DMRC Begins DPR Work for NDLS – Knowledge Park II Metro Line

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has initiated work to prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for a 37 km metro line connecting New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) and Knowledge Park II in Greater Noida.

This development comes after the DMRC and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in December 2022 for its construction with a goal to link Delhi Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport and Jewar’s Noida International Airport.

Per the initial plan, this semi high-speed line will have 6 stations, 3 km will be underground (I’m assuming within Delhi) and the rest 34 km will be elevated.

To assist with the DPR’s preparation, the DMRC in January 2023 had invited bids for topographical survey and geotechnical survey works with 45 day deadlines.

Topographical Survey Work

Technical & financial bids were opened by DMRC on January 20. Results:

FirmBid (Rs.)
Shivam Surveying System7,79,336 (L1)
JJ Engineers10,45,164

Brief Scope: Topographical Survey work for preparation of DPR for Metro Corridor from New Delhi Metro Station to KnowledgePark-II (Gr Noida)

Geotechnical Survey Work

Technical & financial bids were opened by DMRC on February 15. Results:

FirmBid (Rs.)
Cengrs Geotechnica Pvt Ltd16,47,203.64 (L1)
Techpro Engineers Pvt Ltd23,92,827.75

Scope: Geotechnical Survey for preparation of DPR for Metro Corridor from New Delhi Metro Station to Knowledge Park-II (Gr.Noida)

I’ve mapped out what this line could possibly look like in black color below:

Indicative alignment of New Delhi Railway Station to Knowledge Park-II metro line

There are at least 2 more train lines planned on a portion of this route’s alignment.

Noida & Greater Noida authorities have a new 15 km line connecting Sector 142 and Botanical Garden in the works. And then the National High Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) has grand plans to connect Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi, Greater Noida and Jewar Airport as part of the 865 km Delhi – Varanasi High-Speed Rail (DVHSR Bullet Train) project.

Back in 2021-22, DMRC also prepared a DPR for a 35 km metro line linking Knowledge Park II and Jewar Airport – see a map and read about it here.

There’s a long way to go before this project gets finalized and construction begins. But before that happens, I’d like 2 things to happen:

(1) Trash this plan and see IGI and Jewar airports linked via the existing Airport Express Line via Dwarka IICC, Gurgaon and Faridabad. This will be a more direct connection.

(2) See this line and even the Airport Express Line get handed over to the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) so all semi high-speed lines’ planning and execution in the NCR is done under one house.

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15 Responses to "DMRC Begins DPR Work for NDLS – Knowledge Park II Metro Line"

  1. Kartik says:

    Will this be an extension of airport express or a new line. I hope it’s an extension.

    • TMRG says:

      We’ll have to wait and see.

      I wouldn’t read too much into it, but the tender titles are “for Metro Corridor from” and not “for Metro Corridor Extension from” as is typically the case for extensions.

  2. Mayank Singh says:

    Can you please give an opinion regarding the reason why the airport express line is not being extended and used as part of delhi alwar rrts? The alignment seems fine to me and will be a huge cost cutting measure.

    • TMRG says:

      Why not both? 🙂 AE’s alignment doesn’t benefit South Delhi, while Delhi-Alwar will cut right through it and link several metro lines (Pink at SKK, Yellow at INA, Magenta at Munirka, Silver at Aerocity).

      The government and transit planners might not want to touch AE due to the ongoing DAMEPL (Reliance) vs DMRC case.

    • Abhishek Threja says:

      Dmrc firstly have to pay 7200 crores (40 percent paid) to Reliance according to supreme court order. Dmrc don’t have money to pay compensation and you are talking about expansion. Airport express line is a subjudice matter untill dmrc pays full compensation to Reliance.

      • Aditya says:

        I think DMRC asked both central and delhi govt to provide funds for this payment, but they both refused. Now they are raising money through bank loans.
        What a great financial mess for DMRC. And what a jackot for Reliance Infra. They made a huge return just by operating the line for 3 odd years.

