Kanpur Metro’s TBM Nana Starts Tunneling at Bada Chauraha

Gulermak – Sam India Builtwell on Monday commissioned tunnel boring machine S93 at Bada Chauraha Station for constructing the first 3.619 km underground section of the 32.4 km Kanpur Metro Phase 1 project.

Nicknamed Nana after Nana Saheb Peshwa, this new 6.52m diameter & 120m long Terratec Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) machine had passed factory acceptance tests in November 2021 and arrived in town in February 2022. The team started lowering its parts into the station’s launch shaft in mid-June.

TBMs Nana & Tatya – image via Pragyanshu Srivastava

Per the tunneling plan, this machine on the up-line along with the refurbished TBM S92, nicknamed Tatya, on the down-line will be deployed on Package KNPCC-05 for a total of 4 drives each:

  • Bada Chauraha to Nayaganj: 989.5m
  • Permat Ramp’s cut & cover tunnel to Chunniganj: 414m
  • Chunniganj to Naveen Market: 748m
  • Naveen Market to Bada Chauraha: 516m
Gulermak – Sam India’s team – Image via Pragyanshu Srivastava

Gulermak – Sam India was awarded Package KNPCC-05’s contract by UPMRC in March 2021 with a combined value of Rs. 769.23 crore & USD 3.674 million. Besides tunneling, they will construct 4 station at Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj, each 215m long.

Route of Kanpur’s first underground section (Ramp – Nayaganj) with the exact location of stations enroute – view Kanpur Metro route map & information
UPMRC and GC teams inside the launch shaft

Additional images can be viewed on UPMRC’s Twitter page. A video of the Nana’s cutterhead spinning can be viewed here.

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2 Responses to "Kanpur Metro’s TBM Nana Starts Tunneling at Bada Chauraha"

  1. Kartik says:

    Good to see the posts getting more detailed like including details such has delivery schedules and platform lengths.
    Are current platform of kanpur metro also 200m long? I don’t think so. Then what is the point of having these long underground platforms when elevated platforms are smaller?

    • Anurag says:

      Yes current platforms are short,but they are extendable for the future rush..when the metro will be of 4 coach or 6 coach as the population grows.But for UG station they are making for 6 coach presently as UG station section cant be extended very easily for future..Presntly kanpur metro has 3 coach.


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