NCC Begins Bangalore Metro Airport Line’s Test Piling Work

NCC Ltd. over the past fortnight has started test piling activity across all 3 packages of Bangalore Metro’s 37 km Airport Line (Blue Line) which will link Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) to KR Puram.

These 3 elevated sections of Bangalore Metro Phase 2B project range from 11 to 15 kms and consist of 15 out of the 17 stations planned on the line. NCC was awarded 3 LOA contracts in November 2021 with completion deadlines ranging from 24 – 27 months.

Route of Bangalore Metro’s Airport Line with key stations marked – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 info & route map with all stations

This post focuses on the 11.678 km Package-2 which will connect Hebbal – Bagalur Cross (chainage 10072m to 21500m) with a 250m pocket track and 5 elevated stations at Hebbal, Kodigehalli, Jakkur Cross, Yelahanka and Bagalur Cross.

NCC’s team here has completed concreting 4 out of 10 test piles each with a 1m diameter. These 4 range between 24-30m deep, and are located near BSF’s Campus in Yelahanka (Pier AP709 to AP710) and Bagalur Cross Underpass (Pier AP668 to AP 669). This includes 2 vertical load test piles and 2 lateral load test piles.

Ready to bore!
Pile cage getting inserted

Actual piling for the line’s construction is planned to start within a week! When that happens, I’ll update all key figures across the Bangalore Metro Phase 2B and Quick Snapshot pages to reflect the change.

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21 Responses to "NCC Begins Bangalore Metro Airport Line’s Test Piling Work"

  1. Clevin Gomes says:

    Well, is NCC Ltd will built viaduct all the way till Airport or it will built only upto Airport Ramp at Doddajala?

    • TMRG says:

      All the way to dead-end chainage 36511.000m. The 2 airport stations’ civil work is part of a separate tender/contract.

  2. Jadu says:

    Great to see this finally happening 👍

  3. Sharad says:

    Nice to see some progress on this line FINALLY.

    I am curious about the interchange stations on this line,

    1: KR Pura – It’s quite clear that the blue and purple line stations will be side by side.
    – Hope they will be connected at platform levels

    2: Nagavara – Pink line underground station piling is in progress, do you have the actual location of the blue line station? There is no space between flyovers and also they are curved a bit. The buildings on either side of the flyovers are still standing strong (should have come down by now if they were planned to be)

  4. Rahul says:

    Sir je wale 20 Expressway ko bhi ad karo or enka bhi status do
    1) Varanasi Kolkata Expressway.
    2) Gorakhpur Siliguri Expressway
    3)Ambala Shamli Expressway
    4)Ballia Link Expressway.
    5)Aurangabad-Darbhanga Expressways .
    6)Buxar – Bhagalpur Expressway.
    7)Chennai Surat Expressway.
    8)Raxaul-Haldia Expressway.
    9)Pune-Bengaluru Expressway.
    10)Kharagpur–Siliguri Expressway
    11)Kharagpur–Kolkata Expressway
    12)Indore-Mumbai Expressway.
    13)Mangaluru–Chitradurga Expressway
    14) Indore–Kota Expressway
    15) Hyderabad–Indore Expressway
    16) Hyderabad–Visakhapatnam Expressway
    17) Nagpur–Vijayawada Expressway
    18) Hyderabad–Raipur Expressway
    19) Nagpur–Hyderabad–Bengaluru Expressway
    20) GMADA Expressway

  5. Ashok says:

    There were recent news reports that CRRC has not yet found an Indian partner to build trainsets and the making of the trainsets is delayed quite delayed.
    What are the facts? Looks like serious impact on phase-2 even if all the construction gets over by 2024. Your thoughts?

    • TMRG says:

      CRRC’s intentions have also been dodgy. They were supposed to build a majority of Nagpur’s trainsets locally in Butibori, but reneged the agreement and delivered from China.

      Feel they’re trying to trying to pull a similar bait and switch strategy here. Phase 2’s opening, especially Yellow Line’s will be affected. Pink Line’s tendering is yet to start. BMRCL will have to adjust frequency on Purple/Green lines, and is already negotiating for 7 additional trainsets with BEML.

      Hope BMRCL doesn’t drag this out any further and terminates the contract. If bridges have to be burned and then so be it.

  6. Sastry says:

    Where can we find exact metro stations location(drawing) for Hebbal to Bangalore International airport line?

  7. Munawar says:

    Bangalore Upcoming Singapore dream Project of Shri EX CM Krishna ji.
    Bangalore into singapore may just remain a dream. for, he is under no illusion that this could be achieved given the constraints under which the officials function. but he is not disheartened. he wants the people to make his vision of bangalore a reality. keeping the city clean is as much the citizens’ duty as the government’s, he said. krishna made this very clear in the assembly on thursday. responding to k srinivasa gowda (jdu), krishna said, the government and the bangalore city corporation have limited responsibilities and duties. we
    Thanks Best Regards From Alfa Group RT

  8. Jishnukrishna Venkat says:

    Any idea on the completion of Whitefield Route ?

  9. Yogi says:

    Location of Bagalur station send wrong. Location seems to be before PRR line crossing airport road, opposite North Gate tech park

  10. fayaz pasha says:

    im from bangalore im watching from 2017 bommanahalli to bomasandra metro controction still finish evan nice road metro station still not build why is so late contraction when will be finish the work


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