Kanpur Metro’s TBM Nana Records Breakthrough at Naveen Market

Gulermak – Sam India Builtwell JV on Wednesday celebrated tunnel boring machine (TBM) S93’s breakthrough at Naveen Market Station of the 32.4 km Kanpur Metro Phase 1 project.

This was TBM S93’s second breakthrough and the 3rd of 8 tunnel breakthroughs planned on the project’s 3.619 km Package KNPCC-05 connecting Permat Ramp – Nayaganj Station.

This 6.52m diameter and 120m long Terratec TBM, nicknamed Nana after Nana Saheb Peshwa, had recorded the project’s first breakthrough in December 2022 after traveling 1025m to build the up-line tunnel from Bada Chauraha to Nayaganj.

For its second assignment, the machine was commissioned from Chunniganj in early March 2023 and traveled 748m (523 rings) to arrive at Naveen Market Station in roughly 3 months.

Photo by Aditya Kumar Singh

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) had awarded Gulermak – Sam India with Package KNPCC-05’s construction contract in March 2021 with a 36 month deadline.

Besides constructing twin tunnels, they’ll be building 4 stations at Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj, each 215m long.

Route of Kanpur’s first underground section (Ramp – Nayaganj) with the exact location of stations enroute – view Kanpur Metro route map & information
Photo by UPMRC
Clearing work already underway – Photo by UPMRC

TBM Nana will now be dragged through Naveen Market’s station box and recommissioned for its 3rd assignment to build a 516m tunnel for the up-line towards Bada Chauraha.

Gulermak-Sam’s 2nd TBM (S92 nicknamed Tatya) working on the down-line tunnel was re-commissioned from Chunniganj a few weeks after TBM Nana and has so far built 323/520 rings. I expect it to arrive at Naveen Market towards the end of July.

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