FAT Completed for Afcons’ Delhi – Meerut RRTS TBMs

Terratec has announced the completion of factory acceptance tests for 3 tunnel boring machines for use by Afcons Infrastructure on the 5.68 km underground Package 8 of the 82.15 km Delhi – Meerut (RRTS) Line.

Christened S88, S89 and S90 – these new 7.51m diameter Earth Pressure Balance Machines (EPBMs) will be deployed to build the Brahampuri Down Ramp to Begumpul Up Ramp section in Meerut city through 3 stations at Meerut Central, Bhaisali and Begumpul.

Afcons was awarded Package 8’s Rs. 1529.10 crore contract in November 2020 with a 1310 day (3.6 year) deadline.

Route Map of Package-8: Brahampuri Ramp – Begumpul Ramp with the indicative location of its stations – view NCR RRTS info & map

The machines will now be dismantled and transported to India via sea and re-assembled on site. Excerpt from Terratec’s press release:

In early 2022, the first two machines will be launched from Bhaisali station where they will pass beneath the densely residential areas and commercial buildings. Then the third TBM, will travel through an extreme right radius towards the Begampul station. The geological conditions along the tunnel alignments will be sand, silt and clay.

For the geological conditions expected, the contractor selected three Ø7.51m EPB Tunnel Boring Machines equipped with Dome-Type CutterHeads. For added versatility, TERRATEC has designed the CutterHead to allow the cutting tools to be exchangeable for 17’’ disc cutters, allowing the TBM to be able to bore through the D-walls and cope with the presence of any unexpected obstacle on its way, such as old wells or foundations.

As the TBMs progress, they will install 300mm thick x 1500mm long, reinforced concrete Universal-style, pre-cast lining rings – comprising six segments + key. Muck removal, segment transport and logistics supply will be via rolling stock using five number 45t battery locomotives (also supplied by TERRATEC).

All machines have been given the nickname Sudarshan + Package Number + Machine Number, so S88 is Sudarshan 8.1, S89 is Sudarshan 8.2, and S90 is Sudarshan 8.3.

Snaps from Terratec’s facility in Guangzhou, China:

Photo Copyright: Terratec

With a diameter of 7.51m, these are slightly larger than typical metro TBMs (ranging 6.45m to 6.68m) to allow the line’s Alstom semi high-speed & MRTS trains to operate with sufficient clearance.

Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd. (STEC) working on Package 4 (New Ashok Nagar Down Ramp to Sahibabad UP Ramp) plans to deploy 4 TBMs and completed FAT back in October-November. I hear those machines are en route to Delhi right now.

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9 Responses to "FAT Completed for Afcons’ Delhi – Meerut RRTS TBMs"

  1. Sumit Malik says:

    How will the Meerut metro work – will the stations shared with RRTS have 4 platforms – 2 each for RRTS and Metro?

    How will faster RRTS trains bypass slower metro trains?

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      Meerut Metro Stns will have 2 Platforms and 4 Tracks, both platforms will have side platforms where Meerut Metro Trains will use it to help RRTS Trains to bypass

    • Shobhnath Chauhan says:

      I’m welder

      I’m bangalore ug metro rail tbm in working

  2. Ram Prasad says:

    Christening is a ceremony of Christians of naming at the time of baptism. Hindus, Muslims or other religion people or inanimate things cannot ve christened, they are named.

  3. Dezzir says:

    What would it take to make TBMs in India?

  4. TBM guy says:

    So much for Anti- Chinese sentiments.
    Anyway, Terratec machine will perform till there is no unexpected rock face whereas STEC will have high consumables rate.


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