  3. NAVEEN BANSAL says:

    Why would they construct a line that runs parallel to the aqua line.
    If the objective is to connect greater noida to the airport, I guess they could
    extend the current under construction silver line to join the aqua line.

    • Kartik says:

      Capacity. There will be a lot people changing between the two airport or airport to New Delhi station. These people will also have lots of bags with them. So it will be really inconvenient for them and regular users alike.

      Plus this will be faster than normal metros one because of a higher top speed and two because of larger station spacing.

  4. Abhishek says:

    Between botanical garden and sector 142, there will be noida metro line, this line and high speed bullet train. Doesnt make sense. I also have some suggestions :
    1. If this line is to be made than the noida metro line should be scrapped.
    2. This line should be extended from knowledge park II to jewar airport instead of that seperate 35km line.
    3. Give this line to NCRTC considering its semi high speed.

  5. Aditya says:

    I dont think that airport express line will ever be extended further south from IICC. Haryana govt has already made a mess for their own metro projects in the last 10 years. Also with the Haryana orbital rail corridor planned, I dont think any other line running parellel to it on the gurgaon faridabad stretch will ever be made.

    However I dont understand one thing, why doesnt HOR connect gurgaon and faridabad, which are two big NCR cities. It basically connects Manesar to Palwal via Sohna. Who the hell will use this corridor ?

  6. Shaksham says:

    I do not agree with the author on the plan he proposed. In my opinion there should be one RRTS that should start from Delhi airport through sarai kale khan(not in favour of adding this stop as its off the route towards east but it would help in connecting all other rrts to the airports), noida/faridabad, (using a bridge over yamuna ) greater noida, jewar all the way to mathura. (Few intermediate stations in between. This way RRTS would cover multiple scenario, one connecting faridabad to the Noida region, second RRTS to connect airport, sarai kale khan(rrts terminal) two cities of noida and faridabad to the new airport, 3 it would carter smooth travel for people to mathura. From both the airport. And last which is kinda crucial, it would carter people who travel through expressway to their village everyday after work. Trust me there are many people who stand on middle of Yamuna expressway( where it starts in greater noida) to find cars or buses travelling towards jewar especially in evening. People also run small taxi cars everyday to jewar for same things. Having lived in Faridabad for 7 years and being current resident of greater noida i feel this would carter everyone.

  7. KC says:

    I am tired of hearing number of DPR have been done for increasing metro connection to jewar airport over last 6-7 years. I am sure this DPR is not going to translate into anything fruitful. Instead of wasting time and resources, they should be planning a RRTS from Delhi Airport (From Bijwasan) to Jewar passing through Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ballabhgarh. This should be in addition to proposed metro connection from Jewar to Greater Noida and High speed bullett train connection.

    Sad to see that the Noida authority has not been able to finalize it , but has announced that the airport is going to be functional by September 2024.

  8. Satyam says:

    Hey! The metro rail guy. Just wanted to ask that with all these proposed extensions in Delhi NCR , DPR for IGI-JEWAR Airport metro connectivity , (also haryana government approved new metro lines in gurgaon and faridabad and NMRC’s aqua line extension, Blue line extension in ghaziabad, Red line extension in ghaziabad etc. ) What do you think that how much time it will take to fully connect Delhi NCR with all the RRTS lines & Metro lines. Or any expected year??

    • Aditya says:

      FYI.. blue line extension in ghaziabad (both from vaishali and NEC) is stuck due to lack of funds. Neither GDA, nor UP govt has resources to fund the project. And I dont think there is any planned extension of red line further.

  9. Pantheon says:

    The intention it seems is to get a changeover at New Delhi metro station for this line till Jewar which means a direct AE line from IGI to Noida Airport. The legal tangle will be over by the time it’ll start construction given the courts have pierced the corporate veil.
    I’d have preferred a ring RRTS connecting Ghaziabad-Noida-GN-Noida Airport-Faridabad-Gurugram-Dwarka-Hauz Khas-New Delhi-Sarai Kale Khan-Ghaziabad. That would’ve been massively beneficial to the entire region.


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