for construction at BKC Entry, Vakola Nalla Crossing and Mithi River Crossing (see design renderings), and the technical bids for it were planned to be opened on August 14.


Scope: Part Design and Construction of Iconic Bridges at BKC Entry, Vakola Nalla Crossing and Mithi River Crossing for Metro Line 2B (DN Nagar to Mandale)

Mumbai Metro Line-2B’s iconic bridges – source: Designfakt India

With today’s abrupt cancellation which’ll lead to further delays, Line-2B’s western and southern section will now go through their fifth tender process over the past 3 years, while the iconic bridges will go through their third over the past year.

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28 Responses to "MMRDA Cancels Mumbai Metro Line-2B & Iconic Bridges’ Tenders"

  1. Anirudh says:

    This line is doomed forever 🙁

    • Samir says:

      True. It’s really sad that just bcoz of a few celebrities who live in Bandra that this line is being delayed and maybe they are on the verge of permanently cancelling this line.

  2. Sree says:

    What about Mandale depot. Any change?

  3. Rohan says:

    Will mmrda takeover mmopl…and will mmmocl will operate metro line 1 along with other metros

    • TMRG says:

      MMRDA currently owns 26% of MMOPL. Whether they take over 100% remains to be seen. If they do, then MMMOCL will take over Line-1 operations.

      • Rohan says:

        In a recent interview, R A Rajeev sir said that they want to take over operations of line 1 and even private partners of line 1 are ready, for better passenger traffic , common fare etc. I hope they takeover before line 2A and 7 becomes operational.

  4. Himanshu Doria says:

    Delhi’s phase 4 would be completed before this godforsaken line.

  5. Clevin Gomes says:

    We are now tired by listening, the retendering and cancellation of Bids for the Yellow Line’s Phase 2 (Line 2B). If MMRDA was getting, best responsible from the Contractors, why MMRDA always cancel it, even renowned Construction company L&T, Afcons, J Kumar have bidded for it. It look’s like MMRDA is confused, about the Yellow Line’s Phase 2 (Line 2B) work. Really disappointed about it.😟

    • Deepika says:

      It seems that due to a few Bandra celebrities like Javed Akhtar who have protested and even filed a PIL in Bombay High court to stall construction of Metro 2B since it’s inception, that the present govt in Maharashtra is hellbent to get this line permanently cancelled. For them citizens are always zero priority. Clearly evident. This re tendering and cancelling drama is just an eyewash. Bandra Khar Santa Cruz will suffer the most if this line gets cancelled since this line would have provided seamless connectivity till Navi Mumbai via BKC and inter connectivity to North suburbs and even South Mumbai via Line 3.Sad.

  6. ReStart says:

    Just start metro line 1 is shut since March

  7. Rinky says:

    Is mmrda capable of doing metro projects…??? How many time mmrda inviting bids only, not award the work.. shamefull thing in city like mumbai..

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      Just give the metro work to either DMRC Or MMRC. They can execute the projects faster.

    • Himanshu Doria says:

      Not Mmrda’s failure fully. The City of Mumbai is been under thumb of the Disjointed South Bombay Elite, whose concern for environmentalism starts with frivolous PILs in courts and ends at the doors of their posh bungalows in which they indulge in first-world lifestyle. The average Joe can’t go against them. Thankfully this elite is non-existent in my city, Delhi.

  8. Manoj Doshi says:

    We supplied to Simplex no payment done by them. Who will make payment for the same.

    • Harish Shah says:

      Yes, we have money stuck for 18 months and going NPA for no fault of ours . Who will protect us . Unbelievable that this can happen in Mumbai and its most prestigious line.

      • depak says:

        People are being taken for a ride. Bandra khar santacruz residents will suffer the most if this line gets cancelled.

  9. DPK Udas says:

    Revised tenders need to be for Underground Metro.

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      This is impossible due to narrow roads and lots of land require to make a ramp, another reason is cost escalation. Underground Metro’s are 5 times costlier than the elevated. So, they need extra money sanctioned from the government. If, this happen, the cost of constructing the Yellow Line will skyrocket till more than 40,000 crore compare to 20,000 crore.

  10. Jiten Shah says:

    We supplied to RCC Infra. no payment done by them. Who will make payment for the same.


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