5 Bidders for Madurai MRTS’ Feasibility Consultant Contract

Five design & engineering firms have bid for the consultant contract to prepare a Feasibility Study Report for introducing a mass rapid transit system (MRTS) in Madurai.

Chennai Metro Rail Ltd (CMRL) invited bids for this contract in November right after Tamil Nadu’s state government made budgetary allocation for 2021-2022. CMRL’s estimate is unknown and they’d like the report to be completed and delivered within a 120 day deadline.


  • Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers and Consultants 
  • Balaji Railroad Systems
  • L&T Infrastructure Engineering
  • Rina Consulting

Contract Title: DFRMaduraiMRTS2021

Brief Scope: Selection of Consultant for Preparation of Feasibility Study Report for introducing a Mass Rapid Transit System in Madurai city

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Scope of Work

  • To collect and examine available reports of previous studies, plans, CMP Report and other related with transportation scenario of Madurai Metropolitan Region.
  • To collect primary transport network inventory data along with utilities within the Project Influence Area.
  • To collect all the secondary information such as development plans, public transport routes.
  • To conduct a review of the current situation in order to establish the existing condition and capacity of the public transport system.

All bids have now been sent for technical evaluation which can take a couple months to complete. When that is done, the financial bids of the technically qualified bidders will be opened to reveal who’s the lowest bidder and most likely consultant.

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    The area of city itself is about 150 Sq.kms. Madurai is just a bigger village for southern villages. Across Madurai spans about 10 to 12 kms. Commuting people may travel to a maximum of 7 or 8 kms. The Chennai MRTS didn’t meet out its operational expenses for about a decade. Bus stand to Bus stand plying buses too do not make its operational expenses in Madurai. In the name of development, the govt is wasting people’s hard earned money collected in the name of taxes.


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