4 Bidders for Amas – Darbhanga Expressway’s Construction Work

4 construction firms have submitted a total of 7 bids to construct the 55.002 km Package-1 and 54.322 km Package-2 of the 230 km Amas – Darbhanga Expressway (NH-119D).

This 4 lane access-controlled highway by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will become the first expressway in Bihar state. It will run in north-south orientation to link the outskirts of Aurangabad – Gaya – Patna – Darbhanga, and use portions of the under construction Patna Outer Ring Road and 9.75 km Kachchi Dargah – Bidupur Bridge projects.

Package 1 will connect Amas (Km 0.0 on NH-02) with Shivrampur (Km. 55.002), while Package 2 connects Shivrampur with Ramnagar (Km. 109.324) in South Bihar.

NHAI invited tenders for their construction in October 2021 with a 2 year deadline and Rs. 996.70 crore and Rs. 1004.98 crore estimates. Technical bids were opened on Friday.


  • Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd.
  • PNC Infratech Ltd. (Package 1 only)
  • Ram Kripal Singh Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vishwa Samudra Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Brief Scope of Package 1: Construction of Four Lane Access Controlled Greenfield NH from Amas (on NH-02) (Ch.00.000) to village Shivrampur (Ch.55.002) at (NH-119D) under BMP in Bihar (Amas-Darbhanga package-I of 55.002 km) on HAM.

Brief Scope of Package 2: Construction of Four lane access controlled Greenfield NH from Shivrampur (Ch. 55.002 Km) to Ramnagar (Ch. 109.324 km), at NH-119D under BMP in Bihar- (Amas Darbhanga PKG-II of 54.322Km) on HAM.

Package 1’s alignment between Amas – Shivrampur (via NHAI’s tender docs) – view project information

The bids have now been sent for technical bid evaluation which can take a couple months to complete. When that is done, the financial bids of the technically qualified bidders will be opened to reveal who’s the lowest bidder and most likely contractor.

In the future, this expressway will be extended from Darbhanga to Jaynagar on the India-Nepal border. Design details and a list of all civil packages & their status can be viewed here.

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